Kurt Bardella (courtesy sandiegouniontribune.com)
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“The next time a mass shooting happens and Republicans try to silence the voices of sanity calling for gun-law reform, keep in mind that in today’s America, you are more likely to be murdered by someone who looks like you than by someone who doesn’t.” Kurt Bardella, By Trump logic, Republicans are ‘complicit’ in all murders committed with guns [via usatoday.com]

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  1. “What’s Wrong with Blaming Democrats for Illegal Immigrant Murderers”

    Not a damn thing.

    The truth can be *very* uncomfortable…

    • Without double standards, the leftists have none.

      Their screeching is growing more shrill. It will probably grow even more shrill in coming weeks.

      #ReleaseTheMemo #Obamagate

  2. The people most likely to murder me do not look like me but we can’t admit that because muh raycizim.

    • Actually the are likely to look like you. According to FBI data, almost all murders are intraracial. But the good news is you probably aren’t going be murdered by anybody even if you were a gun grabbing Ptogressive.

      • Yes, well, unless you’re *literally* a gun grabbing progressive. Trying to go door to door to snatch up people’s guns. That’ll get you shot fairly quick I imagine.

  3. Even if [for a second] we all stipulated to the arguments as-given. (D)heads on the left want to roll the dice, with open borders, to countries purposefully exporting criminals. (R) on the right know that it’s a scant few with guns that are the problem, with guns, and that’s a problem 9 times out of 10 solved by guns.


  4. Wait a minute! He’s acknowledging black on black violence is more likely than white on black?

    *Mind blown*

    • Exactly.
      ” …keep in mind that in today’s America, you are more likely to be murdered by someone who looks like you than by someone who doesn’t.”
      That means more whites kill whites than blacks kill whites.
      And that blacks kill more blacks than whites kill blacks.
      What he does fail to mention is that blacks kill blacks at a far higher rate than whites kill whites.
      Oh, wait, is that racist? Or just the truth?

  5. So the Komifornia resident, who switched from Republican to Democrat (because of Trump), who has had an anti-gun hard–on since Columbine, says it not the Dem’s fault?

    Because you are so superior to the rest of the nation, sure thing pal…

    Tell me more the believe.

  6. I guess he didn’t follow the San Francisco case where a undocumented latino stole a gun from park services and shot a young white girl. He had been deported multiple times.

    • The actual facts are that he discharged the gun (for reasons never established) and that the bullet ricocheted off the sidewalk before striking the victim ( fact unrefuted by the prosecution), disestablishing the criminal intent necessary for a murder conviction. The SF prosecutor went all out and did not include a negligent homicide count; had he done so, the verdict likely would have been different. And by the way, the shooter was deported multiple times not because of any violent crimes, as I recall, but because he was a drunk, a habitual drug offender, a homeless person, and an illegal alien.

      • The actual facts and the judicially established facts are probably not the same thing most of the time.

  7. Hmm, let’s see here. Someone in this country, here illegally, has already committed a crime and the Democrats seem to want to avoid prosecuting that crime and invite others to do the same.

    Republicans (at least many of them) support the right of the law abiding citizens to keep and bear arms (often to defend themselves against criminals) and, in large measure, advocate for throwing the book at those who commit crimes – with a gun or not.

    So, one party enables criminals and the other advocates for arming oneself against them and punishing them.

    Nope, not following his logic.

    • Not precisely. Illegals only get into the state system because of the commission of some offense. Under the new California sanctuary law, California police authorities are not to question suspects regarding their immigration status (which is not in their jurisdictional wheelhouse any way–illegal entry is a federal crime, not a state crime), and will not cooperate with federal authorities regarding prisoners to the extent that the crime alleged or the conviction is a misdemeanor. However, California, and presumably other states, will report detainees who are convicted of felonies to ICE for deportation proceedings. There is an article detailing this in my paper today, and since Sessions is threatening to subpoena lots of people to enforce cooperation, I suspect it may make the national press. California AG Becerra says that California will cooperate and has cooperated with the feds to the extent permitted by the sanctuary law.

      I am not justifying this, mind you, only reporting it. My county has declared that it is NOT a sanctuary county, and will cooperate with the feds to the extent permitted by California law.

      • Limiting cooperation with the feds by statute may very well be obstruction of justice. I haven’t read either the sanctuary statute or the federal obstruction of justice statute.

