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Showing us all a little 10mm love, Les Baer has released their Premier II 5″ in the almost magnum automatic.

Les Baer 10mm feed ramp (photo courtesy of JWT for

The 10mm Premier II features a fully supported chamber at the back of the the 5″ stainless steel barrel and a green fiber optic front sight.

Les Baer 10mm front sight (photo courtesy of JWT for

Les Baer is guaranteeing 3″ accuracy at 50 yards.  I’m looking forward to the review on this one.

MSRP at $2,940


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  1. For $3k the finish looks rather bland. The blue looks cheap, and there is not any feature that stands out above a standard 1911. In fact, the more I look at it, the more that bluing just looks bad.

    • I`ll have to agree. Paying 3 grand for a pistol that looks so second hand….not going to happen. I`m a huge 10mm fan,but paying that much to look so cheap…

  2. must be hard being in the firearms business these days. constantly trying to come up with something that will create a hype and yet they are mostly flops. mostly.

  3. I’d like to see a 10MM version of the Beretta PX4. It would be interesting to see how well the rotating barrel design tames the recoil of the 10.

    • Would the Grand Power P40 in 10mm do it for you? It has a rotating barrel.

      I’ve only heard of them, never shot one so I don’t know what it’s like to shoot.

  4. I’m not even claiming I can shoot this good, but for 3 grand I would expect a lil better than 6 MOA… maybe JWT can tell me why that is unreasonable.

      • Definitely looking forward to that as always, your gun reviews are some of the best on the site. How big are your groups with your most accurate 1911 on a good day?

        • My high bar is the Bill’s Custom Automatics 1911 that shot 3/4″ 5 round groups at 25 yards off a bag with inexpensive ammo.
          That pistol is $6k. Worth every penny.
          Next to that is my Wilson Combat Tactical LE shooting 1″ at 25 yards. 3k
          My stock Colt series 70 shoots 3″ groups at 25 and my stock Colt Combat Elite shoots 2 1/2. Those are both under 1k.

    • When S&W worked with the AMU to create the Model 52 semi-auto pistol for AMU’s pistol team, the standard of performance for the pistol & ammo was to hold a 2″ group or less at 50 yards.

      This took hand-tuning of the pistols on the part of S&W. Any S&W Model 52 that didn’t meet this spec was returned to the ‘smiths in the final part of the line for debugging and correction.

      Generally, getting a semi-auto pistol to hold a group of 2″ or less from a rest is a fair accomplishment. Consider this: The NRA slow-fire bullseye pistol target for 50 yards has a X-ring diameter of 1.695 inches, and a 10-ring diameter of 3.36 inches.

      So take this for what you will: a semi-auto pistol that can throw down a group of 2″ to 2.5″ at 50 yards is pretty darn precise; enough so that if you can do your part, you’re going to win bullseye matches. Guaranteeing 3″ at 50 yards? That’s within the bounds of my BS detector for a 10mm pistol, which isn’t a round used in the competitive shooting world enough to have pet loads developed for group size.

  5. OR you could buy 3 Rock Island Ultra FS HC 10mm, spare mags, and plenty of ammo.

    But you know. You can pay for the name if you like.

  6. My experience with Les Baer has not been good. I bought one of his .308 rifles, which began jamming within a few boxes. Les “fixed” it once. When I got it back, it jammed after the second shot and continues to jam several times a clip. Got ahold of Les, he said he’d look at the records and call me back. Never did, though I left several messages. The rifle is now sitting at an independent gun shop.

  7. I have 2 Les Baer 45 acp 1- 1 1/2″ and 1-3″ group guarantee. I know they are not all fancy just what you need no bells and whistles. I can say one thing they are accurate as accurate as any other brand and then a lot more. I do not know to many manufactures that guarantee it in writing like Les. They use quality parts you can feel it when you hold one. Many of us bullseye shooters use Les Baer its one of the most accurate 1911 you can buy that’s expensive but affordable. I would buy a 10mm from Les Baer with a 3″ guarantee in writing. If the 10mm is anything like the others Les Baer will make you very happy with the performance. If you are looking for a nice finish get it chromed. There is always the other brands.

  8. I got the Premier II 45 6 inch and love how it feels and shoots. The bluing is shaky and the grips feel very good but look avg. It cost $1800, had to sell 3 guns to buy it but I do love it and would recommend it. It shoots outstanding but my 1999 Colt Gold cup shoots just as good with a 5 inch barrel and only cost $600 used………….


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