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The Czech Republic Ministry of Defence is on a buying binge. Well, not so much. As the Armaments Division Director Colonel Pavel Bulant put it, “Based on money available, we would buy a certain number of arms.” Can he be any more vague? No, but he can be more specific. “The package [to be delivered by 2020] would include approximately 10,000 CZ 805 Bren attack rifles, 7,000 CZ 75 Phantom pistols and 500 CZ Scorpion sub-machine guns,” reports. Ceska zbrojovka (CZ) introduced the CZ-805 BREN in 2009 to replace the Sa vz. 58 rifle. It’s a FN SCAR lookalike whose main claim to fame is in-the-field-friendly interchangeable barrels. No news on a civilian semi-automatic version for the U.S. market yet.

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  1. I’ll take a WW2 vintage BREN.

    I’m with you Greg. I’d love a CZ 527 American in .22 Hornet and a plain jane CZ-75. I have a 1911 and a Browning Hi-Power so a CZ-75 would complete my trifecta of greatest military pistols.

  2. i want one very cool. it is interesting that some of the new assault rifles out there are featuring 7.62×39 options. the beretta arx160 at shot with ak mags that i saw pictures of at the firearms blog, but who knows if the civ version will ever come to pass.

  3. I hate to be the Materialistic Weasel in the room, but if im about to spend $1000+ on a long arm, its going to be made in America with a design suspiciously similar to Armalite’s AR15 design. Nothing against foreign rifle makers, mind, but if this CZ were next to a Colt 6920 and they were the same price, i’m walkin’ out with the Colt.

    • Meh.

      Spend your money as you see fit. I’ve already got an AR, and don’t think it’s such a great design that it is necessary to own two.

    • I agree but not because of place of manufacture. There isn’t really anything different in this gun except the manufacturer. What about this gun is an improvement upon the SCAR, ACR, and AR. We are also seeing something from beretta in the ARX-160 and a half dozen other manufacturers. This firearm, while probably very nice, just doen’t stand out to me.

  4. CZ makes good shite!

    The P07 is one of the most underrated handguns on the market. Truly outstanding for the money.

  5. Ill take one of the Phantoms before the BREN but CZ firearms are some top notch stuff any way you spin it.

    My .02 anyhow


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