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“Former Arizona Congresswoman Gabby Giffords and her husband, Mark Kelly, are in Alaska Tuesday on the second stop of a week-long, seven state [“Rights and Responsibilities”] tour across the nation trying to build public support for enhanced background checks for gun purchases,” reports. Enhanced? Don’t they have a pill for that? Not that it works. Or so I’ve heard. Anyway, it’s a bitter pill for The People of the Gun to swallow: a spree killer victim arguing for civilian disarmament while shooting a gun. More than that, did you see the way former space cadet Mark Kelly grabs the firearm after his wife shoots it. What’s up with that?

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  1. Can we just start calling Mark the chode kelly her “Sidekick” instead of husband?
    One of the very few times I watch a video hoping for a ND haha

  2. Am I the only one who appreciates the irony in people who want to take guns away from individuals who are mentally “unfit” putting one in the hands of one who suffers from severe brain damage?

      • They had to find a new “Professional Victim”… James Brady is getting a little old, and young people today don’t know who HE was

      • She’s his meal ticket. The astronaut adulation is fading (no calls for paid TV interviews), and his retirement check isn’t nearly big enough for his desired jet-set lifestyle. I just hope Gabby survives a while longer…

      • I don’t buy a word of it. She wasn’t even shot. It’s all fake. It’s play-acting and all the world is a stage. Be fooled if you want but realize that it is your choice to remain a fool.

        • You’re delusional. Even if I was to try to give credence to your silly theory, I refuse to believe there’s anyone in this country, especially a well-respected congresswoman, who is willing to live out the rest of their days as severely mentally handicapped in pursuit of the gun control agenda.

    • That’s how a lot of us were trained a couple decades ago. You can shoot very well using that technique. I don’t understand the derision.

        • Actually, tea-cupping provides no more support than shooting one handed, it’s a Hollywood style that many still try to emulate. Think about it: the modern two-handed technique provides added support and stability for recoil control with a firm grip by the non-firing hand. With tea-cupping, you are merely giving the illusion of control by just RESTING the firing hand on the non-firing hand. No more control than shooting one handed.

        • Your values seem to focus on the need to control the gun, like in a fight situation. If you are a slow precise target shooter, that is not much of a benefit

        • Robert was not talking about the manner in which Mr. Kelly shot the pistol. He was referring to the way that he immediately grabbed and controlled the weapon as soon as Ms. Giffords finished her single shot.

          He obviously is not at all confident in her ability to control the weapon. I think that it is clear that she should not be firing the weapon unassisted in the first place. What a moronic publicity stunt.

  3. So, by shooting a round each for a staged photo op, they can now claim they are on our side because “they are gun owners and enthusiasts too”? These people can F the hell off.

  4. I like how after he grabs it from her he makes sure to place the weapon pointing downrange. Or not.

    • You’re full of shit. At a public range, the only safe way to rest a pistol is pointing DOWN, and I have yet to see a range that has a way to do that,

      Pointing the weapon downrange ensures (since no one is supposed to be downrange without permission from the rangemaster anyway) that risk is minimized; they are supposed to be in safe condition when put down anyway.

      So your preferred method is pointing SIDEWAYS toward other shooters’ enclosures? Perhaps at oneself?

      The point really is – you remember a show called FREEBIE AND THE BEAN? If not, you remember PINKY AND THE BRAIN.


  5. Gee you would think Gabby should be on the deny list, wouldn ‘t you? She is physically, mentally and emotionally disabled. Some of her brain has been removed. Her IQ most likely has been decreased. Maybe her judgement also? When she appears on tv seems she is emotionally “different “. Her physical ability to SAFELY handle a firearm is in question. Sounds like an Adam Lanza situation to me.

    So how come her name hasn ‘t been passed to FBI for inclusion on that deny list?

    • You have to be declared mentally unfit. Once a board of review declares her unfit, she gives up her power of agency, or she goes to a mental institution, she becomes mentally unfit to posses or buy a gun. Depending on the state however.

      • Depending on the state indeed. Do so much as talk to a mental health expert in California and they will try to take your guns.

    • I thought having part of your brain removed was a requisite to get a job in Congress?

  6. Her husband obviously has no shame. To use someone with physical and mental handicaps to promote a political agenda is obscene. To use your own wife? Words escape me.

  7. Look! Look at us! We are gun shooting second amendment supporters that believe in “common sense” gun control! You should too! That’s the ticket!

  8. It looked like he was afraid that she might shoot herself. What a weak attempt at a photo-op. At least when other politicians go out “shooting” they at least finish off the magazine.

    • He did appear fearful about what she was doing with that gun. The video makes me kinda sad. I fear she is being used in some manner.

