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  1. WTF lol, which of his teammates did he NOT flag with his weapon? Paintball is fun but people still can be hurt b/c of stupid weapon handling…

  2. Well this brings up a semi-related point.

    In recent TV shows, like “Revolution” and “Walking Dead”, they’re using a lot of bows and crossbows. And they’re doing a lot of “cover him” with bows. Actor notches an arrow, draws and aims.

    This seems spectacularly dangerous to me, and I know “it’s TV”, but I’m still curious how they manage it. With random firearms, the armorer ensures (ideally) that the weapon is unloaded save for action shots, but a drawn bow is never “unloaded”. Nor is a crossbow.

    For the crossbow, they may simply have a molded, “cocked” bow, with string on it that is not really under tension. And they could do live shots with CGI.

    But not sure about normal bows. Perhaps the arrows are all CGI.

  3. Close friend of mine is blind in one eye due to a paintball ND. Doesn’t matter what kind of projectile it is, gun safety always applies.

  4. Really!? It’s paintball. Just because there is a moving projectile and the launching device resembles a firearm does not mean that the using community adheres to the same 4 golden rules. Why!? …because the penalty for ND or being shot is different. Yes, people can and do get hurt but there is no expectation that shooting your adversary will result in their actual death.

    And for what it’s worth, I was an avid scenario paintball player for many years and have been shot ‘accidentally’ multiple times waiting for game-on by a teammate who didn’t understand trigger discipline. Then again, a large percentage of paintballers and airsoft players are not old enough to own firearms so they have not been given that critical instruction.

    It’s not like the days when 8+ year olds would get a BB gun or .22 and disappear for the afternoon terrorizing all manner of small creatures. Paintball and airsoft are the only shooting activities that many kids get today …aside from the simulated shooting in console/PC games. The safety briefing for these activities is years apart from a range safety brief.

  5. Have never played paintball…. BUT. I have seen “life, limb, eyesight” type injuries from simround accidents (particularly eyesight). And that was with soldiers who were trained and had all the safety equipment which would typically reduce risk to an acceptable level. If someone whose training and safety I was responsible for did what this guy did EVEN WITH BLANKS clearing an urban objective I would lose my mind and he’d be off my range after I disarmed him.

    Bad habits are bad habits. I understand the previous commenters’ claim that “they’re just kids, etc”…. But even so, this is bad.

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