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From the CCRKBA . . .

Joe Biden went off-script again during his remarks to the media in New York City when he repeated two blatant falsehoods, one about the Second Amendment and the other about a federal law that prevents junk lawsuits against gunmakers, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms said today.

“When it comes to gun rights and the Second Amendment, Joe Biden is a recidivist congenital liar,” said CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb. “The guy just can’t resist perpetuating a lie that’s already gotten him into trouble with the Washington Post Fact Checker, earning an embarrassing ‘Four Pinocchios,’ but he continues to misrepresent history and the right to keep and bear arms.”

In New York, Biden told reporters, “There’s no amendment that’s absolute. When the amendment was passed, it didn’t say anybody can own a gun — any kind of gun — and any kind of weapon.”

“The Second Amendment did not place limits on the kinds of arms people could own, nor did it say anything about who could own guns,” Gottlieb said. “Biden is making that up out of thin air.”

Biden also restated his hope to repeal the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, a federal law that prevents junk lawsuits against the firearms industry. Gun makers can still be sued for such things as negligence, and Biden knows it.

But in his remarks to the media, Biden said this about the firearms industry: “They’re the only industry in America that is exempted from being able to be sued by the public. Only one… They’ve got to be held responsible for the things that they do that are irresponsible.”

“Joe Biden needs to be held responsible for the irresponsible things he says, as well,” Gottlieb stated. “Throughout his entire career, Biden has become infamous for his canards and gaffes, especially when it comes to guns. He has absolutely no credibility within the firearms community except when he admits he wants to ban guns, and we’re doing everything we can to stop him.”


With more than 650,000 members and supporters nationwide, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms ( is one of the nation’s premier gun rights organizations. As a non-profit organization, the Citizens Committee is dedicated to preserving firearms freedoms through active lobbying of elected officials and facilitating grass-roots organization of gun rights activists in local communities throughout the United States.


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  1. Biden has lied his entire life. He says things that are demonstrably false…and keeps repeating his lies. He’s always been a self aggrandizing fabulist and this Country is worse off because of his “public service.”

    He’s just a corrupt, vile, jerk.


  2. “he repeated two blatant falsehoods”

    Falsehoods? No way. He repeated two blatant LIES.

    The writer stated a falsehood. Biden repeated lies. Get with the priogram.


  4. Biden response to allegations of being a liar:

    “Why are you calling me a liar?!?!? C’mon, man! We hold the truth that all are equal and, uh, um … you know the thing!”

  5. Biden is a true representative of the Democrat Party and the legacy media that got him elected. The fact that he is and always has been an incompetent serial liar, even before he was the senile old fool he has turned into should not be overlooked. Even Obama was distinctly unimpressed with Biden: “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to foock things up.”


    • “o”boy wasn’t impeached because people feared the disaster that biden would inflict if he were to become president.
      Since the stolen election, people fear the disaster that would befall the nation if kamala were to occupy the White House.
      If a meteor impacted washington d.c. the United States would have cause to celebrate.

  6. Dear “Staff Writer”,

    Let me help you out, here. “When The Subject is Guns, Joe Biden is a Recidivist Liar”. Too prolix. Try this “Joe Biden is a Recidivist Liar”. If that senile, serial child-molesting, stupid old has-been inept political hack’s lips are moving, he’s lying.

    I have to give him this much of an out, however – I highly doubt that he has any idea what he is saying, most of the time, and to the extent he does, he doesn’t remember all the prior times he’s contradicted himself. Senile dementia will do that to you.

    Even the Dimocrats are starting to realize what a complete s***show Xiao Bai-Din and his “administration” are. The rats can’t abandon this sinking ship fast enough.

    • Well, we’ve heard from Lamp. So now can we get the perspective of someone who * isn’t * an intellectually deficient shit speckled muppet fart?

      • Wow, nameless, brainless troll, that was ALMOST original. Not very witty, definitely grade school (bathroom humor is grade school, at best), but a definite improvement on your normal drive-by evacuations of your bowels and mouth (how do you tell the difference?).

        You’re still an uneducated moron. You are still too stupid to insult. Go visit the cable, it is in need of being micturated up.

        Oh, and work on that GED, will ya?? I’m getting tired of the below-public-high-school level of your so-called wit. If I’m going to continue kicking the pluperfect crap out of you every time, it would be fun to have a MORE worthy adversary – you lack the ability to be a WORTHY adversary, but you could continue to make an effort to improve. That GED would probably help.

