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Amid all the hype about optics, is anyone still refining and perfecting iron sights? The answer is a resounding yes: Ultradyne USA has re-envisioned traditional iron sights and released a product that’s near revolutionary for AR-15 shooters.

Their C4 Precision Folding Sights are a dual-aperture system, designed similarly to the highly intuitive concentric sighting setup used by Olympic shooters. Rather than a squared-off front sight post, Ultradyne’s is shaped like this:

image via Ultradyne USA

This bulb-like shape, with apertures drilled both front-to-back and side-to-side, so you always have an aperture to look through. Your front sight post doesn’t obstruct your target, which is huge. This design also makes for more fluid, natural target acquisition. Uniquely, the front sight is adjustable not only for elevation but also for windage. When you make any adjustment, the entire unit moves, so the front sight post is always centered. Thoughtful. Another benefit is that, because of the way your brain processes the view through an aperture, your target actually appears sharper and clearer.

Besides the 12 MOA front sight post aperture, 8-, 10- and 14-MOA apertures are also available:

image via Ultradyne USA

The C4 sight can be mounted the standard way on your Picatinny rail, but, as highlighted in the video below, the front sight can also be mounted on the barrel, near the muzzle, using Ultradyne’s Dynamount system. This gives you the longest possible sight radius while ensuring your sight stays on target, independent of your free-floating hand guard. Bizarre? A little, but this system is a pleasure to use. This option is available for .223 and .308 barrels.

The rear peep sight provides 18 MOA of elevation adjustment, between 200 and 600 yards, and 40 MOA of windage adjustment. It ships with two interchangeable options for the aperture: one with 0.070-inch aperture and another with a 0.050-inch aperture. Conveniently, adjustments don’t require any tools and are easily done on the fly while you’re shooting. This smart design allows you to screw an unused aperture onto the elevation adjustment dial to keep it on hand:

image via The Truth About Guns

Complete the combo with one of Ultradyne’s fine muzzle devices, and you’ve got a really sweet setup:

image via Ultradyne USA

Overall, Ultradyne’s C4 Sights make every other BUIS setup look obsolete. Conceived with shooter comfort, ease of use, and sheer pleasure in mind, this design is a true accomplishment and a rare example of real innovation in an often overlooked aspect of firearms engineering.

Get specs and prices on Ultradyne’s C4 sights here and be sure to follow Ultradyne on Facebook for updates on these excellent American-made products.

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  2. I don’t know. This almost seems like it would make it more confusing, especially for beginners.
    I’ll stick with my Magpuls.

    • It shouldn’t seem confusing. Placing the front sight that far up has it’s merits. I like were they’re going with it.

      I would try it, but my Sig qd muzzle brakes are more important to me than what this has to offer. If these folks make one compatible with that, I’m in.

      • I won an AR-10 in a raffle and have been waiting for the .308 suppressor to become available before buying the sights.

        They just became available.

        Lots of great reviews of this sight and suppressor system. It seem intuitive.

        I like intuitive.

  3. They are probably the best iron sights on the market… but i’m using iron sights as backups only, so there is 0 reason for me to invest in these sights as my red dot will work better for 99.99999% of what i’m doing… and the other .00001% my cheap backup irons will do just fine. These sights would have been worthwhile in the era before red dots and low power variable scopes took over… now they are just a cool product which is overpriced given what it offers.

  4. “Sponsored content” i skip the add and go straight to the comments to see how far ttag has fallen

    • This.

      Anything with “sponsored content” over it is pretty much worthless since money or product was paid for the post. Comments drama is worth reading though.

    • Nice but not very useful and quite pricey.

      I’ll keep my Troy BUIS sights that came on my gun(s) as backup for my EoTech systems.

    • interesting how good TTAG has gotten at fellating manufacturers so quickly or interesting as a product?

      It is an interesting product I’ll give them that but the pricing of said product is freakin terrible especially considering how much work it takes to mount that fancy front sight post out there at the end of the barrel and the requirement that you must sacrifice your preferred muzzle device in order to do so.

      • Interesting as a product. It’s like they’re halfway to a set of globe-n-aperture sights on an AR – both in price and functionality.

    • Yes, it is.

      However, I think I got around 95% of the benefit when I simply replaced my old front iron post with a duplex crosshair from KNS Precision. Cost all of $33 from KNS, and while it does protrude above the “ears” a little, the iron sights are backups for me so it’s already reasonably well protected when flipped down.

  5. “…make every other BUIS setup look obsolete.”

    Match shooters will continue to use diopter sights when legal.
    Combat rifles will continue to use fast combat sights.

    I don’t see how a ‘jack-of-all-trades, master of none’ sight will obsolete anything. These sights probably work as well as a ghost ring sight that you can’t get your eye close to (such as AK sight leaf replacements).

    Sponsored content really drags this site down by diluting legitimate opinions on products in a deceptive way.

    • “Sponsored content really drags this site down by diluting legitimate opinions on products in a deceptive way.”

      “Sponsored content really drags this site down by diluting legitimate opinions on products in a deceptive way.”

      Sorry, had to quote it twice

      • It’s worse when you use an RSS feed to get your content – the Sponsored Content flags aren’t really as obvious.

        Reviews given on this site are generally a 4.5-5.0 or a 1.0 anyhow. Might as well use a binary system.

  6. I like these, I’m not a fan of sights needing batteries. All of my hunting rifles have scopes, all of my battle rifles have iron sights. It’s much easier to clean an iron sight when you fall in the mud

  7. These are great sights if you actually use your sights.

    For most people backup sights are just a fashion accessory that they’ve never actually used or practiced with. So unfortunately they probably won’t sell.

  8. I like that manufacturers are still trying to improve on iron sites. Unfortunately, this doesn’t “fix” a problem. Supressor or different muzzle device, doesn’t work with this “solution”. I am skeptical that after a first shot the front site aperture is going to stay “clean” and visible. I also doubt that it can handle normal use and abuse.

    I would rather see a durable, affordable, low weight sight that won’t snag, cut, or otherwise damage while being carried around.

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