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Eugene police officers order a man to the ground before taking him into custody Wednesday at a duplex on South Bertelsen Road. (Brian Davies:The Register-Guard)

“Officers were dispatched to the 2100 block of South Bertelsen Road near West 18th Avenue,” reports. “A resident of the area had reported that a man was wandering around outside a duplex and pointing a rifle with a silencer at neighboring properties . . . Police sent an armored vehicle to the home, and used a crisis negotiator to contact Ryan and two other people who were there. A number of officers had their weapons drawn when Ryan emerged from the duplex. He did not put up a struggle before surrendering to police. Officers obtained permission to search the home and found the pellet gun that Ryan allegedly had been carrying, [Police Sgt. David] Natt said. He added that it can be difficult for police to know at the outset of an investigation whether or not a weapon is an actual firearm. ‘It’s a very dangerous situation,’ Natt said.” Roger that.


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      • Government `snitch hotlines’ may not be far off:

        “Call this tollfree number to report a suspected illegal gun, and you don’t have to give your name!”

      • & they’ll have to be torched out! All citizen snitches are the enemy regardless of their epic willful ignorance! All police are now mercenaries, act accordingly!

    • A pellet gun ain’t nothing ,BUT this ain’t about nothing,THIS IS ABOUT THE CONQUEST OF AMERICA,the POLICE GANGS are guilty of TREASON,they know what the punishment IS,the russians and chinese are waiting to attack america,the POLICE GANGS ARE GOING TO HELP THEM,theres a small pole shift(50-90*) and big earthquake coming to all of america and OBAMA will declare illegal marshal law,AT THIS point in time ,THEY WILL BE TRYING TO TAKE YOUR WEAPONS,THIS EARTHQUAKE will be caused by NIBIRU passing earth,ALL HELL IS ABOUT TO BREAKOUT,everyone had better get ready,NIBIRU will be passing earth in the NEXT 45 DAYS,the power will go down,the markets will be all closed,the cities on the coast will be hit with large tidal waves,THE DEATH TOLL will be enormass,GET READY,ALL HELL IS COMING TO EVERYONE,and don’t TAKE THAT MARK FOR FOOD OR ANYTHING,don’t do it……………..if your not close to the lord,now would be a good time ………………..

      • You are making yourself into an idiot. You are contributing to the reason guns would get taken. People don’t want firearms in the hands of lunatics. Please never post anything publicly again as you don’t have a clue.

  1. Back in the early 80’s, my friends and I would wander blocks away from our house, armed with BB guns and a compound bow. No one cared. Those were the good ol’ days…

    • I rode all over St. Johns County Florida with a .22 on my bike’s handlebars when I was 11 and no one thought twice about it. I was expected to act like I had good sense and my daddy would have slapped some in to me if I forgot where mine was for an instant.

      • Yep, I bought guns at yardsales and rode them home on my bike when I was 13-15 yo. When I lived in town my buddies and I used to ride our bikes with our guns to go hunting out side of town.

        Some days I feel like I’m in one of those sci-fi books where i went to sleep and woke up to a new reality. What happened to the real America and where did it go?

        • Used to take a cab to the skeet field with my Remington 1100 and a bagful of shells when I was 13-15 and my parents could not take me. No one thought twice about it.

        • We didn’t stay engaged with the process, voted for people who promised to be of benefit to us rather than the country as a whole, and elected people we knew nothing about. We allowed those running for office to hide their true selves by sealing all of their collage papers and dissertations by using dubious tactics. In short we were content to let things go on as we thought they were and we pissed it away.

        • “voted for people who promised to be of benefit to us rather than the country as a whole”

          “voted for people who promised us benefits” fixed that for you.

          If a politician promises something other than obeying the Constitution, the politician should be aborted. If a voter votes for a politician because of a promise other than obeying the Constitution, the voter should be aborted. We’d be in a much better place if those two rules were followed.

    • Most towns/cities restrict the use of BB and pellet guns given they often are indistinguishable from “real” firearms. When I need to go outdoors with mine, I’m careful not to “brandish”.

    • Same here, used to wander all over the place with bb guns, 22 rifles, bows…noone cared. Hell, when I was growing up there wasnt’ a pickup truck in the school parking lot that didn’t have a shotgun or a rifle in the back window.

      Ain’t progress grand?

