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Michele Fiore

“If these young, hot little girls on campus have a firearm, I wonder how many men will want to assault them. The sexual assaults that are occurring would go down once these sexual predators get a bullet in their head.” – Nevada Assemblywoman Michele Fiore, in A Bid for Guns on Campuses to Deter Rape [at]

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  1. John Lott:

    “Do you know that 78 percent in the counties in the United States have zero murders in any given year, and that three percent of the counties account for over 70 percent of the murders? Where do you think the gun ownership is heaviest? The gun ownership is heaviest in those 78 percent of the counties that have zero murders? ”

    What is the original source of this claim?

    Thrid edition of “More Guns Less Crime” says that:

    “46 percent of the counties had no murders in 1992”

    I’m confused. Again.

    • Overall rates of violent crime were twice as high in 1992 than they are now. “Any given year” probably refers to an average of more recent years, and since the overall violent crime rates are lower, there will be more counties without a murder in the average year.

      • “Any given year” probably refers to an average of more recent years

        If so then someone abused the language. It should mean you can pick any year out of the set and it will be at least as good as mentioned.

  2. Heck yeah. But don’t tell that to bloomy and his minions. Too much logic makes their head hurt.

  3. “It’s moving to hear from a young woman that had a concealed carry and but for a university policy, she was raped,” Mr. Steube said. “I don’t know if it can get any more compelling than that.”

    Well, you could always dig up the body of one who was murdered, but that would be “tasteless…”

  4. She must hate women because we all know the only way to empower a woman is to have the police interview her after the assault has occurred then ask her to stand in front of an assembly and cry.

    There’s nothing empowering about stopping an assault. Or at least that’s what I’ve heard from police, politicians and pundits.

    • Its not P.C. to defend yourself. You must blow a whistle and have no one hear it, then be assaulted. Then be forced to relive the whole terrifying ordeal over at least 3-4 times in hope that the person gets more than 4 years in jail. Freaking joke

      • don’t forget you’re supposed to defile yourself too. because the rapist might find it offputting and go leave

        • And finally, if the victim recovers from her injuries, she is expected to write an op ed in the school newspaper stating that the REAL victim was the poor rapist, who only was pushed into crime by societal pressures. Unless, of course, the rapist is a frat guy, in which case she should write an op ed denouncing the brutality associated with patriarchal privilege.

  5. So it would be preferable to let them be raped? Instead of getting a bullet? I have little sympathy for males that choose to use their strength to overpower and rape a female. I doubt her logic will go far with the females either, it stinks of “It’s her fault”.

    Being a recent grad I had an open offer to escort my female friends late at night. I lived right off campus near sorority row and it always made me grimace to see females walking alone back home LATE as the area was prone to armed robberies and rapes.

    • But you are being judgmental of alternative sexual orientations. Some people are just oriented in a way that requires violence to achieve sexual release. Who are we to judge them as deviant? [sarcasm off] (sort of)
      It won’t be long before some lawyer tries that as a defense argument in court. After all, we have been sliding down to Gomorrah for some time now.
      The argument for removing the gun free zine signs from campus is a clear as the overlay of violent crime incidents and campus locations. Criminals know that anyone coming fron the campus is unarmed. So easy pickin’s.

  6. We shouldn’t allow campus carry. Just look at all the problems it has caused where it is legal. Oh wait… I mean.. for the children? Guys? Anyone?

  7. In order for campus carry to be effective the age 21 rule would also have to go. Our daughter went to a large state university where the native urban hoodlum population constantly menaced the students. We and she always got text messages about this or that break-in, mugging, hold-up, etc. Fortunately no rapes or murders. The most risky area was the parking lots for the dorms and sorority houses. Most of the kids who lived there were under 21 and could not legally purchase much less carry a handgun. Then again, this is an open carry state so maybe time for the young ladies to sling AR’s around their necks Israeli style. Would give a different meaning to the word “hot”.

    • Most, meaning not all…

      There is a level of “protection” in the possibility that someone is armed, as apposed to the current certainty of unarmed prey.

    • Paul,

      It would be very difficult for a predator to determine if a potential victim was 19 years old versus 21 or 22 years old … and thus potentially armed.

      If you figure that roughly half of college students are 18, 19, or 20 years old and roughly half are 21 years old or older, that means about half of the student population could be “legally” armed. That is a much better situation than being almost certain that no one is armed.

    • I’m pretty sure there are plenty of young urban hoodlums carrying that don’t give a shit about the under 21 rule.

    • I won’t make a value judgement based on age and CHL, but as a first step there is some benefit to at least some people being able to carry on campus. A couple hoodlums figuring out the hardway not to mess with students over at X campus is still effective.

