What I’m Carrying Now: A CZ P-01 and a 3M P95 Mask

what i'm carrying now CZ P-01

Courtesy Jacob V.

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Jacob V. writes . . .

This is what I carried on my outing out to Kroger during the coronavirus scare going on. Carrying a CZ P-01 with a CGW Pro Kit installed (in a Kydex IWB holster not pictured because it is on my belt).

An Olight i5T EOS Wuhan edition flashlight.  A Bark River Adventurer fixed blade (in a Kydex sheath on belt). A Zippo lighter. A P95 mask and a set of rubber gloves.


  1. avatar Jeff the Griz says:

    Nice grips on that CZ

  2. avatar Larry says:

    Cool if that’s an after pic. everything in it is to be considered contaminated. There’s a proper donning and doffing procedure ,as well as disposal procedure for that one time use mask .

    1. avatar cgray says:

      Yep, pistol’s useless now. Should give it to me.

      1. avatar I Haz A Question says:

        Naw, I coughed on it, sorry. Mine now.

        1. avatar Old Guy in Montana says:

          Send that contaminated pistol my way…a little boiling, some oil and GTG.

          Excellent taste in a pistol. CZ’s have a certain panache…a quiet in-your-face attention to detail…and they work!

        2. avatar Retrocon says:

          Nah…. I’m drinking Everclear 190 these days, while I make my sterile wipes with it.

          My piss can sterilize The Entire respiratory ICU of your average urban hospital.


          ‘Scuse me.

    2. avatar SuspiciousFisherman says:

      Sure there is, but for limited quantity and outside of an entirely sterile environment, it’ll be okay. Better than nothing. As long as it does not get reused.

    3. avatar The Crimson Pirate says:

      Better reuse that 1 time use mask a few times. It likely cannot be replaced.

  3. avatar dwb says:

    nice grips.

    But- the point of that knife is a little too close to those gloves.

  4. avatar Prndll says:

    Before this virus ruined everything, I was getting read to put down the money for a CZ75D. I guess that will have to wait.

    1. avatar GS650G says:

      Ditto. Two guns i wanted online are still there because all the FFLs are refusing transfers near me. My regular guy won’t meet anyoned in his office and stores won’t even consider a transfer.

      Just another form of gun sales control

      1. avatar Jeff the Griz says:

        Similar boat. A few guns on my notify me list at some online retailers have pinged my email this week as “in stock”, worthless when no FFLs in my area will do a transfer. Not to mention the BS ATF rule change of not allowing CPLs to count as a background check any longer. Now I am just waiting this out to see if the market floods with those like new, used items.

        1. avatar Arizona Free says:

          Hate to brag but I was two weeks in front of the entire mess. For once in my life I was ready . Prepping for a trip to Texas bought a generator, cz 75 d compact and a baby rock 380. Oh and I got my truck painted.

        2. avatar BradB says:

          I think we may already be past the gun and ammo buying panic and down to the “conserve my cash” panic. There is a handgun on Armslist locally that I would love to have and a bargain for the price and the extras. Trouble is, the wife would have words to say if I spent the money right now, even though I’m still working. So I listed some 9mm defense ammo, more than enough to pay for this, at a price lower than the on-line sellers who are all “out-of-stock” anyway. Three days now and not one nibble on the ammo. Not even for a single box. The firearm has been listed for weeks with progressive price drops. He says the same thing. Hates to sell it, needs the cash, amazed that nobody is buying.

        3. avatar Jeff the Griz says:

          AF- My needs are taken car of, my wants not so much, always gotta have just 1 more.

          Brad- part of that I think is people don’t want to interact with others in fear of contracting illness. I’ve only seen 2 guns on Armslist Detroit that were worth any effort, so I’m not sure what is next. I have been blessed to be able to work from home up to this point. Only time will tell.

      2. avatar Klaus Von Schmitto says:

        I have one paid for at OaklandGuns and there’s no where to ship it to.

    2. avatar strych9 says:

      Picked up a BD months back. Great gun.