      • Life was better before suburban neighborhoods were infiltrated by a mix of methabillies and ex-urban 5th generation bookworms, neither of whom put down more than 3% on their house.

        • I build most of my own furniture. I chop my own firewood. I grow, hunt and fish some of my food. I have a technical degree and a six figure salary. I’m also a book worm and I put less than 3% down on my house. What the hell do those last two have to do with anything? I’m guessing you’re just a bigot.

    • You probably didn’t wander around the neighborhood aiming them at your neighbors’ houses, though. I think that’s the biggest issue here. Just walking around with it slung on his back probably wouldn’t have caused more than a ‘polite’ conversation with a couple of officers.

      • I didn’t have neighbors that would have said I was aiming at houses when I wasn’t. We have plenty of liars that would do that these days. I’m not saying that is the case here but I don’t take anything at face value anymore.

      • Ryan was no saint, read the article or see below. Seems to me having dealt with him before, they has good reason to be nervous.

        • Yep, but it puzzled me. The article said they caught him with meth and a weapon the month before. Why was he still walking around? Probably because of the politics of the same people who phoned him in is why. People who are easily frightened but also want to be oh so nice to punks give me a migraine. They simultaneously want tanks on call and perp-friendly courts. It’s uneconomical. I want my money back.

        • dwb your right anyone who don’t or won’t kiss the police gangs ass ,will become the enemy of the government,so get back on your knees brainwashed and hold your mouth open before they change their mind about you…………………..

      • +1 Ditto. Can anyone say “overkill”? Rescue vehicle, my butt! Looks like an assault vehicle. Of course, its all about cosmetics, right?

        • Have you learned nothing in the past few months? In the hands of law enforcement, ‘assault’ equipment gets reclassified as ‘personal defense’ equipment.

        • It would be an assault vehicle if it were in the hands of the public. In the hands of the only ones, it’s a rescue vehicle. Always remember an AR-15 in the hands of the public is an “assault weapon.” When ordered by the DHS it is an “personal defense weapon.”

        • Rescue as in hostage rescue. One of the main uses beside getting officers up to a house without getting shot up is they can drive strait into a fire fight and pick up wounded or shield hostages or officers. So yeah, I think it would make a nice moral patch for them to have something like “this APC is here to rescue your ass”, but really the paint on the side isn’t wrong.

      • O ha admit it, they just wanted to take the tank for a spin! Perfect excuse.. 😉

        Yeah a simple phone call would have pretty much cleared things up…

        • Maybe officers need to get shot up a little more


        • Aw shucks Joe, I’m sure you didn’t mean that, it’s probably just the Tyrant in you trying to get out!

          Read the new TTAG article about the ACLU investigtation into the militarization of the police across the nation. Read Keep And Bear Arms for a week or two and see the number of cops charged and convicted of crimes daily. I live close to Albuquerque, NM. Read about the DoJ investigation into the rash of police shootings there. Espcially read about the recent 10+million dollar award to the family of an Iraq war vet who was shot by an APD detective. The detective testified in court that he had a “brain fart.” Read about all the crooked cops and then come back and cry me another river for their worthless butts. I’m sure there are cops that have the intention of being good but they do nothing about the bad ones so they are just as bad as the bad ones.

        • I do mean it. Anyone wishing someone to get shot up is sick unless they are threatening another persons life. You did not explain that. Your comment blatantly says that they need to be shot.

          There are bad apples everywhere in every field of work. How many teachers are raping their students? How many doctors illegally fondle their patients? Chicago has a horrible homicide rate, a lot of ‘non cop’ individuals being shot for posing no threat or doing no harm.

          As for the ones who do something about the bad ones, there are often a lot of political backlash that covers everything up to make it disappear. Doesn’t mean that some are not trying to do the right thing. Those with the ‘brain farts’ who demonstrate they can’t handle a firearm shouldn’t handle one. Same goes for those who believe other unprovoked need to be shot.

  2. well, beneath the fold, the article says:

    “Eugene police have dealt with Ryan in the past. He was arrested in connection with a break-in at a Eugene business last month and jailed briefly on charges of second-degree burglary, methamphetamine possession, second-degree theft and carrying a concealed weapon, according to court records.”

    I’ll feel so much better when hes out on bail.

    • That’s the Desert Fox at the helm. Cops obviously need a Ma Duce for their toy “tank”.