      • She is definitely being used. She is being used as a puppet by her own husband so he can further his own goals. She does nothing but parrot back what he says to her. It is really sad.

  9. So, new speak has moved from the honest “gun registration” to “universal background checks,” and that having failed now to “enhanced background checks.”

    Mind you, they could just work out a way to open NICS to non-FFLs and have “enhanced” checks tomorrow.

    • I agree, you don’t know when she’ll snap and go all Adam Lanza on those around her.

    • Unfortunately, the ‘event’ pictured was at the Clark County Shooting Complex. A shooting range that is run by the county government in Clark County, NV (see Las Vegas).

      I am sure our overwhelmingly liberal county commission was just overjoyed to be hosting these clowns.

      • So, if we did enact “Universal Background Checks” the Gabster and Asstronaut are pushing for, wouldn’t her mental state put her under the “deny” category? And wouldn’t the man who supplied the mentally impaired (being kind here) person with the firearm be an “illegal gun trafficker” under the law? Oh, that’s right…he already was guilty of straw purchases.

        Great example video of how that would work! Convicted on two counts (at least) the evidence furnished. One more child saved. /sarc

        Things that make ya go “Hmmm?”…

  10. I see what’s wrong with the picture. Kelly needs to take about three steps forward and one step to his left.

  11. FYI – that’s a Ruger SR22 they’re shooting so limited recoil. And it looks like they’re using subsonic ammo because it appears there was a FTF on the last shot. She probably doesn’t have the physical ability to handle anything with more power. Still doesn’t excuse his teacup grip though.

  12. Can someone explain to me why they need to go on tour to drum up public support if 90% of Americans already support enhanced background checks?

    • $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

      Get it?

    • Because they know 90% of American’s won’t support ANYTHING, let alone “enhanced background checks”. It’s a convenient lie that liberals and the MSM (is that redundant?) won’t stop pushing no matter how many times it’s shown to be false.

      • Also because there is a dearth between the amorphous and innocuous poll question “do you support enhanced background checks” and the hard detail of what any such legislation would actually look like.

        90% of Americans would probably support “free ponies” until they saw the plan for making it happen.

      • Agreed. 90% of Americans wouldn’t agree that the sky is blue and that rain is wet.

        (For those that got the email and rushed over to correct me, I saw it as I clicked. 😀 )

  13. Was that a Ruger SR22 or Walther P22?

    Sorry already answered. it came in while typing my question.

  14. still waiting to hear how Giffords and Kelly support the 2a and are are opposed to the NY, MD, CA, etc gun laws.


    P.S. I understand the derision, but frankly if I see someone with a severe head or spinal injury making an effort to do anything other than sit in a wheelchair, i am supportive. Or someone with no legs running in the Olympics. Seems to me we have come a long way if instead of saying to someone with a severe head injury “You can’t do that” we are saying “no you should be doing it this way like other people.”

    hate her politics, love the effort.

    • This, very much agree… if my wife had suffered such a debilitating injury, I would also be helping her “get back” whatever self-sufficiency she could & have to applaud her efforts to fight back through her obvious disabilities. But, we wouldn’t be doing it for cameras or political gain.

  15. I’ve never been to a public range that was that empty. Did they clear all the other shooters out for safety reasons or did the other shooters not want to be near that stinking pile of rat sh-t mark kelly?

    • If it’s from this week, it may be empty due to the heat wave we’re experiencing out here. Not sure how many people would be at a range, during a workday, in 110+ degree weather.

  16. From GG’s website: ” And we know that 80 percent of criminals who used a gun to commit their crimes reported getting their guns with no background checks.”

    They’re right. I’ve never seen anyone who’s purchased a stolen gun with a scratched off serial number subject themselves to a background check.

    • 40% stole them, another 40% used a straw purchaser, typically friends and family. The 80% is from the DOJ report a few months back. I have never seen anyone steal a gun, but go through a background check first.

      • Just in case, I leave a blank ATF Form 4473 in my safe. That way, if someone steals my firearms, they can take the form, fill it out, and call it in. 😉

  17. It must be nice to have an income stream that permits you to go all over the country promoting your gun grabber agenda. As a “working stiff” I have to do any promoting of my views either on my Vacation or my days off. I am getting tired of these people, Bloomberg’s group included, running all over trying to get support for an issue that most of American’s are done hearing about. If they would go for actions like enforcing the current laws they might get more support but their gun grabbing agenda just won’t fly.

  18. Honestly, this whole “I’m an enthusiast! I have gunzezz too! I bought an AR15! Look at me shoot!” thing comes off about as authentic as some racist politician having dinner at a rib joint so he can prove he’s “down wif duh peeplz”.