      • avatar Geoff "A day without an apparently brain-damaged mentally-ill demented troll is like a day of warm sunshine" PR

        “So now can we get the perspective of someone who * isn’t * an intellectually deficient shit speckled muppet fart?”

        That’s an accurate description of everything you’ve ever posted on TTAG, son.

        What A 🤡 you are! 😉

  7. “Washington Post” – “Fact Checker” – that’s some funny stuff there.

    Next “NY Times” – truth in “journalism”

  8. Well history illiterate Jim Crow Gun Control joe The Second Amendment became “Absolute” after seeing the racism and genocide attributed to Gun Control…Apologize.

  9. He really believes these things…so to HIM they are not lies…they are his truths.
    Nobody and nothing will convince him otherwise…these are part of his anti-gun “religion”…they are articles of faith that must be believed without question.
    You can talk to him/them until you are blue in the face…point out all the facts you like…there is no changing their minds.
    Many people have beliefs like this. Ask a flat-Earther…or someone that denies the moon landings…or people that believe the Earth is only 6,000 years old.
    Yes…there are people on ALL sides that have beliefs like this. Left…Center…Right. ALL sides.

    • Ah, Leigh, the old “George Costanza” defense!! Well played, sir, well played! Only one slight quibble – how can he “really believe these things” when he can’t remember what the hell he said five minutes later???

        • Not quite sure he always believes what he says at the time – Gropey Joe was a well-known idiot his entire time in the Senate, but he was a serial liar and plagiarist. But, at this stage in his dotage, he probably can’t remember his own name.

    • “Ask a flat-Earther…or someone that denies the moon landings…or people that believe the Earth is only 6,000 years old“

      Best place to get your answer on those subjects would be the next Trump rally.

      • Miner49er We know you would not be at a Trump Rally. First you would probably get your rear end kicked out. Second, the intellect is too much for you to understand.

      • Or ask brainless dipwits, like yourself and dacian the stupid.
        Well, if I wanted stupid opinions, I would go to you, dacian the stupid, or the nameless, brainless troll. But you do you.

        MinorIQ, we all know you hate all us “deplorables”; we simply don’t give a flying f*** – your opinion, being nothing BUT a feelings-based irrelevancy, means diddly squat.

        But please, feel free to do some more creative interpretation of the Constitution; that’s always good for a laugh.

  10. joe, you know the thing is just a puppet on a string for the other demotators. Either that or chucky shumer has his finger up his a55 making him talk.

  11. So are you guys saying that Joe Biden is a few hamberders short of a picnic?

    Is it time for Joe to wake up and smell the covfefe?

    • No, MinorIQ, we’re saying Gropey Joe, the serial child molester, was an abject idiot when he was elected to the Senate, then proved himself to be a serial liar, serial plagiarist, and blatantly WRONG on every subject, including, particularly, his supposed expertise of foreign policy. Your beloved, senile nitwit of a (P)resident is an embarrassment, an inept idiot, and is surrounded by more inept idiots. Hearken to the words of Chicago Black Jesus: “Never underestimate Joe’s ability to f*** shit up.”

      Any more stupid questions you’d like to ask? And that wasn’t even semi-competent snark. Do better.

  12. Biden was correct when he said that 2A does not guarantee anyone absolute gun rights in fact I might add 2A does not guarantee you anything, only the courts and the legislatures do. That has been historical fact like it or not.

    Anderson’s new book quotes the Criminal Founders of the U.S. such as the Incompetent George Washington, the hypocrite Jefferson and Madison etc. who were absolutely terrified of the slave uprising in Haiti and the overthrow of the French Government there. The Founders of the U.S. were worried that the White Slave owners who were fleeing and bringing their slaves with them would influence U.S. Slaves into an all encompassing U.S slave revolt which certainly had a big influence on the writing 2A, the most disingenuous Amendment of the Bill of Rights and it was meant to be that way. More on that shortly.

    2A was also written to cajole the States into joining the new Federal Government by promising them a State Militia independent of any Federal oversight (at least it was that way in the beginning). The Scoundrels that founded the U.S. were well aware of the rather low educational level and often low intellect level of the average citizen, it was almost as low as the current Trumpite Morons as well as the Qanon nut cases of today. 2A was political and gave the proletariat the illusion they had the right to own arms as individuals but nothing could have been further than the truth about the right to own arms for the individual.

    Militia’s did indeed take guns from some of their members who did not tow the party line and joining a militia required you to follow the orders of the people in charge of the militia.