  8. If you read the article, there’s an even better quote within.
    “So I ask: ‘What’s your point? Are you opposed to the right to self defense or are you arguing that rape is the new normal of attending college?’”

  9. You can be sure that the first rapist who receives a bullet in the head on a college campus will be painted as a victim by liberals. They’ll say illogical statements like, “there’s a reason our courts don’t punish rapists in this country with the death penalty”…”she took it upon herself to be judge, jury, and executioner.”

    Interesting story from my first couple days of college. One of the first people I meet in my dorm was this guy. He seems polite, but as I’m talking to him, he is severely distracted by every woman who walks by. Not in the average gawking way like many of us guys do, but something way more than that. I get this strange vibe from him, but dismiss it because of everything else that’s going on – moving in, meeting new people, etc. Over the next few weeks, he makes friends with a lot of the women on my floor (we were co-ed by room). They all say he’s a nice guy so I give him the benefit of the doubt. Flash forward 3 weeks, and he’s moved out of the dorm. Nobody knows what happened. Come to find out that he attempted to rape a fellow student in another dorm by holding a pair of scissors to her throat. She fought him off and he was arrested. I think back to that moment often because my instincts told me that this guy was a sexual predator within five minutes of meeting him. Luckily, I’ve never met anyone like that since.

  10. Clearly they just need to put up “No Rape” signs and the girls can wear “don’t rape me” t shirts. That will fix it. /sarc

    • Don’t forget the photos of women holding up the #dontrapeme signs posted all over the internet.

      Damn, you beat me to it B!

      • #Rapistlivesmatter printed on signs and carried by ACLU liberal filth. Or if the rapist is white and the victim is black it would be #RapeisRacist sponsored by the department of Just us.

  11. Did anyone else wade into the NYTimes comment section for a sip of Delicious Liberal Tears?

    • Holy crap, I’ve never seen so many whiny ignorant people commenting in my life. I think I found 1 voice of reason in 100.

      All I have to say is: If any one of them were in danger of being raped, and I put a gun next to them, then there’s no way they are being truthful if they say they wouldn’t pick it up and use it.

      Blood in the campus commons!

      • All I have to say is: “If it saves ONE child”.

        Let them be armed.

        What else is to be expected from the readership of such a notoriously rhetorical propaganda spewing liberal, progressive utopian rag.

        • Yeah, I know, it just boggles the mind that these people use the argument that “well, they are drunk when they are raped most of the time.” As if magically their right to self defense goes out the window because they are drunk. What about those women who AREN’T drunk? They don’t get a chance according to that logic? Just utter tripe.

        • @Prairie Patriot: What’s really amazing is that if someone in a general context said something like, “well, you know, most of these rape victims had been drinking a lot prior to the incident”, he would be run out of town on a rail by the Prog establishment. But if one of their own says it in a gun-restricting context–well, that’s just fine.

        • If a young woman is a licensed, concealed carrier, she is taking ownership of her own safety, and as part of that mindset will likely not be “drunk”.

          Unlike the antis’ overblown projections, most women will not be disciplined enough nor motivated enough to take the initiative and obtain a CCW for campus or general carry. Immaturity and inexperience has a lot to do with that trusting ‘lets party’ attitude.

          Fiore’s proposal will be largely for the benefit of those few young women (and men) willing to take the initiative to qualify for, obtain and maintain a CCW license for their protection. For women particularly it is protection from unfamiliar predators and will dissuade acquaintances from even an inappropriate attempt.

          A collateral benefit would be the knowledge to others that there are some students on campus who ARE armed and proactive in looking out for their own well being and the increased risks to predators associated with potentially armed, alert ‘victims’.

        • @Prairie Patriot– “As if magically their right to self defense goes out the window because they are drunk”

          Some of the very gun owners on this website would strip you of your right to self-defense for life if you are under the influence and also in possession of a firearm. The hypocritical part is that there is probably a beer, blunt, or a bottle of pills in their house along with firearms. If somebody can’t handle themselves being armed and under the influence then that same person that can’t be trusted when they are sober. Just because you are under the influence doesn’t mean you don’t know right from wrong, and if you are that messed up to not respect life please shoot(stab,beat,drive,hang,..etc) your weak minded self.

        • @ Jason, many turn violent and unstable when drunk. I remember a drunk who was looking for a fight and attacked me, if he had a gun he would have killed me. He had a crying girlfriend trying to pull away saying you know better than this, why are behaving this way? Some people just do go out of their mind when drunk. All the heavy drinking at campus causes much of the trouble, heck a few students drink themselves to death, it is probably a factor they do ban guns because of the drinking.

    • They have. UNC-CH, for example, had them in the early 1990’s, and several years since. They’ve even sold Rape Free Zone T-shirts in addition to putting out little cardboard signs.