  8. “keep in mind that in today’s America, you are more likely to be murdered by someone who looks like you than by someone who doesn’t.”
    stupid comment.
    demoncraps come in all colors.

  9. Bardella ought to be careful before he goes down the what “murderers look like” road. It doesn’t lead to where Democrats want to go.

  10. How about we just hold the person who actually committed the crime responsible and not blame entire groups of people for the actions of a few?… I used to think Republicans were different than Democrats, that they weren’t mindless followers of a team and Trump has proven me wrong.

    • Yes, there is a whole group to blame and it’s called democrats. They encourage people to break immigration laws and some of those people also commit other crimes. Holding a particular person accountable does not preclude holding accountable those who invite them.

    • Yeah… The Nazis clearly did nothing wrong, it was just a bunch of bad apple individuals, not the party as a whole…

      That’s basically your logic. Good job.

  11. “… in today’s America, you are more likely to be murdered by someone who looks like you than by someone who doesn’t.” — Kurt Bardella

    That is irrelevant. (It is a perfect example of a “straw man” argument.)

    The relevant facts are:
    (1) Evil, nasty, violent people attack victims.
    (2) Police are NEVER on-hand to immediately respond to such attacks.
    (3) Every person has a right to defend themselves.
    (4) Self-defense requires an EFFECTIVE method.
    (5) Laws which prohibit EFFECTIVE self-defense are therefore obscene and wrong.

    Dancing around around those FACTS does not change those FACTS.

  12. “What’s Wrong with Blaming Democrats for Illegal Immigrant Murderers”

    Cuz many Republicans are guilty too. Some want cheap labor. Some want the votes. Remember it was a republican president who waved the amnesty wand back in 1986 and a Republican senator who introduced it.

    • Which is instructive.
      Why a Republican, if the Democrats are so sensitive to the plight of illegal immigrants?
      The answer is simple: the Democrats aren’t sensitive to the plight of anyone, unless they see a way to translate it into votes. And the less you actually help, the more the problem persists, and that translates into more votes when you cry more crocodile tears over the problem.

      • It had a lot more to do with the fact that the American agricultural industry, much of which is corporate owned by Republicans, is highly dependent on migrant workers to plant, tend, and harvest crops all across the south and in California. When there was a crackdown in the south–especially Alabama and Georgia as I recall, not only did the illegals flee to avoid arrest, but the legals did as well, and crops were left to rot in the fields. The damages were in the tens of millions of dollars. Exacerbating the issue is that the issuance of migrant visas by the Mexican government is not just slow but totally corrupt, making it very difficult if not impossible for migrant farm workers to obtain the necessary paperwork to enter legally.

        Based on my experience in California, the migrant farm workers come here between March and November, returning to Mexico for the winter. Without them, California agriculture, which is the largest producing state in the nation, cannot function. Non-Hispanic workers are typically uninterested or disinterested in the work because it is low paying and brutally back breaking labor. Work is ten hours a day, six days a week.

        • Solution : Legal ‘Guest Worker’ status.

          ID’ed, taxed, and tracked.

          (ID with retinal scans…)

        • Maybe we should get rid of the minimum wage while we’re getting rid of immigration laws. It’s more honest than just ignoring them.

  13. Democrats and socialists should be held accountable for continuing to push their hoplophobic legislation and “gun-free” zones that continue to harm law abiding citizens and provide killing grounds for crazies.

    Every mass shooting post Sandy Hook that has Run, Hide, Stay as a safety policy is simply irresponsible and breeds the democratic “victim” mentality that costs lives. What about Assess, Act, Overcome? Every critical situation demands action based on facts. Not sitting still and hoping for the best. Hope is not a strategy.

    I feel bad for any kid that has to learn that garbage. Instead of everyone gets a medal, it’s everyone has a chance to be a victim or dead.

    • No shit, I don’t care if I do it with a gun, knife, random object like a fire extinguisher or my bare hands if someone wants my life, they’re going to have to do that shit the hard way.

  14. Lol this idiot. He got push out of Breitbart so he turned into a leftists to try and salvage his “career”.

  15. IIRC, this guy was a big deal staffer for a couple of prominent Republicans before he got too big for his britches and ended up getting the boot in disgrace. Could be some “payback” going on here in his rant. If I’m thinking of the right guy.

  16. Well, firearms are legal, and always have been.

    Illegal immigration, is, by name, illegal. It’s been illegal for a long time.