      1. avatar Geoff "Guns. LOTS of guns..." PR says:

        2075 RAMI BD?

        1. avatar Neth says:

          No such thing as a RAMI BD. There was never a “B”. The decocker variant is simply the CZ 2075 RAMI D. Now that nonsense is out of the way, I own both and they are phenomenal. Who cares what B or D gets in your way, own one if you have the chance.

        2. avatar Geoff "Guns. LOTS of guns..." PR says:

          “No such thing as a RAMI BD. There was never a “B”. The decocker variant is simply the CZ 2075 RAMI D.”

          Oh, so you know more than the CZ company, eh?

          “The CZ 2075 RAMI BD is a decocking version of the classic RAMI design available only in 9mm Luger. The BD RAMI gives the user a decocking lever to lower the hammer for a double action first shot and single action thereafter. The BD RAMI also includes a set of tritium 3-dot combat night sights.”


          “Now that nonsense is out of the way, I own both and they are phenomenal.”

          Nonsense, eh?

          Well, I certainly hope so, Mr. CZ ‘expert’… 😉

          I have a 2075, nice gun…

      2. avatar tsbhoa.p.jr says:

        you mean a full size 75?
        no decockers here, but an omega version moves from room to room.
        the compact goes out when sweats shirts are utilized.
        the rami hasn’t found me yet.
        half cock safety off or c1.
        the basic design is from the same year as the p220.

    3. avatar jwm says:

      Just barely made it under the wire with my last purchase and a little ammo for it. Only got in 1 range trip before they shut it all down.

    4. avatar Neth says:

      If you’re able to get back into the market for one, you won’t regret a CZ75 BD. Just upgrade the sights. The factory sights aren’t the best. I bought mine used and abused from a LEO. I hand fitted a new factory CZ threaded barrel to mine, added night sights, upgraded the springs and firing pin to Cajun Gun Works parts and it’s a teddy bear TACK DRIVER. A bit heavy, but I open carry it to work every once in a while anyway just because I can. 🙂

  5. avatar Darkman says:

    What the Hell happened to the wall? Nice firearm.

    1. avatar Jacob V. says:

      Picture was taken on a mantle of a white washed fireplace. My wife likes to go all Joanna Gaines on our house.

  6. avatar Don Nelson says:

    Very nice, the CZ and Bark River knife. Well done!

    1. avatar Jacob V. says:

      Yes, Bark River Knives are hard to beat. Own quite a few. This one is in Elmax steel.

  7. avatar Gadsden Flag says:

    The blade is touching the gloves. All the better to infect your enemies my dear. Spare mag.

  8. avatar Minuteman says:

    When you have the gun you don’t need no stinking mask.

    1. avatar SuspiciousFisherman says:

      I…. I don’t think that’s how this works.

      1. avatar Kahlil says:

        He’s talking about 6.5 CM chambered pistols. They’re rated P200 and viruses piss themselves when they hear the round going off.

  9. avatar enuf says:

    About that P95 mask, do not throw it away, it is rated for 40 hours or 30 days of use whichever comes first. More on the different types of masks:



    So the best kind in the series is the P100.

    Good times.

    1. avatar neiowa says:

      CDC is full of lying crap.

      N95 = rated 95% effective. If 95% of your primers work is that “good enough” or “better than nothing”. Go spend $30 and get a 3M P100 respirator. And a pair of unvented safety goggles (the chicom flu spreads optical area also). Danger zone is also not 6ft demonstrated as 21ft but considerable evidence is airborne.

      The idiot at CDC (and NYC) have to “relearn” it themselves.

      1. avatar tdiinva says:

        The 21′ was a theoretical number based a study using a nebulizer. It’s highly unlikely to be transmitted beyond a few feet.

      2. avatar enuf says:

        Not 21 feet, the number was 27 feet. And it does not mean what all the people ignoring the details think it means. It does not mean and was never intended to mean that 100% of sneezes, coughs or strong exhalations send the virus 27 feet.

        What the data explains is why the virus was found in locations in patient rooms that otherwise make no sense. It supports other research showing that decontamination efforts need to be more aggressive, more detailed and reach further out from the patient’s bed.

        The same studies and the same data sets also support the generic 6 feet for social distancing as being adequate in the vast majority of cases.