      Cops with armor. What could go wrong.

    • It looks pretty warm out there. I imagine he didn’t need a heater. He might have even needed the air conditioning on.

  3. Probably one of those pellet rifles that look like they have a silencer attached, but it’s just part of the barrel. They can look “scary” from a distance no question.

  4. reminds me of the guys who dress up like commandos to take out pathetic little pot grow operations in the woods.

  5. Maybe if we reclassify all arrests as “rescues” there won’t be such public outcry when we take someone in for owning a BB gun.

    • kinda surprised there hasnt been a sh*tfit over an airsoft gathering yet. “i swear i saw at least 6 guys with ak’s and mp-5’s running in the woods, the terrorists are invading i tell you!”

  6. ‘It’s a very dangerous situation,’ Natt said.”

    Well, yes, once you’ve sent in a whole squad of armed men with their adrenaline pumping.

    • That’s exactly the sentiment I wanted to express.

      But as they say, when all you have is a hammer, the whole world looks like a nail. Or, a surgeon’s solution is always to cut something out. Similarly, once you fund a militarized SWAT team, you feel like it you have to use it. You know, “to be safe”.

  7. I’ll take a non-sarcastic swing at this one. What’s wrong with the picture is that if they really thought it could be a real gun, they should not be bunched up like they are. There’s what, nine people in a little clump right next to the vehicle? Bullet magnet.

    This tells me it’s not SWAT guys with the armored car, it’s regular patrol officers who likely don’t have much experience with the thing. Know your equipment before you use it, don’t try to figure it out as you go.

  8. It’s never to soon to panic! Hope the neighbor feels like an idiot. The scandal channel has everybody on edge these days.

  9. The part I don’t like is that the guy has his hands up and is clearly unarmed and cooperating, but the cops still have a loaded rifle pointed at him as opposed to having it safely at-the-ready. That’s an accident and a two-weeks paid vacation waiting to happen.

    He’s a man, not a dog.

  10. I suspect some of us might have been able to straighten Adam Lanza and the other killer kids out, if I’d been able to raise them like most of us older folks were raised. None of them got they way they were overnight, it started way back in early childhood.

    • Five will get you ten that Lanza’s mother wanted to commit him because she was afraid of him and he’d been violent toward her. Too little, too late, and 27 are dead because of her precious angel.

      • +1. All of this child worship taking the place of actual parenting is really concerning. The clock is ticking on the next special, unique snowflake gone wrong, and it angers me to no end. Take charge of your damned kids, or don’t have any to begin with.

      • That kid weighed, what 90 pounds soaking wet? And was autistic to boot, though moderately so, it seems. She was preparing him for the world by leaving him alone – albeit with a game console – for ever-increasing lengths of time. Somehow, he got access to her guns.

        Or so goes the official story. Which is leaky as a sieve.

        • “Somehow, he got access to her guns.”

          He killed her while she was sleeping and took the guns…….. or so goes the official story. At least that’s how it came through when my tinfoil hat slipped off.

  11. The article says that the gun-shaped-object wielding fellow had prior history of burglary, illegal possession of weapons, and drugs.

    It is very likely they were rolling in heavy because they knew who they were dealing with.

    • It’s also very likely, just my opinion here, that this guy’s neighbors were already full up with his stupid qauotient and were just looking for a reason to call 5-0 in on him. Burglary, meth and weapons. he was probably a joy to have around the hood.

      No oppressed freedom fighter here, just another dumbass.

        • William, will you give the next cop that RF “highlights” in one of his posts the same benefit of the doubt you’re willing to give this gentleman?

        • Of course not!!! Cops area always guilty until proven innocent…and even then they really aren’t innocent. Gotta play to your audience…

        • So then never carry a firearm for personal protection and never employ situation awareness or preparedness because everyone is innocent until the moment they victimize you, and unless you are being victimized at this moment, that means everyone is innocent and there are no bad guys.

        • Cops should be held to a higher standard, not equal or lower. Just because we have to lower standards so they can become cops doesn’t mean we shouldn’t hold them accountable for their, mostly, criminal behavior.

    • Most light weights like Ryan, are so easy to rope in. It was overkill, due to improper training, and a REACTIONARY BS FEAR!! Watch how your kid eats pop tarts in school…nuff said.