    2A was written in disingenuous political claptrap to make the people think they had the right to own weapons when in reality it only gave the States the right to form a Militia to put down slave rebellions’ and form a militia independent of the central government (since rescinded by Federalizing the National Guard). Because 2A was deliberately written in the vaguest of terms it permitted the gun hating power mad courts to ban and or restrict guns and they have been doing that since 2A was created proving what an absolute farce 2A is. It has never been worth the paper it was printed on and the gun hating courts have proved that by blessing just about every anti-gun law ever passed. That is reality, that is history, like it or not.

    I might add that anti-gun laws actually increased after 2A was adopted and have continued to increase ever since and again almost all of them blessed by the corrupt gun hating courts.

    • danian the Dunderhead, The Supreme Court begs to differ with your sorry excuse for thought. Yes, too many of your anti-gun laws have passed and most of them have been tossed by the Supreme Court. Get ready for another when SCOTUS tosses the New York Pistol Permit laws. It really doesn’t matter why the Funding Fathers drew up the 2nd Amendment. It exits and you anti-gun radicals will never get it repealed.

      • to Walter the Beverley Hillbilly

        Try and buy a new machine gun, you cannot.

        Try and buy a silencer without draconian background checks and of course registration, you cannot.

        Try and buy without paperwork the host of weapons the ATF has restricted. You cannot.

        Try and buy restricted weapons that many of the East Coast States have banned or restricted. You cannot.

        Try and legally buy restricted high cap magazines in many of the East Coast States. Legally you cannot.

        As anyone can see that is not a complete Moron like Walter the Beverly Hillbilly none of these laws were overturned by the gun hating courts.

        Now Walter the Beverly Hillbilly try and lie your way out of all these facts.

        • dacian, the Dunderhead, Oh yes you can buy a “machine gun”. all you need to do is pass a background check with ATF and buy the stamp. Silencers are illegal in NYS and have been for years. So what? I need a silencer like you need another hole in your ugly head. Many of the AFT restrictions are being overturned in the courts.

          You bring ass wipe a whole brand new meaning. And how about those 22 Constitutional Carry STATES? Don’t you just hate that?

          Hey, gun “expert”, what is the firing sequence of a cartridge?

    • dacian the stupid,

      Apparently, you have not kept up with modern trends in the 2A realm (or anything else, for that matter). We now have 22 “constitutional carry” states, and more are being added all the time. SCOTUS is about to put you Leftist/fascists some knowledge about what the 2A really means (bitch-slapping the 9th Circus and 2d Circus in the process). NO ONE is even ATTEMPTING to push your beloved “gun control”.

      Sucks to be as stupid as you and the nameless, brainless troll are. I again commend your attention to the wisdom of Samuel Langhorne Clemens, “Keep your mouth shut and let people think you stupid; don’t open it and remove all doubt.” Old Sam was a smart guy; you are not. Listen to him.

      Oh, you need to visit the cable.

      • As usual Lamp that went out in his head, your diatribes are always non sequitur. None of your rant had anything to do with the anti-gun laws past which is what I was speaking of in my post. Few anti-gun laws ever get overturned by the courts. Of course you are obviously unware of what the courts have done down threw the years.

        If you ever stuck to the subject at hand the world would surely stop turning on its axis.

        Magazine bans, ammo restrictions, weapons bans etc seldom get overturned by the courts especially the ones passed in the last 10 years.

        • Well, this is an issue that has affected all our rights listed in the constitution, as well as those not listed. So it’s not just the 2A that is being eroded by Democrats. It’s all our rights and all our options and choices too. Democrats are the party of forced participation. They are not “live and let live” people. You must mask up, get your vaccine or lose your job. Oh you just got COVID? Doesn’t matter. On the airplane, you must keep your mask on, or you are banned from flying and TSA is waiting to arrest you. But you can cough all over the place while you are eating. No you don’t have a right to privacy. No you can’t exercise free speech. No you don’t have a right to your religion – shut up and bake this queer cake. Now, let’s get some single payer healthcare in here, or at least Medicare for all. Oh you don’t want to pay 70% income tax? Too bad. Can you opt out??? No you can’t opt out!! We, the left, are dependent upon your money redistributed to us in the form of social services benefitting us. Also we need student loan forgiveness. Oh you paid your own debts??? Of course you are not going to get reimbursed! You don’t have a debt! Yes we need universal background checks, yes we need universal basic income, yes we need states rights reeled in here. No your state should not determine how they vote! Did you just misgender me?

