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Our group just returned from the shooter’s briefing out at Rifles Only, followed by a grocery store trip, followed by a stop for feeding. We’re now back in the hotel room, readying our gear and going through the course of fire documents to start building dope cards. And oh boy what a course of fire . . .

By my count, there’s twenty one stages that we’ll shoot over the course of the next two days. My buddies who have done this before tell me that they usually cut a stage or two along the way, and the general feeling I got was that lots of this stuff is TBD based on conditions. What I can tell you with certainty is that there’s going to be some very uncomfortable shooting. Here’s my top picks for difficult stages. Keep in mind that the weather forecast has us battling 25 mph winds tomorrow.

The Net Run & Gun

Prep Time: 30 seconds
Completion Time: 2 minutes
Description: Shooters will start at the the bottom of the cargo net and climb to the top. From there, they will engage “H” target with 3 rounds, then exit the net by method of choice (back down the net or down a rope). Travel to the bus and engage “H” target with 3 rounds
Postion: multiple
Points: 6
Distance: cargo net: 593 yards bus: TBD
Rifle Rounds: 6

Standing Unsupported

Prep Time: none
Completion Time: 1 minute
Description: The shooter will shoot a full sized IPSC target from the standing position with 5 rounds
Position: standing unsupported, slings allowed
Points: 5
Distance: 440 yards
Rifle Rounds: 5

515 Mover

Prep Time: 1 minute
Completion Time: 1 minute
Description: Shooters will engage the moving target with a maximum of ten rounds
Position: TBD (likely weak side prone)
Points: 10
Distance: 515 yards
Rifle Rounds: 10

Standing Supported

Prep Time: 30 seconds
Completion Time: 30 seconds
Description: Shooters will engage¬†5 – 1″ dots from the standing position
Position: weak side standing
Points: 5
Distance: 60 yards
Rifle Rounds: 5

There’s a variety of other stages that all require weak side positional shooting as well as shooting through portals, gun transitions, and various other sucky things. Back to making dope cards. Keep checking this space for updates.


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  1. Unsupported, weak side, off hand, at one inch dots?
    Wow. This course looks extremely challenging.
    That’s some good times!

    • That stage is going to kick a lot of peoples butts. Most competitors run bolt guns and shooting offhand from the weak side while requiring rapid bolt manipulation is going to be near impossible to shoot clean.

  2. I don’t understand the purpose of weak side shooting, other than to make things intentionally difficult. I can’t think of any real world applications where that skill would come in handy.

    • You’re on a cross street, trying to keep yourself as covered as possible by using the building. If you are on one side of the street, you will have to be strong side to do so, the other, weak side.

  3. Tyler you will have a TON of fun even though the course of fire is going to kick your butt. There are no “easy” PRS matches and many will put The Brawl in the top 5 of the list for most challenging. Have a great match and I hope you get some time to talk to the other competitors. The LR tactical precision crowd is a great group of people and has some truly talented marksman.

  4. What’s “Prep Time” for? Do they give you a beep, then start the prep time, then another beep to start the course, or what?

    • Usually it’s just someone timing on a phone or watch. You get 30 seconds or so to set your rifle and position up for the course of fire.


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