  12. More RF BS sensationalizing certain details and failing to mention this guy has a history of violent crime, and they were responding to call for a violent turd pointing a rifle at homes. But sure, lets b!tch about the armored car.

      • Agreed. I’m just pointing out that eventually if Robert Farago can’t seem to post anything objective about police, his fan base will exclusively dwindle to the whiny little 13 year olds that seem to dominate these posts. I mean really, when was the last time RF posted about the police that you didn’t hear anti-leo trolls whining about things irrelevant to the story and a bunch of people pointing out that RF cherry picked the details?

      • Maybe it has to do with LE conduct. You guys think your the princes of the society positioned above the general population. The picture above is a disgrace. An image from a war zone, not urban USA. And why the hell is the tank marked RESCUE Vehicle? I’m not anti LE, I’m anti thug with a gun and badge. And from what I’ve been seeing, from unnecessary dog shootings to knocking the shit out of an old lady in N.O., to no knock home invasions on the wrong locations, there are a growing number good officers who are willing to just follow orders. If you want better civic relations, police yourselves with the same zeal that you use on us. And stop covering up for officers unfit for duty. Your first obligation should be to us, not the FOP.

        • Don’t let the 24 hour cable news cycle convince you that the handful of incidents nationwide are indicative of all police everywhere. Do cops screw up? Yes. Should they be held accountable? Yes, absolutely. Do four news stories from four different corners of the nation mean that the same things are happening everywhere else? No. One of the worst things that cable news and the internet have done is turn everyone’s local news into your local news. Remember the “Summer of the Shark”? It’s the same phenomenon. One bad cop, one bad department, and every other cop in the nation takes a black eye.

        • To me it’s none of what you stated. It’s when cops cover each other over shootings or assaults. I can’t get another citizen to legally cover up my crimes, but the police can. Seriously, the common guy looks to the police to maintain civil order so he can go to work, raise his family, and have some fun once in a while, free from threat. Do you suppose that man wants to be down on the cops? Distrust our defenders? Not without concern, or justification. A casual attitude towards infractions by LEOs undermines public trust and support. It is much more a serious concern to the public than to PDs.

          As far as the use of an up-armoured vehicle for a pellet gun confiscation goes, it is as bad an idea as pro gun supporters taking OC firearms to a rally for gun rights. It raises unnecessary fears of the police.

        • First off, I’m not a cop. For every cop I meet, it is about a coin toss if I think they are a douche or a good guy. But IN THIS CASE show me the wrong doing. Maybe they showed up with more than they needed to get the job done. Maybe they figured 10X more than they needed would mean they would be extra sure nobody would get hurt if nobody needed to. But show me the excessive force. I don’t see any. They didn’t shoot him. They didn’t burn his house down. They didn’t beat the hell out of him.

          Put yourself in their shoes for a moment and stop b!tching about what some other cops you read about did and focus on this one incident. You get a call about a guy with a scoped rifle with a suppressor on it that is pointing it at homes in a suburban lot. You see the address matches a guy out on bail suspected of violent crime. You happen to have an APC nobody is using and about a dozen cops are available to help out. Are you going to say, nah, I got this? No, you are going to use the APC so that you don’t get ventilated on your way up to the house (FYI, departments started requesting surplus APCs when officers kept dying because suspects would spray and pray out of a house with a rifle) and you are going to call the guy out. You know he just got arrested for carrying concealed without a permit and that he’s out on bail and if he got the opportunity he very could try to shoot a cop or two , so you have a dozen stacked up to make it bloody clear that shooting isn’t in his interest. Once he is handcuffed and patted down you ask WTH is going on, find out it was just a stupid pellet rifle and you remind the guy about is court date and go on with your day. What the hell is so wrong with that picture?

        • I’d love to see the criminal histories of all the negative posters here…bet there are some encounters with officer friendly there somewhere.

        • Yeah SGC, that’s the first thing LEO always says when they are unable to rationally defend the actions of their buddies in blue (black? OD? woodland? multicam?). They always resort to discrediting the messenger and infer that the messenger is a criminal to shut down the conversation.

          When cops and their apologists can’t discredit the message because the message is valid the first thing they do is claim the messenger has a criminal background. That approach gets mighty old.

          And no, my record is clean. I held a Secret clearance for almost 20 years. I just happen to have my eyes open and I have seen the way cops in my area have treated citizens and gun owners over the past 10 years since I got out of the Army and came home (I know my area is worse than most).