          So Democrats are literally the party of forced participation. In other words they are commie pinko totalitarian bigots. They make decisions on the basis of race then call you racist. They make decisions on the basis of sex, then call you the sexist misogynist. They advocate for equality of outcome through Marxist tactics and ideology. They pull down historic statues and raise up statues of a tied up gun, or a criminal that may or may not have died from a knee to the neck. If there is any problem with the erosion of rights in general, or in particular, the erosion of 2A rights, it’s because of Democrats! The problem with gun rights, is not our laws, or the structure of our government. It is Democrats!

        • dacian, the Dunderhead It’s all about your Marxist petulance to have control over the people. The people you claim you want to help. ROFLMAOBT!

        • Watch and learn, dacian the stupid, watch and learn.

          By the way, do the D.C. handgun ban, the CA “AWB” ban and magazine limits, and NY’s idiotic gun laws count as “gun control” you halfwit? Because one’s already gone, and the others are going bye-bye as soon as SCOTUS rules on the current cases pending. So, this is one more thing about which you are completely wrong – aas usual.

          You know, just by the law of averages, you should end up being right occasionally, just by accident and the law of averages. Your batting average seems the same as Gropey Joe’s, i.e., you’re both ALWAYS wrong, about everything. Maybe it’s a Leftist/fascist thing, and we thinking people just don’t understand.

          You are too stupid to insult. Go visit the cable.

    • Here in the US, gun deaths are concentrated in drug-dealing neighborhoods in a dozens cities with Democratic mayors. In other words, it is a specific problem that is far from a rampant condition threatening all. And it is far from a problem that owes to our widespread constitutional ownership of firearms.

    • “2A was also written to cajole the States into joining the new Federal Government by promising them a State Militia”

      Simply false. The Constitution was a done deal and the union formed before the 2A or any of the “A’s” came about. It is an amendment to the constitution.

      “since rescinded by Federalizing the National Guard”

      Again false. There are still state militias that are not part of the NG. And nowhere does the 2A limit the formation of militias to the states only.

      The 2A restrictions you love did not first happen at the federal level until 1934. Until then you could buy machine guns and explosives “over the counter” . . . and people did. The 2A was and is as much of radical idea in 1934 as it is today and as it was in the 18th century.

      You can cite all the facts and laws you want (incorrectly) but the simple fact of the matter is the Irish Vote is in the process of rendering your ideas about weapon’s restrictions moot. The availability of parts and plans via the internet as well as the juggernaut that is 3d printing is dismantling weapon prohibitions faster than any team of lawyers could. It’s happening w/ drugs too. Americans, indeed people of the world, ran out of cares to give.

  13. What about his comments that “you couldn’t own a cannon”?

    That’s also blatantly false. The most famous of those that owned cannons were the privateers, which was important since the United States didn’t have a Navy at that time.

    You can also own a cannon or a tank right now, if you can afford it

  14. Noting that the Second Amendment is the only one of the first order rights in which it is specifically said ‘shall not be infringed’ means it is absolute and the only one to be absolute in terms of government infringement. However, because the government chooses to infringe it and has by being able to secure restrictions does not mean the Second Amendment is not absolute. The Second Amendment is indeed absolute, its just infringed and the government (and to some extent the courts, and by others, and by laws) interprets that ability of infringement to mean its not absolute when in reality it is absolute in terms of government because it “shall not be infringed” by government.

  15. I know of another industry that is exempted from being able to be sued by the public – the vaccine industry. Fact. Thus proving Joe is either ignorant, or a liar – neither of which are good. There may be others, but this one proves the point.

    • Ariel,

      In fact, the firearm industry is NOT exempted from being able to be sued. What the Lawful Commerce in Arms Act does is eliminate the stupid “lawfare” lawsuits of the gun-grabbing Leftist/fascists, and prevent a THIRD PARTY from suing a gun manufacturer because some outright criminal, or complete dunderhead (like dacian the stupid) from suing Winchester or Smith & Wesson because their loved one got accidentally or criminally shot. Which lawsuits are LITERALLY the legal equivalent of someone suing Ford because a drunk driver had an accident in a perfectly functional Ford.

      Now, BOTH car manufacturers AND gun manufacturers REMAIN liable, including to third parties, to the extent that a design flaw or improper functioning of the weapon was a proximate cause of the shooting. That’s called “manufacturer’s liability”, it’s been around forever, and it applies to all manufacturers – EXCEPT the vaccine manufacturers. So Gropey Joe Biden the senile, serial liar is a liar on this point, as well.


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