NRA gun safety fail
Courtesy NRA
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nra safety fail
Courtesy NRA

And why didn’t the safety mavens at the National Rifle Association catch it?



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  1. No ear plugs but the simple picture without context doesn’t even make it clear if the gun is going to be fired.

    • and I nearly forgot to mention that the kid isn’t wearing safety glasses assuming the guns going to be fired.

      • Also the picture doesn’t show Who’s ass the muzzle is shoved into.
        Know Your Target!!!
        And Pedophiles don’t make good Huntin’ teachers niether.

        • I would think it’s more of a dad making sure his kid doesn’t end up on his ass after touching off that shotgun. The hearing damage would be bad enough.
          Funny how your mind went straight to that though.

    • Looks like training to me. Neither dad or son is in position to take the shot.
      Pretty obvious, but, there are those that find mindless fault with everything that is not their own. I guess that is why we have to go out of our way for clarity for the lower 10%.

      • I always start my classroom instruction making sure each student has their eyes and ears on and then yell to make sure everyone can hear. Then after I reach the correct decibel level I have each student yell back at me so they can also reach their correct decibel level.
        I’ve only had a few accidents. Some blood, but, no deaths as yet.

  2. no eye or ear protection for starters.

    And that’s no way to hold a 12 gauge for the recoil that comes next

    • Makes me think the gun is not going to be fired, thereby negating the complaint about plugs and eye protection. If the boy fired it like that, he would be unlikely to ever wish to fire it again.

        • Yeah… I know I put on my full eye and ear pro when I go do routine maintenance in my armory… Especially the ear pro. Never know when that brush is going to jump up and jab you in the ear.

        • So let me get this straight if you go to a gun store or FFL dealer you have earplugs %/or earmuffs and SAFETY GLASSES on? (good luck with getting in) Likewise if you OPEN your gun safe you also have earplugs %/or earmuffs and SAFETY GLASSES on? I really hate all encompassing statements by TACTARDS! This photo can be many things BUT it clearly is NOT a range photo nor is it a hunting photo, it is what it is a photo shoot!

          • Didja even look at the picture? Outdoors, in camo attire, looking to shoot… If this is supposed to be “training” a kid, there are so many fails! Don’t point a gun at anything you are not willing to destroy! Plus all the personal safety and gun operation fails. This looks like the “photo taken right before a tragedy”. NRA. 100%. FAIL!!

        • Are you people on drugs? Should you be? Don’t you have anything better to complain about?

        • If your gun store is in the woods and you shoulder guns with an 8 year old you might want to wear protection when you shop for guns.

      • Aside from no vision and hearing protection, it appears that the young man is going to have a very sore shoulder because the butt of the gun is on his shoulder and his(young shooter) shoulder is against the adult man standing behind……no place for recoil to dispense other than in the shooter’s shoulder.

        • Also, he’s already leaning backwards, which is a prescription for him winding up on his ass if he wasn’t being held up. I guess that’s what you get when you hire training execs whose priority is moving classes online instead of using a quality trainer.

      • that would be, of course, after his fractured shoulder healed. Until then, he would be miserable

      • Perhaps, but in a poster about gun safety, where a kid is holding a shotgun, certainly looking like he might fire it at any time, it would have made sense to throws some eyes and ears on the both of them. Otherwise where exactly is the safety message.
        This kid is about to not enjoy shooting guns as soon as he pulls that trigger.

  3. Fire Wayne LaPierre!!!
    It’s constant missteps like this that make NRA is almost worthless.

    OMG, please don’t give them a nickel!!
    I didn’t even buy the cool coyote color Sig P365 special edition because it was the “NRA Edition”

    Safety?? No Eyes and No Ears??
    Ad was probably created by a Madison Avenue firm where no one knows guns. And NRA approved the ad?? Idiots!! Fire them All!!

      • The Firearms Policy Coalition has been killing it in the courtrooms. The wins have been their suits, and the NRA is nowhere to be found. I’d say that’s more effective from a gun rights POV. Training-wise, their still the big dog in basic education/certification, but there are tons of excellent advanced school and instructors.

  4. They are clearly violating lock down order, not maintaining the appropriate 6’ ‘social distancing’ order, and are holding a death machine, and they are white.

  5. You all are assuming that’s not a BB, or pellet gun! But the worst part is that the NRA is involved in anything.

  6. That’s a white dad & son with no truck or black guy in the photo,…CUT,,,
    Take – 2,,,

  7. The obvious:
    1. Neither are wearing ear protection.
    2. The kid is not wearing eye protection.
    The not so obvious:
    The kid is leaning backwards! An 80lb, kid with a 12ga. that is way too big for him. The next step, “OK, now you try it…” is not going to end well. The old man should be prepared to dig some mud out of his barrel.
    Yes, I’ve seen it happen.
    This was an ad on Facebook… promptly removed as soon as somebody pointed out they have their head up their ass.

