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    • I think they are shooting around one row of targets at another row, as if behind some kind of cover/concealment.

  1. What’s wrong in the video? I’m gonna guess: one semi-auto handgun shooter (black shirt) had his left thumb up high on the slide while firing and the shooter with the AR platform (it was an AR, right?) did not seem to be wearing ear plugs.

  2. Combat Pistol shoot eh? I guess that’s shooting combat pistols while standing in a line and not a “combat” course eh?

    At least when one of them gets on Top Shot they’ll be used to having someone shoot next to them…

  3. The guy with the AR was right handed but had a pistol style light on the wrong (right hand) side.

    edit: never mind, read the article and saw a better picture, it has a pressure pad.

    The article does say shooting at distances from 4 to 10 yards is challenging. Not really sure how 10 yards from a prone position with a rifle is challenging, or a pistol at point blank range. Also the picture of the long list of sponsors does not contain a single LE agency.

    • I scoff at 10 yards with a pistol at stationary targets.

      Using my oldest, and most heavily used pistol (likely over 20k rounds lifetime, and at least 2k by me), I can keep my shots all on an 8″ paper plate at 5 yards while doing rapid-fire magdumps.

  4. The guy in the black pullover shirt wearing Rx-only glasses; not safety glasses. The AR shooter is definitely wearing earplugs (orange); hard to see, but they’re present.

    Agree with above comment; trigger discipline sucks.

    • Nothing wrong with only wearing prescription glasses, especially these days where seemingly half of all prescription lenses are made from high strength plastics.

      The way I see it, I don’t have prescription safety glasses, and my three choices are to wear cheapo-glasses over the prescription glasses, which means I can’t see (which isn’t safe), wear ONLY the cheapo-glasses, which also means I can’t see (which is even less safe), or only wear my prescription glasses, which is slightly more risky for me, but minimally so and doesn’t require violating any of the important rules of safe shooting.

      • From an industrial hygiene standpoint, most modern prescription glasses that are “made from high strength plastics” are indeed very strong and durable. However, they tend to shatter and often cause more damage than the projectile itself. They do make safety glasses that fit over prescription glasses. They are strong, impact safe, and have “side shields” for added protection. They look funny… but not as funny as an eye patch! I don’t know what you mean by “cheapo”, but UVEX makes very nice ones that fit well (and are adjustable) for less than $10. Check your local welding/cutting shop if you have a hard time finding them.

  5. Wow. Literally trying to hit the broadside of a barn I guess.
    I am guessing a lot of those guys would not be hitting much at 50 feet or if they were running some sort of USPSA or IDPA stage. Could be completely wrong on that though.

  6. During the opening scene, one of the range safety masters is facing towards the camera and not standing facing and observing the shooters.

  7. I found a good one: They called Armalite 15 pattern rifles “Patrol Rifles” and not “Assault Rifles.” They also didn’t even mention that said rifles were being used with dangerous “high-capacity assault clips.”

  8. I just wear my prescription glasses…poly-carbonate lenses aren’t bad as far as protection (I’ve had the lenses of an old pair stepped on before and they only had Knicks and such…frames on the other hand, broken) plus I’m pretty blind and safety glasses don’t fit over them. No range has said anything yet

  9. It is very evident that none of these officers have had any sort of formal training. Constant finger on the trigger would get a scolding at my range. “Bowling” out of the holster, no urgency or economy of motion. This is just a group of guys putting holes in paper with just enough skill to pass qualification. Just goes to show once again that most law enforcement officers are not gun guys. Which is as it should be. What percentage of Law Enforcement will use their sidearms? Maybe all this time spent on qualification is wasted? Maybe training time should be spent developing skills at high performance driving schools? The patrol vehicle is used for hours everyday, and I think more officers die in vehicle accidents then are shot. Perhaps most officers should be unarmed unless they meet a very high standard of proficiency? I don’t know, this certainly isn’t a new or unique problem.
    On the plus side I’ve got to commend the LPD for creating a positive media event, even though we internet experts deconstruct and nitpick it to death….

  10. the guy shooting the AR is holding it all wrong, the butstock is riding above his shoulder. it needs to be down lower the absorb the recoil …

  11. Bowling into and out of the holster, general disregard for trigger discipline (my CHL instructor carried a knife he’d whip out and threaten to cut off poorly disciplined trigger fingers with :), no one cleared their firearms before holstering, five shooters and three different stances (no uniform training)

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