What I'm Carrying Now EDC
Courtesy Jeff the Grizz
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What I'm Carrying Now EDC
Courtesy Jeff the Griz

[This post is part of our new series, What I’m Carrying Now. If you’d like to submit a photo and description of the gun, holster and gear you’re carrying in the new world in which we live, send it to us at [email protected] with WICN in the subject field.]

Jeff the Griz writes . . .

I carry a SIG P365 in a Versacarry Commander OWB leather holster. 10+1 in the gun with 12 rounds on board the holster.  It is loaded with SIG 365 V-crown JHP.

My knife is a Benchmade Griptilian, gifted to me long before their destruction of arms.

Due to current events I have also added a 3rd 10 round magazine to my back pocket. The single AAA 40 lumen flashlight is just a $5 cheapy, but it works well.

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  1. Shameless plug here for the Hogue Ritter RSK, it’s an improved Griptilian sold through Knifeworks in Louisiana.

    • Improved how? Looks looks like a direct knockoff.

      The grip texture looks interesting……but it doesnt have a thumb hole….and its 160 bucks…..on sale.

      • machined g10 rather than molded frn grips, crucible powdered20v steel- nearly exactly the same as bohler’s m390. the only stainless i’druther is nc200.
        have mini’s in 154cm and d2. the ritter’s are just nicer. double? meh. lower production thing.

        • I guess I dont have a problem with the FRN.

          My favorite Benchmade is an AFCK that I bought in the late 90s.

          The linen micarta on the AFCK has gotten slicker with age. My Griptilian (7 years old) scales are still grippy.

          I like the round hole on the wharncliffe blade. I would call it a drop point instead but Benchmade named the blade style.

        • i don’t think the g10 will last as long as the frn either. the spydie frn has all the little points angled towards the center dot (where the clip tip will rest, so less pocket shred) so it’s grippy pushing or pulling. very well designed, cheaper and lighter too. but plast- icky.

  2. So this has replaced pocket dumps.

    Nice kit…. I like a Griptilian as well. But i prefer the Syder hole version.

    • VersaCarry has specific models for the p365’s. VersaCarry should be a very niche market. It has belt loops for OWB, usually 3-5 o’clock, but the extra mag would be 2:30-4:30, which is very difficult to grab with your support hand. I’m not sure where he carries it, but I’m assuming he doesn’t practice speed reloads with this rig.

    • It’s arguably the best conceal gun out there right now. Hard to pick a flaw with it unless you want a different caliber or more rounds. But if you do, that’s a different type of gun.

      If we’re manning the rooftops I would want a duty-size gun. But failing that, the p365 is a great all-rounder, especially with a the good trigger.

      • >>If we’re manning the rooftops I would want a duty-size gun. <<

        By your statement I hope you are referring to a rifle and not pistol.

    • It impressed me enough to get one.

      The trigger still stinks, but hey, it stinks less than some other cheez-whiz pistols.

      • I’m going to add their flat trigger to my newly acquired P365. It won’t do much for trigger feel, but it will keep my squishy sausage fingers from getting pinched between the trigger guard and the bottom of the trigger. Any thoughts on what surfaces to polish while I have the thing apart?

        • Had to replace the trigger for my wife because her finger was getting squished between the factory trigger and trigger guard. She’s love it ever since. I liked the flat trigger enough where I replaced the trigger on both of our P320s.

      • Put 500 rounds through it and then evaluate the trigger, they change a lot as they break in. If you still don’t like it find a original LCP and shoot it a bit, you will the. Love the P365 trigger. Lol. Seriously though, the P365 trigger needs to be broken in, it really does completely change how it feels.

  3. The sig ammo seems good to go at nearly half the cost of comparable HPs. I’ve been buying it for 12-14 for 20 rounds.

    • I like and carry the Sig V-Crown also. Before Gander swapped owners, they sold it in white boxes of 50, may have been a special for them because that’s the only place I ever saw it. 124 gr, regular brass, same velocity as their fancy stuff but was twice the rounds for the same price. I bought a bunch of it.

