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rudukai13 writes . . .

The importants: anchored by a heavily modified SIG P320 X-Carry and spare magazine, the most recent change to my carry has been swapping out a folding karambit for a one-off custom Karambit-Pikal hybrid fixed blade by Ironside Edgeworks.

Other than that my carry has remained the same for nearly two years and does not change with the seasons. Other items pictured include a SOG SwitchPlier 2.0 multitool, 1,000 lumen handheld flashlight, CRKT Williams pen, rechargeable electronic plasma lighter, and an Olight i7R EOS Ti task light.

Not pictured is the Tier 1 Concealed Axis Slim holster that holds the pistol and extra mag, and the Trayvax Cinch belt that holds it all up. Thank God for cargo pants….


This post is part of our series, What I’m Carrying Now. If you’d like to submit a photo and description of the gun, holster and gear you’re carrying in the new world in which we live, send it to us at [email protected] with WICN in the subject field.]

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    • Same here. I kinda *shudder* thinking of the damage something that could do to me with me butter-fingering it.

      Strych on the other hand, probably got a big-ass smile when he saw that… 😉

    • That’s why I had a duplicate dull trainer made to accompany it. Practicing with a dull training version of your EDC knife is to me of equal importance as dryfiring your EDC pistol

  1. They make a holster that fits that pistol? Kidding. All the boxes are checked. Some two or three times.

  2. Ironside looks like he/they make some cool stuff.

    Might be a good excuse to offload the pile of ZAR I have lying around since they’ll take it.

    • Curious – Can you measure your knife collection in the hundreds of pounds?

      I envision you having several ‘knife drawers’… 😉

      • Hundreds of pounds, no. Guns, ammo and books could be measured that way, yes.

        However, drawers are for kitchen knives. Walk in closets with wrap around built in shelving are for the rest.

      • Geoff, I don’t know about the author and I don’t know about hundreds of pounds, but I have to be approaching one hundred. When grouper/red snapper open in federal waters next month I’ll be going to Mike’s. We’ll run over to Ocala to pick up three new Randalls. Over the last couple of weeks I’ve managed to pick up all four of the Gerber PK series of pocket knives. At that rate the weight adds up quick. BTW the vintage Oregon built Gerbers can be very nice.

        • The vintage Gerber I have is their stainless multi-tool, must be 25+ years old at this point…

    • It’s truly functional artwork. I highly recommend him to anyone interested in a purpose-made defensive blade

      • Do they send you a trainer as part of what you buy or is that extra?

        You’ve now got me debating between Ironside and half a dozen custom makers out of Australia.

        • A duplicate trainer costs extra, but it’s very reasonably priced and it’s about as exact a duplicate as possible – the live blade clicks into the trainer sheath like it was made for it. If you’re interested in a truly incredible handmade custom blade, I can not recommend Gavin at Ironside Edgeworks highly enough. Check out his Instagram page to get a sense of the quality and craftsmanship that goes into each blade, you’ll be impressed. I’m already in talks with him on a second companion blade to the one I currently have

  3. I like the on the flashlight…..but not a fan of crambits.

    The footprint of that gat is yuuuuge! I can’t imagine carrying that thing.

    But if you can, good for you.

    Pretty nice

  4. Let my 2340, 357 Sig gaze at the picture, he doesn’t understand why his low velocity cousin is wearing a muzzle mask.

  5. “Thank God for cargo pants….”

    I agree.
    That’s a tight loadout. What do you normally do for a shirt (warm weather) or jacket (cold weather)?

    • The gun is the only thing I’d have problems with…….I’d need a purse of some sort.

      The rest would be no problem in jeans and a polo. Plus a glock 48.

      • I see hipsters with their messenger bags and man purses and my thought is always, that could fit one big darn gun. It could carry something like an mp5, scorpion evo 3 s2, ruger pc charger, sig mpx. You might be on to something with the purse idea…

        • A lot of hipster youngins I know, the is a fun in there with that computer and other crap.

          I think the more outlandish the beard and moustache, the more likely it’s an HK or Sig.

        • An Evo, two spare mags, two spare pistol mags, book, insulin kit, glucometer, IFAK, portable charger, phone, multitool, 5 packs of jelly beans, flashlight, store-a-cell of 123A batteries and a medium sized paperback all fits pretty easily in a Patagonia Black Hole Messenger Bag. With room to spare for a legal sized envelope and a thin laptop like a Lenovo X1 Carbon. It’s also shockingly easy to organize.

          Not that I ever sat in a waiting room last year laughing silently to myself about how much of what was in the bag without anyone near me knowing it. That never, ever happened and if any of you say it did I’ll deny it.