  19. See??? They are “people of the gun” just like us! They’re just more “reasonable” than we are when it comes to “common sense” legislation.

    Here’s what I see: Two people who are NOT familiar with gun handling.

  20. He grabs it away because he knows the truth of her neurological status and does not trust her to handle the gun safely.

    I feel for her and for him. But I will take every chance to expose their grotesque muppet show.

    The woman is seriously brain damaged. She has clear paralysis from brain damage. She can’t speak right. She likely does not understand all that is said to her. She probably has significant cognitive impairments.
    If he really loves her, he should stop using her as a prop.

  21. Question.
    What is Barak Obama’s favorite vegetable?
    Gabby Giffords.

    • Written on a bathroom wall…

      “If you voted for Obama you cant sh*t here because your assho*e is in Washington.”

      Responders can insert an appropriate name for Obama.

  22. Mark most likely knows that Gabby shouldn’t have a gun in her hand any longer than necessary to take the picture. I really liked Gabby when she was my congresscritter, prior to the shooting. She was truly pro-2a. Obviously the current iteration of Gabby has little in common with the original. It’s not her fault, not at all, but Mark the Chode Kelly is definitely riding this too the end with the hope of some big payout I’m sure.

  23. That was here in Las Vegas I recognize the range.
    She fires the weapon ONCE. Im not impressed. That doesnt make her opinion more credible, it doesnt make her one of the people of the gun, and it doesnt make her likable. He takes the gun from her in a hurry because they are both afraid she will drop it, ruin the photo op, and make a fool of herself. Someone should tell them that its too late. She is a spy and a saboteur, trying hard to look like she only wants to get rid of the bad guns, and only wants to keep the bad people from having them. All the while knowing full well that those limits are impossible, and that the intent is to disarm the general population because any one of us might snap at any moment, and become one of the bad people. They dont trust themselves with a firearm, and their ego wont let them think that we are any better than they are. DISGUSTING!

    • Sadly, I fear that she knows little within her now-limited world view. This makes me so sad, and angry at her promoter/husband.

  24. I know most of us here are not fans of this disingenuous dynamic duo,
    but the spaceman did what any firearms instructor would have done,
    stepped in and prevented someone else’s small mistake from becoming
    a larger more fatal mistake. I’ve made that very same move with friends
    who were newbies to the shooting range and firearms safety protocols.
    He done good. However….

    The froze stupid, deer in the headlights look, when the 2nd shot didn’t
    happen was….interesting. “It didn’t go bang…how come? Oh well.”
    Spaceman of the gun, huh? Yikes!

  25. Only a matter of time before we find out who he’s bangin’ on the side. It sure ain’t her. She’s only his meal ticket.

  26. We need to start getting all gun-related media to call the “universal background checks” what they really are – banning private sales. By letting them put a friendly name to it, it makes people much more willing to support it.

  27. I haven’t read the comments yet, so I’m going to go back and do that, but I wanted to say this first. My apologies if it’s already been covered.

    I’m curious how much setup went on before that tape started. I’m not normally a rude person, but all I could think of after watching that video was “trained monkey.” I’m sorry if that offends anyone, but that’s what it looked like to me. I’m certain that someone picked up the gun (she didn’t pick it up herself), placed it in her hand, curled her fingers around it, oriented her toward the target, and then stepped back. I may be wrong about one of those, but I’m certain I’m not wrong about all of them.

    As far as RF’s question, “did you see the way former space cadet Mark Kelly grabs the firearm after his wife shoots it. What’s up with that?” my answer is this: FINGER ON THE TRIGGER!

    You guys know I’m not a safety sally. I agree that it’s necessary and has its place, but I’m also not afraid to point out when I think someone is over the top about it. This is not one of those times. Her finger was on the trigger the entire video. Kelly took the gun away from her because it was a dangerous situation. You have a person who does not have fine motor control holding a dangerous weapon, and her finger is on the trigger from the moment the video starts literally until the moment the gun is wrenched out of her hand by her husband. How embarrassing would it have been if she’d had an inadvertent discharge?

  28. The reason he rushed forward to grab control of the gun is simple. Her second shot would have probably been to his head. Can you imagine the hell she’s living through being his meat puppet? He trots her out and props her up so he can bask in the limelight and use her to line his pockets.She was a member of congress and now she’s as much his victim as she was the shooters. Sad.

  29. I don’t think she is a child mentally or anything. Her intelligence could be plenty intact, but her motor abilities severely impaired. So for example she might understand what you are saying, but have a hard time forming words to say a response. Or clapping her hands, or holding a gun.

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