          This is how they treat gun owners where I live:

          “SLO County Sheriff’s deputies illegally search the home of Matt Hart and openly discuss how they will get away with it. To date, Matt Hart has not received all of his firearms back from the department, including one that the deputies expressed interest in owning.”

          Hopefully someday you won’t be rewarded like Matt Hart for your loyalty.

  13. I’m usually pro-cop here, but this does make me sigh and shake my head…nine officers with long arms and an armored car? Wow…

    Granted, Eugene, OR is a center of democrat liberal power, so I assume the police here are pro civilian disarmament too. Not accustomed to working in an armed society.

    Down south, this would have been handled by one or two deputies with handguns probably…and never made it to the news.

    • The idea in this litigious society is to take the subject into custody with a little force as necessary and there’s nothing like a big display of potential force to discouraging thoughts of fleeing or fighting your way to freedom. But that won’t jibe with the anti-cop bias here, so feel free to second guess the officers on the scene to your heart’s content.

    • My first thought was how sad that America is looking a LOT like northern Ireland back when they had their “troubles”. I remember the photos of Brithish armor rolling up and down the streets every day to remind the locals that they were a whisker away from a hail of bullets at any moment. Very sad indeed to see this becoming the norm here in the USA.

      • Why would think that is the norm? Do you have APCs roaming your town on regular patrol? Is this really your reality or something you read about on the internet?

        • Upstater, my semi-rural mid-size town with a population of 50k and only a few murders in the town’s entire history recently got an armored vehicle (along with cans for their sniper rifles and their MP-5s). There is zero need for one here. The cops LOVE to show it off every chance they get. At the Friday afternoon’s farmers market, the annual parades, spring arts festival, you name it, any chance they get…so actually it’s becoming quite a few people’s reality in this country these days.

      • VERY sad indeed Bontai Joe! As someone who spent almost two decades in Mechanized and armored divisions rolling through foreign cities in a self-propelled howitzer, I never thought I’d see the day where that would be happening here.

        Truly sad how far we’ve fallen as a people and a country.

  14. I guess the old timey sheriff of your dreams would have just walked right up to a turd’s house like that. Old timey sheriffs got killed in the line of duty too. Dangerous group think = Ignoring the basic facts, i.e. a report of a weapon being pointed at neighbors, past weapon and drug charges + patting each other on the backs because you all hate cops sooooo much. 90% of these comments are 100% fail.

  15. Am I the only one who thinks at least three of those officers are a slight stumble away from being directly in the line of fire?

  16. The indigence contained in the “pro LE” posts shows the arrogance developing within LE today. Adopting the Powell Doctrine to civil LE is a big mistake. The privilege given to LE creates a class division of rights. I can’t say I still believe that most officers joint a PD to protect and serve the public. It’s more like to protect and serve themselves.

  17. We are literally witnessing the end of liberty and freedom before our own eyes and it’s a tragic, heart wrenching time.

  18. Here’s another “what’s wrong with this picture” for you featuring the heros in blue, or is it black now, wait it might be OD, or maybe it’s camo (is it woodland, digital or multi-cam? – I’m so confused anymore). But anyway, for your viewing pleasure…what’s wrong with these pictures:

    “Just remember folks – only government employees are highly trained and professional enough to be trusted with firearms.”

    • I wonder how many fresh sets of batteries it will take for them to figure out how to turn that EOTech around…

      • Me too. He was probably saying “darn, it doesn’t work so I’ll have to flip up my back up iron sights” which he did by the picture.

        What ever happened to zeroing your rifle after putting on a scope, etc. which would have immediately identified the problem? Or checking equipment before you roll out? Gee, I can’t see the reticle, I wonder why?

        What about the guy resting his shotty on the vehicle and then holding it with only one hand and resting the other on his arm like he’s shooting a long gun.

        Lot’s of good stuff in that picture but we’re the ones supposedly unworthy because they are the professionals…but what do I know, I’m not an “only one.”

  19. I don’t get those that are making the leap from this story to our rights being trampled…

    This story isn’t about 2nd amendment rights, gun grabbing, etc. If it were I’d be posting a completely different comment.

