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America’s Open Carry advocates are hot on “normalization.” In other words, they want Americans to become more comfortable around guns. So that more law-abiding citizens can carry guns without facing ostracism and fear. So that more Americans will arm themselves. So that America can become a safer—yes, safer—society. Imagine a gun control advocate trying to follow that train of thought; they’d never get off the platform. But they have a platform of their own. And in their world, no one except the police and military have guns. So what would that world look like? Britain, of course. (And China.) So here’s what happens when gun-free Brits see a gun, post-Lake District spree killing . . .

A child who dropped a toy gun in a bank sparked a mass evacuation when a customer spotted it and thought it was real.

A tot dropped the realistic looking black toy gun when he popped into the Lloyds TSB in Maldon, Essex, with his mother.

Don’t you love The Daily Mail? “Popped into” as in “popped in for tea.” Pedant that I am, I reckon his Mum popped into the bank with Mr. Short Pants in tow.

‘A lady was sitting on the other chair and a couple of people were queuing up at the counter. One lady said ‘What’s that under the table? I looked down and there was a gun under there. People were shocked.’

Police were scrambled to the high street branch and panic-stricken staff and customers were evacuated while the security guard waited inside.

Note: the gun was on the floor. Nobody was holding it. The Brits have obviously decided that guns kill people, all on their bloody own.

‘Officers attended and established the gun was in fact a toy and they seized it. CCTV footage showed that two young children who had been in the branch earlier had the gun and are thought to have dropped it.’

As opposed to planting it there for a bit of a laff, mate. So, how long before the U.K. bans toy guns? Soon.

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