    • It’s been done before. When I was around 9 my uncle and I were walking through the woods behind his property when we came across an old freezer . Hap said want to shoot it with the shotgun? So he loads a shell and hands this big ass gun to me and shows me how to hold it. I aim as well as I could and squeezed the trigger. Asshole had ringed the 12 gauge shell and there was no way I could hang onto it. He is laughing like crazy until he notices the blood running down the side of my face. I ended up with a huge bruise on my shoulder and a a bunch of stitches from where it sliced my cheek and bragging points at school. He stayed away from my dad for a few years.

  8. Would someone – ANYONE – please identify exactly when & where this photo was published by the NRA?

    I’m certainly no supporter of the NRA, and I don’t for one minute think that they couldn’t have made the obvious mistakes in that stock photo — BUT it is a stock photo, belonging to a commercial service taken by an independent professional photographer.

    I also note that the text added to the stock photo does not match any actual NRA photos that I have seen or found.

  9. All of the above comments…Plus the dad is looking at the camera for his Kodak moment instead of focusing on the young man holding the gun, giving guidance and ensuring the safe handling of the firearm. If dad wasn’t so concerned with his smile and getting a good pic taken of himself, he would notice that he was about to get smacked in the gut with a 12ga recoil, that the firearm is too big for the young man leading to improper stance, grip, etc…everything is wrong in this picture. But my main dislike is dad isn’t focusing on the young man…dad must be a narcissist (i.e. do I look good, are you getting a good pic of ME)?

  10. This is what happens when you let people with no idea of how firearms work develop a concept for an ad. So many problems!
    The much bigger problem is why did the NRA approve the ad (or even the concept). I am beginning to think the inmates are running the asylum!

  11. actually, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the picture.
    the man is simply showing the boy how to hold the gun, aline the sights,
    assume a correct body position, and practice trigger control.
    there is zero evidence the shotgun is loaded.
    that is why the word ” train ” is used.

  12. The first gun I ever fired, besides a BB gun, was a 12ga. I was all of 9 or 10 years old and I didn’t weigh much.
    No ear or eye protection.
    Scared the crap out of me. However, it taught me a healthy respect for weapons for the rest of my life which was the whole point. I believe it did more good than harm.

  13. I’m not sure there is much about this photo at issue. I can’t even see the muzzle much less what it’s pointed at. Not sure if actually has any live ammo in it or even if they are actually outdoors.

    This is Hollywood fakery to me.

    I think that for the intended focus though, a better picture should have been used.

  14. Since I’ve been an Endowment Level member, a long time before the NRA’s current travails, when the current troubles started up, the NRA gets no further donations from me. FPC, GOA, NAGR and others get my donations. With all of them though, the more you give, the more they want. I do get a little tired of the constant hands out we’re subjected too, sometimes on a daily basis.
    I doubt whether Wayne LaPierre was a part of the decision to run the ad. Some marketing flunky most likely made that decision.

  15. Nothing…How I grew up. I can hear. I can see. Just like millions of people have done since the dawn of the firearms age. Use eyes and ears at the range because it’s the rule and you don’t want to set off the Fudd’s. Don’t use either when hunting. Never have never will.

  16. I fired a shotgun when I was the kid’s age. No eye/ear protection(of course-it was the 60’s). But it was a 410. Working in a factory and going to rock concerts was quite a bit worse…

  17. It’s a staged image, not an actual photo of a real life shooting and as such was not made for educational or instructional purposes. So in actuality, there’s nothing wrong with the image. If this is like the kids magazine Highlights® where we are supposed to find the hidden scissors in the image, I’m not playing.

    • Of course it’s a staged photo. The problem is, when you’re trying to convey a message about safety training the younger generation using a pic with OBVIOUS safety problems kinda negates your whole message and makes you look foolish.

    • You’re right Mr. Enuf. It’s a stock photo for sale not taken or owned by NRA. It’s also available at, another stock photo site. Anyone can buy rights to post it, and modify as they like….hope you guys remembered to do so.

  18. Oh, the error of not vetting stock photos before allowing your clueless ad agency to represent you.
    This one, for an organization that strives to reinforce gun safety, screams “Whatever you do, don’t do it this way.”

    Right up there with “Hold my beer.”

  19. The kid is called “a Safe Gun Owner of TOMORROW”.

    No different than today under Jay Inslee’s tutelage having Educators teach First Grader’s how one day they will use condoms; or Kindergartners sitting at the feet of Drag Queens without underwear to hear love stories; or the school Nurse teaching about anal sex, abortion, same sex marriage, and gender choice now, and when they get bigger.

