Julia Goolia (courtesy youtube.com)
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I used to edit videotape — actual 3/4″ videotape — for CNN. My cohorts and I were the M.A.S.H. of the world’s first 24-hour-a-day news channel. So I know good editing when I see it, and I see it in the vlog below. Thirty-some years later . . .

I see something even better: decent Americans getting their first taste of firearms freedom in a clean, safe environment — and enjoying it. This is what winning looks like.

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    • Boy, I remember those days…starting off just like 16mm film, with razor blade & tape, then eventually we got a console with a “joystick”…aaahhh…memories.

    • That’s where I went, too. 8>)

      Otherwise, the video was OK. There were some plot holes and I didn’t really care about the characters. 8>)

  1. “I used to edit videotape — actual 3/4″ videotape — for CNN.”

    Razor blade and tape, or on a console with timecode?

      • I’m jealous, you were there when the sultry and sexy and oh-so *very* long-legged Lynne Russell was doing ‘Headline News’…

        • Lynne was something else. A genuine bombshell. A friendly sort as well.

          Unlike Katie Couric, who was the PA for a husband and wife anchor team called Don Farmer and Chris Curle. Katie was a bitch on wheels. But then the Farmer – Curle duo were a soap opera unto themselves.

          Strange days.

      • My first 5 years shooting video in the Army I lugged around a 3/4″ deck umbilical cord and camera plus 4 Anton Bauer batteries. I shot some great video and learned the concept of “shoot to edit” thanks to the 20 minute tapes…but I also ruined my shoulder…it was worth it though…I think… 🙂

        • “…but I also ruined my shoulder…”

          It’s weird, the newer video gear is lots lighter than the stuff from 20+ years back, but not as much as you would have thought it would have been lighter by this time.

          I seriously wonder if the pro video gear makers today use some of the same tactics of the Asian higher-end audio manufacturers during the changeover from tube gear to solid-state. People *expected* the gear to have the same mass as the heavy iron-core audio output transformers, so some of the companies put ‘dummy’ steel weights in the transistor gear to give it the ‘heft’ of the older tube gear. Those crappy ‘Beats’ headphones use that trick to sell those 200 dollar headphones that only cost them 20 bucks to make. That’s a helluva racket to be in, don’tcha know…

          (I’m fully aware the glass lenses in those things can’t be made a whole lot lighter. As in the high-end consumer-pro cameras, quality costs when passing light to the focal plane sensor-emulsion.)

  2. You guys should sometimes explain who these people are that you’re putting in these articles. I have no idea who they are and the vid wasn’t compelling enough for me to care to find out. Thanks!

  3. Who is Julia Goolia and why should I care?

    I don’t see any winning here. I see a well edited but pointless video story about a woman who is coerced into shooting a gun, improperly, gets a blood blister, complains about the noise, and probably won’t ever pick up a gun again.

    There is a moral to this story, though. If you’re introducing someone to the joys of shooting, don’t take them to an indoor range. They are rather miserable places.

    • Have to agree as well. If someone you’re going shooting with for the first time or the hundredth time feels pressured by you, you’ve got to rethink some stuff.

    • I have to disagree. You have obvious non-gun people who shot guns and didn’t have a bad time. Even if they never touch a gun again at least they more then they did before. Call it education. Now when they see a movie or hear the news some things will make more sense. Less ignorant. Most people I take to the range are just like these people. My goal is some demystification and education not making them 2A crusaders. I call this a win.

      And indoor ranges are awesome here in Alaska. Today the range I volunteer at is nice and warm and dry compared to the outdoor range where freezing rain is falling and it’s dark and icy. Inside is louder I’ll grant you that.

    • I had to look her up. Apparently she was an Ass’t Director on some film that I never heard of.

      I think the friend should have educated her a little more as she did not shoot an “assault rifle”.

  4. I have to agree with Curtis. I saw nothing in that video that would encourage anyone I know to take up shooting. Quite the opposite really. And I doubt Julia will be back. Which is not necessarily a bad thing. On second thought, maybe the win is that she won’t be back to annoy people at the range

  5. CNN anything, in my brain, evokes a big “F’em, feed ’em fish heads”.

    I didn’t watch the vid. cause the OP referenced CNN. Ruined it.

    • What a stupid reason to not watch a video, especially since the video has nothing whatsoever to do with CNN. By that logic, you should never ever ever read anything Robert writes again, because he not only mentioned CNN, he (gasp) actually WORKED THERE.

      On that note, three comments out of a dozen felt it necessary to tell us that they didn’t watch the video, and why. Protip: nobody cares.

      • Pro tip: Nobody who really doesn’t care, needs to tell anyone that they don’t care.

        I only tell you this because I care. Kinda.

        Plus, you protest the hell out of my comment (relatively), for someone who doesn’t care.

        Just sayin.

  6. I agree that the experience won’t have turned Julia onto shooting as a hobby. On the other hand, it did demystify guns. She now knows that they are just simple machines that won’t jump up and shoot someone all by themselves. That’s progress.

  7. As it happens, I know these two IRL. Very decent people. Might have to take them back to the range next time I’m in Florida.

    • Not bias. Clickbait. YouTube is a cutthroat place, and z-listers like these need all the help they can get tricking people into watching their videos.

    • I remember when that happened, but clicked the link to refresh myself on the details:

      The couple had been staying at the Motel 6 when Russell was kidnapped in the parking lot

      Yep, that sounds like totally Motel 6’s fault…she was kidnapped in a public parking area and then she let them into her motel room where her husband was nearly killed…

  8. Some perfunctory research into who this Julia Goolia is (and why a/ she’s getting air time & b/ why should we care what she thinks?) shows that she is some sort of ultra obsessed mom blogger/Instagram type person. Having lost several IQ points by reading one of her blog posts (think Starbucks, diapers, feelings, me me me, rinse & repeat) my number of ‘f*cks to give’ is at an all time low.

  9. I watch the entire video
    So that is what good editing looks like?
    I saw to self-absorbed millennial‘s have an ugly breakfast and then go to the shooting range
    The male seemed more into it
    I guess they have now been educated enough to know that guns are loud
    Will they make the leap to supporting the hearing protection act?
    I doubt it


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