      Do a Google Search and be amazed at the shear stupidity surrounding that movement. Here; I’ll get you started:

      That’s a paraphrase from the original post on the feministunited web page which is now defunct. The original 9 Ways post included info about the “24 Hour Rape Free Zone” they were promoting that year.

      • Dose not the concept of rape free zones suggest the rest of the world must be a zone where rape is ok? Free rape zone?

  12. They love to claim that gunfights would erupt over academic debates, but truth be told I’ve never witnessed an actual academic debate on campus. Students *and* professors are too apathetic. Kids just want their grade and professors just want their money. Besides, students these days really aren’t rebellious. They mostly follow The Narrative, if it’s mostly lip service.

    • Millenials are actually trending libertarian now. Maybe some of them realized the disconnect between what Obama and progressives say and what they actually do?

      • I’m a millenial too and can vouch for a rise in left-libertarianism. Not that it’s effectual or takes concrete action in support of the 2nd Amendment, though.

        • Left-Libertarian is contradiction in terms unless you are prepared to admit that Rothbardian Faux-Libertarians are on the left. Think about it, how can some one who support big government be a true Libertarian. What you call Left-Libertarian is merely the elevation of drug and sex rights to position above political rights. This is where Jacob Sullum, Radley Balko and Nick Gillespie stand.

  13. I neither know nor care whether most campus assaults are acquaintance-based, and thus might not be amenable to timely and effective armed resistance. That’s not the point. The point is these people’s God-given right to self-defense and the State’s infringement of that right.

    Actual tactics are an individual’s decision to make. The actual right is nobody’s to take.

  14. I don’t think I’m accepting anyone as an “expert” who continues that “one in four” ( wasn’t it originally “one in five”? ) bilge.

  15. I’ve been making this point for years, the only thing that is going to stop these sick EXPLETIVE DELETED is the risk of getting shot.

  16. Boy: do you want to have consensual sex?
    Girl: yes, lets have sex.
    Boy: Can you speak up?.. my I phone mic was covered, and please state your name and age
    Girl: YES LETS HAVE SEX!……..
    Boy: Fine, But why is that gun pointed at me?
    Girl: In case I change my mind in the middle of it.

  17. While I agree with the sentiment, a lot of the rape that happens on campuses usually aren’t the “rapist-jumping-out-of-the-bushes” type. It’s the date rape or “party rape” type.

    • While I agree with the sentiment, a lot of the rape that happens on campuses usually aren’t the “rapist-jumping-out-of-the-bushes” type. It’s the date rape or “party rape” type.

      I fail to see how the manner of potential rape is in any way germane to the matter of denying the right of armed self-defense to college co-eds (or to any college students, faculty, staff, or campus visitors).

  18. Most “rape” on college campuses is “moderately attractive 20-something girl regrets having sex with low-status male, makes up story”. I don’t like the idea of allowing pathological narcissists and liars to use deadly force. All she has to do after shooting a man is say “he tried to rape me” and the feminists, media figures, and ad campaigns will weave their usual support networks around her. “Listen and believe” is trumping “beyond a reasonable doubt”.

    • Sounds like something only a real monster would do, and can do off campus right now without violating a camous carry ban. If you’re up against that, you’re screwed unless you have other evidence in your favor.

      None of which has anything to do with some other woman’s right to keep and bear arms, though. We don’t rightly infringe on everyone’s constitutional rights simply because someone else, some place else, might some day commit a crime.

    • You know this for a fact? My one and only rape accuser was my ex-wife who decided to lie to everyone within earshot…after she slept with her old boyfriend.

      • “Betrayal” barely even begins to describe that travesty. Hopefully that blew over without lasting consequences, but I can only imagine how hellish that could have been to endure. Sorry you had to go through that.

    • Most “rape” on college campuses is “moderately attractive 20-something girl regrets having sex with low-status male, makes up story”.

      Got any data to back that up?

      I don’t like the idea of allowing pathological narcissists and liars to use deadly force. All she has to do after shooting a man is say “he tried to rape me” and the feminists, media figures, and ad campaigns will weave their usual support networks around her. “Listen and believe” is trumping “beyond a reasonable doubt”.

      Did you realize that you just directly copied the argument anti’s have against “Stand Your Ground” laws?

  19. I live in N.Nevada and can not Stand Democrats who Lie.The Only Law we need is the Second Amendment and Nevada’s NRS Constitution Article 1 over..,,Section 11 READ IT before Opening your mouth’s Librtard’s from NYC Calif,IL and Embbeded from Said States in S NV. What a waste of time Arguing with Libtards ! Why Republicans will Straighten Out the Un Popular gun Laws in NV .In the mean time,,You Go Michelle !

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