    • Here’s a few things that has nothing to do with being a FUDD or not.

      Expecting quality output from people you give your hard earned money to.

      Not publicly sh1tting the bed after you’ve been caught buying 4K$ suits.

      • Well, I am sorry that you are both expecting anything from and still giving your money to the NRA.

  20. First of all, Safety Glasses are not required I spent a Year in Combat and never used them! As Far as hearing protection, I had to use Cigarette Filters because the Army never provided them! As Far as Teaching the Kid? The only thing that is going to happen, IS that the boy is going to break his shoulder!

    • “I had to use Cigarette Filters”

      Hahahah! I used Marlboro or Winston filters when I was a kid (if I used anything at all). Some of the older guys used expended cases. And eye protection? Never.

    • …it’s also not safe to have people shooting at you. I don’t think your combat experience translates to proper safety procedure elsewhere where it’s entirely possible to use hearing and eye protection.

  21. Yup. Those are Shutterstock models.

    I shot at a few clay pigeons with my dad’s 12 gage when I was 14 or 15. I hit one or two, but never wanted to repeat that experience.

    In addition to the other good points, I think the kid’s trigger hand and arm is all wrong. I think I can see the kid’s trigger finger on the trigger, but where is the thumb wrapped over the top of the stock? And we can see dad cupping the kid’s trigger arm elbow way down low. I don’t think it is a pistol grip shotgun.

  22. As a guy who has run a few photo shoots as part of my day job, the NRA should really be doing better. From the poor body position of the kid to the lack of ear and eye pro to the shady look that adult is giving the camera to the plastic appearance of the child’s face…..

    I’d be happy to help with art direction for less than the price of one of Lapierre’s suits.

  23. I know the angle puts the photographer far to the side BUT it also puts the photographer on the wrong side of the muzzle.

  24. What’s wrong with the picture? Well it’s a normal looking Dad with a normal looking Son. We can’t be having that go on in today’s society! Can’t believe a story like that would be published here. I’m thinking this site is ran by liberals.

  25. Whatever. That’s exactly how my first gun shot went. “Its loud and it hurts. Now stay out of my shit, boy.”

  26. My father was an avid trapshooter so I naturally started when I was 7-8. This was mid 1960’s. No one wore glasses back then and only a few people wore earplugs. Never shot my eye out and not aware of anyone who did. But now that I have hearing aides I do wish I had been aware of earplugs. This shotgun looks like a semi-auto so the recoil shouldn’t be bad. My first shooting was with my dad’s Wingmaster. This kid looks like a really lucky kid cause more and more fathers are not doing this with their kids anymore.

  27. Do any of you hunt ? When i have a boss gobbler hooked on. My calls , i certainly dont stop And take a chance of him breakin off So i can stuf plugs in my ears and thrown on a pair of safety glasses , and i doubt many do ?

  28. Unless there is some sort of pistol grip that I can’t see, the kid is only holding onto the trigger guard…..for starters.


  30. Ad was probably dreamed up by Wayne’s friends who pay for his hottie secretary’s apartment.

    Save The NRA: FIRE WAYNE

  31. Is it missing a comma after the word today and a period after the word tomorrow??????? I’m not good with grammar.

  32. Perhaps the gun isn’t even loaded and the dad is trying to show his son (who is holding a gun for the first time) how to aim.

  33. There is nothing wrong with this picture at all.

    They are posing for a photo. They are not shooting anything.

  34. For fu@k sake. Let’s scrutinize every photo with a firearm and critique it as if it were an actual shooting event. Yeah let’s do that so we can impress strangers with our combat acquired tactical knowledge and experience. As a successful participant in countless, yes I havent counted them, shooting events that led to the subsequent death of many, yep that’s right, I will offer up myself to offer the final judgement on all comments and criticisms. You are welcome.

  35. That’s Yamhill County Oregon Judge Ladd Wiles “instructing” his alleged son on “gun safety” after his wife, Amanda Marshall, got herself arrested for stalking her boyfriend at the US Attorney’s office. As Amanda wrote in a guest editorial in the Oregonian, Judge Wiles is a “responsible” gun owner who believes in “reasonable” gun regulations. Since it was revealed that Amanda committed perjury by invoking the Clintonion excuse that her relationship with a subordinate wasn’t really adultery because she was merely performing oral sex on him, Judge Wiles is now somewhat skeptical about the paternity of the three sons that his wife gave birth to during their marriage. Ladd is about to have the boy adjust his shooting stance so that the butt of the stock is lodged securely in his groin before firing.




  37. Only thing I see wrong is the kid’s trying to aim a shotgun. Everyone knows you point one. 😛

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