Gear Review: TUOR Sights MKII

There’s no shortage of BUIS — back-up iron sights — on the market, as long as you’re happy to choose fixed, flip-up, or offset versions. But with the TUOR Sights — both their MKI and MKII models — you get all of those in one. The same folding sights can orient straight up and down to co-witness with […]

Gear Review: See All Open Sight

Oversight Shooting Technologies in Blackfoot, Idaho — yes, the town boasts more than just the Idaho Potato Museum — is making a new gun sight. More than that, actually; it’s a new kind of sight. The See All Open Sight looks and feels like an advanced optic but it’s really more of a unique lovechild […]

Ask Foghorn: Competition Iron Sights

A reader writes: A commenter on Foghorn’s $500 1000 yd rifle linked to a rifleman’s journal post, which in turn linked to a couple sight manufacturers. I’ve seen giant, weird-looking sights on competition rifles before, but don’t konw how they work. They’re unmagnified, no? Anyway, “Dear Foghorn, tell me  bout these neat sights!” In my […]