          If you’re a gun person and you start carrying a bag like this you’ll find that the Hunter S. Thompson rules from Fear and Loathing apply: “Not that we needed all that for the trip, but once you get locked into a serious drug collection, the tendency is to push it as far as you can.”

          Just replace “drug” with “gun”.

        • That bag is loaded, in all senses. The jelly beans through me for a loop until I reread insulin kit. I’ll take a look at the Patagonia bag and Acapulco shirts.

        • “*book should be Nook. My bad.”

          My Nook is about 10 years old at this point, and the plastic is literally beginning to crumble.

          I think I need the Nook with a backlight, whatever they call the SimpleTouch nowadays.

          I even Android rooted it, and it works, but is ridiculously slow, but I have done Google WiFi searches on it, but the monochrome e-ink display doesn’t deal well with color pictures on the web…

        • The bonus is that it does make you look like a hipster, so almost no one give you a second glance. You can also get ones that scream “fly fishing” super loud. What works will depend on your area.

          Be aware that Patagonia makes these things in different sizes too. The mini won’t hold that and the 45L… well, you could add a broken down AR, plate carrier and a bunch of mags for that. Total overkill.


          The newer ones are far, far faster. I use them for technical manuals, certain types of textbooks and maps that I’m studying because loading that stuff on there weighs nothing and you can zoom in and out on the drawings/map details. It’s not the best thing in the world but it’s a good compromise between nothing and carrying an extra 20lbs of stuff you’re working on.

          Personally I like the new “tablet” version. Dunno if the GlowLight versions do what I’m saying, they’re the ones that look more “papery”.

    • Thanks to the holster design I can completely conceal the pistol under even a light Nike or Under Armor workout shirt. For cold weather I wear either a wind breaker or leather jacket, unzipped in the front so as not to impede a draw

    • In very hot weather I also switch to cargo shorts that have the same number and layout of pockets as my cargo pants, so everything stays in the same consistent location on my waist

  6. Is that you Matt?

    But for those interested in some great cargo pants Duluth Trading has some Alaskan Hardwares on clearance for $48 and change. Kind of tactical with 17 pockets but a great deal. Get them while they last.

  7. Ah yes, the reverse-edged knife, because a lifetime of hearing “don’t cut torwards yourself” just doesn’t resonate with some people.

  8. Good Gun, Magazine(s), Light and Knife/Knives. That’s all the boxes checked on my list. Nice rig! As for everything else you carry with you daily, you and only you are trucking in your moccasins.

    • Everything I carry is either something I use every day, or things I don’t feel comfortable going without. This much stuff is certainly not necessary for everyone, and I cast no aspersions on those who opt for a more minimalist approach to their EDC

  9. We can learn a lot when the gun or knife holsters are in the pic. For the Tier 1 Concealed Axis Slim holster, I like how the back kydex swear guards wrap around the edges for the gun and especially spare mag. It’s important details like that earns it’s high price tag. BTW, very solid loadout, thanks for sharing.
    Is the Axis Slim holster ride hight high due to the WML length and comp?
    What’s the carry location and orientation of the karambit’s sheath?
    What brand cargo pants do you wear?

    • It’s not too high, there’s enough room in the crotch of the pants and before my hip joint to not interfere with the length of the WML or compensator. The pistol sits with the front of the red dot just barely above the belt line, to give some reference for how it rides. The carry location of the knife is on the belt with a Pull-The-Dot soft loop, at about the 2:30 position (I’m a southpaw, so the knife is set up to be accessed easily by my right hand), with the handle pointed downward at about a 45 degree angle. This is very similar to the way Craig Douglas recommends carrying the ubiquitous Clinch Pick, and makes it very easily accessible by either hand. Lastly, the cargo pants (and shorts) are 5.11 Tactical. I picked them mostly for the number and location of the pockets and because, despite the brand name, they don’t have an overtly “tactical” appearance. I can carry all my junk without looking like I have a flashing neon sign over my head that says “I carry a gun”

  10. “a flashing neon sign over my head that says “I carry a gun”…”
    I wonder if there’d be a market for that. I’m thinking about retiring. Need a retirement gig.

    And a serious question: “there’s enough room in the crotch of the pants and before my hip joint…”
    Did I read that right? Appendix carry? Seems like too much gun for that. How does sitting down work? Driving?

    • Appendix IWB, yes. It’s actually quite comfortable. There’s more than enough room between the end of the holster and my hip joint based on where the holster rides on my belt. About the only thing I can’t do is bend over to touch my toes from a standing position, but any other movement is possible and perfectly comfortable

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