    So no, you can’t blame Republicans for mass shootings unless they’re allowing guns to be owned against the law (but that’s more of a Holder-Obama thing anyway), which they are not. Democrats are allowing people to stay despite being in violation of the law, and a significant portion of them are not exactly obeying the other laws they ought to be abiding by.

  17. Nothing. Democrats are the enemy within. They have been undermining human civilization for their own ends for several decades. Every single leader in the DNC needs to be arrested and charged with treason and sedition. If you support DACA, you are providing aid and comfort to illegal invaders who are enemies of the United States. That is, by definition, treason.

  18. that statement makes no sense unless you are a racist like him. he is OBVIOUSLY insinuating that ALL mass shooters and victims are white. what else could he mean by “looks like you”? this guy is a total dipshit and not worth the time you have given him.

  19. Given that most murders are intraracial, it seems like these interracial ones are k8nd of augmenting exceptions … maybe worth looking at.

    BTW, plenty of immigrants look more or less like me. More than looks, killing people seems to cluster with other ilegal activity – like illegal entry n prior convictions – and being part of trans-national organized crime. Any problem with paying attention to that?

  20. Let’s see here–

    You pass a lot of laws for “gun safety”.
    People feel safer.
    All the experts agree that there aren’t any laws that have been passed that will increase “gun safety”.
    People still feel safer, because they don’t hear the above, and since they feel safer, they make no provisions for their own security.

    So, yeah — every politician who votes for a gun law that accomplishes nothing in reality, is guilty of the deaths of those killed.

  21. Gun law reform? The gun laws that are already on the books are ineffective?
    Or is this more like bail reform, where every criminal should be released without bail; the end game is the skyrocketing violent crime and criminal recidivism. I’m confused on their thinking.

  22. I have my best chance while driving through the NYC getto’s from a car jack or drug dealers gun battle. Noooo not by my white neighbor’s that have a job and family to support. that’s reality POG

  23. Finally. Finally. One of these gun-grabbers admits the racism in their thinking. The article underscores how the anti-gunners think about the people in this country. The anti-gun crowd believes they are safe because they don’t go into places where the majority of people do not look like them. Then they admit that their deepest fear is to be attacked by a “normal” (looks like them) person who just went on a deranged shooting spree without warning. They do not fear gangs. They do not fear criminals. They fear white people who are crazy enough to have a gun, and to use that gun to kill the anti-gunners in a mental meltdown.

    Upshot: the anti-gunners believe, really believe that all the bad guys who do not look like the white, “normal looking” anti-gunners will not venture into the safe places the anti-gunners go to be among people who “look like them”. I.E. the minorities will stay in the enclaves erected for them, leaving the “good people” to live their lives in safety…except for that psycho who looks like the anti-gunners.

    The rampant, ineradicable racism of the left is staggering.

  24. “Solution : Legal ‘Guest Worker’ status.”

    Name a country where the “guest workers” left after their terms ran out.
    I’ll wait.
    IOW, “guest workers” become illegal aliens when their work visas expire. Then, they demand to be treated as citizens.
    See France as a good example.
    See California as a great example.

  25. One simple response. Illegal immigrants have moral agency. Firearms don’t. Therefore, comparing the two in an analogy is fallacious, since it assumes that either both immigrants and firearms are immoral, or that both firearms and immigrants have no moral agency and therefore bad things “just happen” in either of their presence.

  26. Yes I could not agree more and hear is why,

    1ST. Republican Criminal Gangster Businessmen lure illegal immigrants here to be used as slave labor and have been doing it for well over 85 years and laughing all the way to the bank about it. They then pay off their Prostitutes the Republican Congressmen so no immigration reform will be passed because they the greed mongers would have to pay at least minimum wage and some benefits.

    2ND. Republicans who are also prostitutes of the NRA have even opposed safe storage laws and the vetting of all gun purchases absolutely guaranteeing that psycho students can simply take their Dad’s guns and the go to school with them and slaughter their own fellow students. Criminals can break into many gun stores and take all the guns they want because even guns stores are not required to have safe storage or security alarms systems. Its as if the United States is being run by a bunch of lunatics, Morons and Prostitutes of the NRA.

    Yes the U.S. really got what they deserved with Herr Drumpf, a country gone totally insane with a totally insane President that is not competent enough to even lead a boy scout troop or maybe I should have said cub scout troupe instead.

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