  4. That’s a decent flashlight, the other stuff sux…. On a serious note I didn’t know they still made the v crown. Pretty cool having a gunm bull ets match. One things for sure if the gunm breaks Sig can’t blame it on ammo brand.

  5. Springfield EMP 9 mm in a Kirkpatrick Leather Co. Compact Undercover OWB leather holster (proudly hand crafted made in Laredo Tx.). And a small Kershaw Speed Safe folder.

  6. “I had it before all that! It was a gift!”

    Same tired excuse.

    They were donating to the Clintons before it was gifted to you. Make that work, milquetoast patriot.

  7. I am now carrying two Kimber Ultra Carry’s in .45 A.P.C. There are 7 in the mag and one in the chamber plus two 10 round back-up’s for a total of 36 rounds. If things start to get out of hand (which they are bound to do) I will add 4 more 10 round back-up mags.

  8. JTG, nice choice of holster, I have several from VersaCarry, including the Commander. They were one of the few companies to make one that my full six 1911 double stack with the full tactical rail fit it smoothly. But, I will admit I didn’t like having the mag on the same side as the pistol, so switched to a separate mag pouch. All in all a nice set up.

  9. When I purchased my first firearms, a Glock 17 and a Glock 43, I hired an instructor for some one-on-one classes. The very first day she explained to me why Glocks are so reliable, and then proceeded to show me her collection of Sig Saurs, explaining why they are superior to Glocks. She did it in such a way that I was not insulted; more like she was teaching me how to evaluate handguns, making it clear this was all just her point of view. I still have both Glocks, and have, since, added a Remington 870 and a Ruger LCP 2 to my small arsenal. Maybe a Sig, someday.

    • I took the wife and daughter to an introductory pistol class at a LGS/range place so they could get some basic training from a pro, and so I could learn their system (we were also getting a family membership). The pro was a nice guy who at first seemed to know his stuff and was a good teacher, but there was a flaw. He mentioned their store provides an in-store lifetime warranty to the original purchaser on all firearms, and then kinda sideways said that’s why they don’t sell Taurus any more. (program note: this is not a rant for/against brands) A bit later, he is leading us over to the indoor range to run some .22LR through S&W Victory pistols, touted as being one of their favorites. The one set out for the daughter jams on every other round. He says, “Hmm, this must be the one that jams all the time. I’ll go get another for you.” (how do you do an eyeroll in html?) Pop pop pop, now good to go, but the irony didn’t escape me or daughter. Looks like your instructor had a better handle on things.

  10. the 1″ width with 10+ capacity has caught fire. Springfield solved it too. who’s next? Walther?

  11. Here’s a challenge – put your gun in the holster, shake it up and down lightly.
    If your gun falls out, it’s a garbage holster.

    HINT – I have that holster for casual range use/Steel Challenge – it WILL NOT hold any of my guns upside down – don’t even need to shake it – they all just drop out.

    • Busy Beef. I can shake it upside down without issue. I know most of their models are not gun specific, but this one is for the p365 and the fit was super tight, it still has good retention.

      • By it’s design, when worn with a belt, it appears this holster puts more tension/squeeze on the gun when the belt is fasten and up against the body. It should have good passive retention. I just love the color of that holster and much more comfortable than my AIWB kydex holsters.

  12. Yes the Commander will not hold my Ruger lc9s Pro upside down, but I don’t expect to be upside down with it!
    Ive not had any issues with losing the pistol like I did with a previous one and it is more comfortable than my kydex ones and my go to for this gun. Granted if you are making a pit stop, you should take precaution that it doesn’t slip out of the holster when lowering your pants!
    My only criticism is that the mag holder does not hold extra one tight, but solved this with a mag carrier on weak side.

  13. Still a p32 with speer gold dots. I dunno, I carry my duty belt all day so I have a strong aversion so anything heavy near my lower back or on my civilian belt. If things start to get more crazy I will probably pit on my glock 17.

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