  10. avatar Kendahl says:

    We have a few N95 masks I must have bought at Lowes or Home Depot at least a year ago. In the news stories that now encourage wearing masks, they specifically exclude N95 masks which should be reserved for medical personnel. A private citizen on the street might encounter someone with the virus. Hospital staff have a 100% exposure rate because they are treating patients already diagnosed with it. One of our neighbors is a nurse. I’m going to offer our masks to her.

    1. avatar strych9 says:

      As I’ve been saying for awhile now: P100 flys under the radar and is actually better.

      1. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

        Yup. Just wish I could find more.

        1. avatar strych9 says:

          Fastenal. Or your local welding shops. (Though the latter may not sell to you since their usual clients actually need that gear more than you do.)

          Realistically if you have a set you don’t need more though. For this application they’ll last essentially forever since P100’s are up for replacement when they clog up and get hard to breath through. They’re also made from a fabric that will cause rapid desiccation of the virus.

          If you want to be super cautious spritz the whole respirator with isopropyl after use. But really, just remove it properly, set it aside to dry in a window, and wash your hands.

        2. avatar Ropingdown says:

          My non-shooting elementary-school teacher wife is an artist these days, including welding to create metal sculptures. Since was a client of a welding supply already, they sold her three P100 masks in January. She then grabbed six N95’s (wife, me, son). She had more understanding and foresight than the medical talking heads. SARS-1 studies in 2013 proved the “mere speaking” spread of such viruses. Life. Goggles with a good seal.

    2. avatar Gov. William J Le Petomane says:

      Heard today that the virus can survive for 7 days on those masks and you’re supposed to clean them every day if you’re going to reuse them.

      I have a feeling that most people are doing it wrong

      1. avatar M says:

        lmfao, the experts are just saying random stuff because the people, journalists and politicians want to hear something, anything. I am not questioning their knowledge in science, but they are pressed to just say whatever, anything, and they do it, some are actually eager to see the panic it creates. That whole “it can survive….” thing changes every week. Next week they’ll tell us it can survive 600 days near the surface of the sun, and the earth is indeed flat. Oh yeah, 2 millions Americans will die, maybe 20, never mind make it 200, and those who survive will turn into werewolves, or greemlins.

        1. avatar Ron says:

          Yeah I heard the virus is nearly invincible to all known chemicals and can penetrate Kevlar and even solid steel. There is no way to escape it. Even if you think you can hide in an underground bunker, the virus will drill down into the earth to get you.

        2. avatar jwm says:

          I’m so glad I bought that box of silver bullets and bottle of Holy Water.

      2. avatar Ropingdown says:

        Here’s a good page from experts as to how to clean each level/type of mask for reuse:


  11. avatar strych9 says:

    The whole PPE thing kinda makes me laugh.

    Today the wife and I went to the store. We saw a lady rocking a mask and gloves. She was telling people to keep their distance apart and whatnot. So far, so good I guess.

    But at the checkout it all falls down. We end up in line for the self checkout behind this lady so we get to watch her pull out her clipped coupons, lift her mask and proceed to lick her gloved finger to page through the individual coupons.

    Suffice to say, the lulz were abundant at that location.

    1. avatar tsbhoa.p.jr says:

      i just went to get some choochoo and dinosaur stamps, the post lady hollered at me to, “stay behind the line!” she was all new full glass window with the mask and gloves. which was fine until i had to approach the card chip reader; i took the opportunity to point out how silly that seemed.

  12. avatar tdiinva says:

    I grocery shop in front of my keyboard in my underwear these days. Don’t need no stinkin’ mask!

    The mask isn’t to protect you from other people. It’s to protect other people from you

    You know what they call a person wearing MOPP gear that’s 99% effective?


    1. avatar strych9 says:

      N95 or better rated masks protect you if they’re properly fitted and proper care is taken in removing them.

      1. avatar tdiinva says:

        Your eyes are the quickest conduit for the virus to enter the body. Without eye protection you will eventually get infected.

        1. avatar Ron says:

          Sounds like full on gas masks plus NBC gear is the way to go. Why play post apocalyptic RPG when you can simply go to the store?