    911 receives calls about an armed man, pointing what appears to be a rifle with a suppressor at residences. What is the appropriate LE response? Those that say a phone call would have avoided this situation are living in a dream world. Suppose the same man with a gun call came in as the shooter in Aurora, or Sandy Hook, or any other active shooter situation in recent memory approached their intended target?
    Suppose your job requires you to respond to and apprehending accused criminals, and the call comes in for you to respond to the above situation, with the details provided by the caller. Suppose you have info that the person you’re looking for has a history of negative contact with law enforcement, and was recently for drug, home invasion, and weapons charges. How would you want to respond? With a single man car? Or with the troops, with heavier duty firepower, and ballistic protection? I know which choice I’d make. I keep saying “suppose” because there are a lot of things in the OpEd piece and the majority of responses that, suppose, assume, or presume.

    I’d like to point out that nothing other than the accused getting arrested occurred. The police didn’t blast away like in CA during the hunt for Dorner.(That was ridiculous, those officers should be held responsible, and the entire department’s training evaluated)

    Law enforcement has always been evolving as far as weapons and tactics. From revolvers and billy clubs or saps, to autoloading pistols, soft body armor and shotguns, to the wider issuing of patrol rifles, plate carriers (for active shooter response), and Kevlar panels in patrol car doors. APC’s are nothing new. I can remember seeing Detroit’s “ram” back in the ’80s. A lot of these changes came about after the loss of officers/agents (FBI shoot out-development of 10mm and later .40) to the S. Hollywood shoot out (issuing patrol rifles on a wider basis) There have also been advancements in issued less-lethal force equipment, tasers, OC spray, as well as better training in the use of impact tools have replaced the old-school knock out tools like the black-jack, and sap.(which often led to serious injury, and even death)

    I’m not in the LE field, but have friends and family that are, or were over the past 40 years. Everyone of them share the same view that I, and I’m assuming, most of the readers of this blog concerning gun rights. None of them are chomping at the bit to kick down the doors of gun owners and take their gear. I’ve been stopped for speeding, and after notifying the deputy that I was armed and a CPL holder, we ended up having a 30 minute conversation about the pros and cons of different pistols. I’ve had a negative encounter one time with an officer, that stopped me for no reason, basically harassed me, and cited me for a violation I didn’t commit. I later learned he got fired for improper conduct. I get that there are some bad cops out there. I don’t get the overwhelming police bashing slant that this blog has taken, and I don’t agree with it. They’re not the ones passing legislation that infringes upon our basic rights. They’re the ones every single one of your readers will call if they are the victim of a crime.

    I’m fortunate to live in a “shall issue” (that actually does) state, I can own suppressors and machine guns. We don’t have an AWB, or mag limits. I carry, and have carried a handgun everyday for at least eight years. I write, call, and email my elected reps, repeatedly. I take new shooters to the range. I spend time speaking to acquaintances that are anti-gun, presenting facts. Friends of mine that were supportive of the proposed “Universal Background Check” bill were shocked when I explained what it would do. Now they’re writing letters.

    The more anti-cop stuff I read here, the more hesitant I am to recommend that people come here for the GOOD content and info. The last thing I’d want is someone that may be simply naïve, or on the fence about firearms to pick up more on the cop bashing than the factual gun related stuff, that actually helps our cause.

    • Highvoltage, while you make some very valid points that I agree with I have issue with this statement of yours regarding cops:

      “They’re not the ones passing legislation that infringes upon our basic rights. ”

      While they may not be the ones passing legislation, most of their advocacy groups, unions, and upper management are advocating it and they damn sure are enforcing it!

      If it was just the former and not the latter I would agree with you and support your statement but until we stop reading about cops arresting “peaceable” citizens for unconstitutional gun violations cops are not our friends.

      You probably disagree with me but I can tell you that the vast majority of gun owners and veterans that I talk to today at the range, gun store, my brothers in arms who are still serving at the local base & those I keep in touch with around the globe, at the Legion & VFW halls, etc. are all starting to wake up to this very sad reality (unless they or their family are cops)…thus all of the comments these days here on TTAG that you disagree with.

      Just my .02

  20. Talk about an absolute waste of resources. I think the idiot who ordered this response should have to pay back this city for the cost of resources. Geez, with this kind of over-active response, people are going to stop calling the police even when they really should.

  21. Hello 911 -yes my neighbor is outside and he is ;Thinking about a gun -please send the police I dont feel safe here -Okay ,Swat is on its way !


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