Wheels up guns down riders down (courtesy youtube.com)
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Wheels up, guns down! That was the name of a rally in Miami to protest “gun violence” on the occasion of Martin Luther King day. In theory. In practice, it was wheelie-popping chaos that did nothing to promote the cause of peace and plenty to disturb the peace. Ending in dozens of arrests, two fatalities and plenty of pissed off Miami motorists. What does this have to do with guns? Well exactly. Check out the video below . . .


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  1. As some one who uses his motorcycle to commute to work daily. Im not moved by this in any manner.
    Except to say good riddance to yet another dumb stupid waste of a life.

  2. Hahaha, they got the oldest curmudgeon reporter they could find to, essentially, yell “get off my lawn”, it seems.

    As for the event itself… there’re reasons dirt bikes and 4-wheelers are not street legal. I’m not sure why one would ride such in such a dangerous manner, especially without protective gear.

    Apparently at least a few people didn’t get the “guns down” part of the message, since several guns were confiscated as well.

    And that mom: “I told him those things were dangerous! I told him!” I’m sure she was quite sad, but in that interview she seemed more mad about what an idiot her son was than anything else.

    Other than someone dying, kinda hilarious all around.

    • Dirt bikes and quads are not strictly speaking illegal for street riding in many states. In fact, some are sold street ready.

      Most are not legal unless kitted for street riding. Usually it’s a lack of lights/signals that make them non street legal. Those lights and signals can generally be added so that you can tag the vehicle for street use.

      • Depends on your state, but most state laws that I have seen, now incorporate that the bike (past some historical date, usually ’70s/’80s, has to have a sticker for “On Highway Use”, or you can’t license it.

        I’m old enough where I could slap a horn and tires on a KDX250 (endo so it already had head/tail light) get inspected and a plate. Nowadays, not so much. Especially 2-strokes.

        • Especially as many of the “dirt-bikes” are L-O-U-D and can be heard from more than half a mile away. The noise and 2-stroke pollutants are the major reasons why they aren’t road legal in my part of the world.

          But dirt-bags will be dirt-bags. They can’t help themselves and this poor self control is why they attract the attention of the police.

        • Actually, the work around is to get it a new VIN ala ‘custom built’. Then it is a simple safety inspection and licensing.

    • If they have headlights, running lights and on-road tires (ie, you’re not running studded tires or chains), all you do here in Wyoming is register them, slap on the license plate where you can on the vehicle, and go riding down the street. Your use of a helmet is optional.

      • My daughter’s family lives a half mile down the road in rural Tennessee, we run back and forth all the time on four-wheelers, Polaris, etc., ain’t nothing to it. I wouldn’t CARE to go much further, though. I have a pickup.

  3. There are different levels of street racing. These guys are the bottom-feeder variety. Having some grinning idiot like this do a stopee in front of you at highway speeds ain’t racin’. What these guys are all about is posturing for their friends. I doubt that they could be counted on to reliably change a spark-plug. No street-cred for them.

  4. My youngest son used to race MotoX. He had a few bad crashes. I’d just about puke every time the gate would drop, sure was fun to watch him win tho……. We lived out in the country and used to set up a target and he’d drive by and blast it with his pistol, it’s harder to do then he made it look.

    • Too bad your son wasn’t a moderately attractive young woman with a video camera, we could all have seen his trick shots on TTAG, ala Kirsten Joy Weiss.

      Mind you, she has put in the work to be fairly talented at this point, but years ago, it was a really sad display of simple-ish skill shots, the kind most kids with guns and bikes can do. It was amusing/annoying, the little snowflake was truly convinced that she was ‘all that’, because apparently no one had told her she was doing the same stuff as lots of other kids.

    • you were right to be nervous. A guy I went to school with back in the ’70s raced motocross (won a lot), athletic guy, and a crash paralyzed him from the waist down. I saw him not long ago, 40 years on, still in that wheelchair. But he has lived a life, married, several children, well-adjusted and successful.


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