        2. avatar Hannibal says:

          Eye protection is important but viral load, especially to the respiratory track, seems to be a factor in how bad the virus hits people.

        3. avatar neiowa says:

          An SCBA facepiece with P100 filters is Very good way to go. Nearly as good in a 3M 1/2 face respirator with nonvented safety googles for the inexpensive solution. 3M full face version are $250 and wont find at Home Dept/Lowes

        4. avatar Ron says:

          Wouldn’t it be cheaper and more effective to buy Israeli gas masks and filters? I haven’t seen prices since the pandemic started but they were only 20$ with 5$ filters. I stocked up on them years ago and I’m sitting on tons of them.

        5. avatar strych9 says:

          Transmission via aerosol to the eye is pretty unlikely unless you’re in constant contact with infected people. Unless you’re working directly with the infected in close quarters it’s really not as issue.

          The issue with eyepro is cross contamination where you get the virus on your face around your eyes, remove your respirator/mask, touch your face and then move the virus to your mouth or nose where it has access to your respiratory system.

          In theory the mucus membrane in your eyes could become an site for this virus, but that’s not really an issue because your eyes are a immunologically privileged site due to the fact that they’re connected directly to your brain. If the virus gets into your eyes then it’s there with no way for the virus to move to the rest of you unless you touch your eyes and give the virus a different route. At worst it might cause mild
          follicular conjunctivitis that is “otherwise indistinguishable from other viral causes” (American Academy of Opthomology).

          Sorry, I’m gonna go with the actual microbiologist that lives in my house on this not a bunch of internet hokum from people who dun red sum thingz.

          You wanna know a huge thing most people can do that’s way more important than wearing a full gas mask? Regularly wipe down your cell phone with an alcohol swab.

        6. avatar tdiinva says:

          The conjunctiva are a rapid conduit for infection. More people get colds from rubbing their eyes than any orher source. Your microbiologist is wrong.

          I find the best way to avoid infection is to stay away from people and shop online. We wipe down everything thing that comes in with Clorox wipes

        7. avatar Ron says:

          You have to figure though, why spend a ton on what are essentially use and toss items, when you can get surplus gas masks and filters way cheaper. Gas mask which you can easily clean with any number of chemicals and replace the filter every few days. Personally I’m not going to wear my masks to the store as of right this moment, I’m simply arguing the most cost effective solution here for those who do want to wear a mask. If I was elderly or had health concerns I would certainly be wearing them to the store.,

        8. avatar strych9 says:

          “The conjunctiva are a rapid conduit for infection.”

          With cold viruses this is true because those viruses can attack cells within the tear ducts and spread that way. This disease doesn’t attack the same types of cells.

          Viruses are not all the same. They invade different types of cells via different methods. This is part of why they’re starting to worry about cardiac damage from Covid-19, because your heart contains cells that have the same receptors as the cells this disease attacks in your lungs. That means it’s theoretically possible for the virus to infect your heart muscle because those receptors are present in both places.

    2. avatar WI Patriot says:

      Geez I hated MOPP training…

  13. avatar Larry says:

    Used N95 on the job , for many many years ,my dept. still adheres to one time use ,with proper handling and disposal after each call .wanna wear it 40 hours Spraying paint knock yourself out . Dealing with people who may have Clovid 19 , it may be contaminated the first time out ! you wanna toss that on your front seat after shopping ?
    Hey hand It to, your wife to use ,let your kids play with it if it’s good for 40 hours Right ?

    The surface can still be contaminated after one minute .

    1. avatar neiowa says:

      Treat it correctly as hazmat and use deliberate decon practices.

      Or throw it away and you won’t be replacing it. Or Perhaps Aunt Jemima will sew up a 1918 style POS that is approx. N40.

    2. avatar M says:

      I think a lot of folks have absolutely zero clue on how to properly use PPE. I see masks (most likely used) hanging on the rear view mirrors of cars. How many know how to remove contaminated gloves the right way? It’s not rocket science but those are things you need to learn, most of these folks who are freaking out are too “busy” watching the stupid media rather than a 2 min video that will show you how to remove gloves. I just use proper hygiene and I live the PPE to the first responder and hospital staff who need it more than I do.

  14. avatar Ron says:

    3M is a garbage company. Bunch of traitors to the Republic. Nationalize them and teach them a lesson. Just because this enemy isn’t human doesn’t mean we’re not in a war. Treat them as any other company or person aiding the enemy in a war.

    1. avatar Innocent Bystander says:

      Ron, you are more right than you even know. They should be investigated but I feel that under the current powers they’ll end up with millions from these bail out bills.

    2. avatar neiowa says:


  15. avatar M says:

    Love the gun, but i am sorry I cannot take that whole COVID19 and masks/gloves thing seriously. I am just avoiding trips to the stores as much as I can and I wash my hands even more than before (which was probably already better than most people). I think it’s just a matter of time before we see loonies calling the cops if you cough or sneeze. Some people are just freaking out because they watch the “news” 8 hours per day.

  16. avatar M says:

    We live in a society where folks are paying over $100 for 12 rolls of TP (someone showed me a link for a transaction on ebay, $132 for 12 rolls of Charmin). I am worried about people more than COVID19. If stuff really hits the fan, it’s going to be interesting.

    1. avatar L. D. says:

      Toilet paper can be recycled. Squeeze the shit out of it.

      1. avatar tsbhoa.p.jr says:

        and condoms?

        1. avatar Klaus Von Schmitto says:

          There was a joke about a Scotsman once but I can’t remember it.

        2. avatar tsbhoa.p.jr says:

          he was so cheap he would turn them inside out and shake the feck out of them.

  17. Well, someone is finally carrying a CZ P01 like mine with the CGW PRO kit, but actually I have 2 of them. A 2016 and a 2017 production dates. Plus I have 2015 PCR that I purchased from CGW……damn I’m a lucky old fart….

    1. avatar Jacob V. says:

      A Cajunized CZ is hard to beat. Have a Cajunized 75b too. That gun is a tack driver too. I sold off all my Glocks and full sized Sigs when I got my hands on a couple CZ’s. Just wasn’t carrying or shooting the others.

  18. avatar Ralph says:

    Mask don’t help. I know so because that @ssh0le Fauci who said we have nothing to fear from corona virus said so. And we know that we should always trust Chicom agents. Right?

  19. avatar Lucky says:

    You can not carry your CCW in California. With a mask on. Old stupid law. So sad. I wonder if cops are exempt ??

  20. avatar enuf says:

    Odd how things spring to mind. Around 1998 I had to leave the EMS game for a long recovery from injury. After recovery, went onward with my technical side, never went back.

    But also never got rid of a lot of certain personal gear from my EMT/Rescue Dude Daze.

    Today I happen to think of an old trauma kit I kept to grab when happening on scene of car wrecks and the like. It was in a closet, on a shelf. Bottom of the bag had a Blood Borne Pathogens PPE kit, only the big trash bag still intact. The apron was cracking at the folds, the face shield was falling apart where parts had been glued to other parts. Twenty some years and the gloves had turned to degraded lumps of latex. Surgical mask elastic was brittle and the layers of the paper no longer adhered at the seams.

    My Laerdal Pocket-Valve Mask for isolation while doing CPR is sticky, but flexible still. Like the plastic is decomposing very, very slowly.

    All the sealed Kling rolls and extra large trauma dressings still look good, at least on the outside of the packages. I recall I’d only refilled the bag shortly before accepting I had to quit the work or quit walking,

    Oh, the paper packaged Surgi-pads, all the paper outer wrappers are split open. But not at the seams, just the paper generally is all split.

    Huh, still have a tube of unopened emergency glucose dosing.

    Nope, none of this is junk useful under the current ALIEN VAMPIRE ZOMBIE VIRUS APOCALYPSE.

    So much for Memory Lane.

  21. avatar zoniarsawyer says:

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    1. avatar Ron says:

      Yeah prostitution certainly is a proud way to live.

  22. avatar Manse Jolly says:

    I think it would be interesting to see people’s reaction if I slung a 30L pony bottle and donned a mask for the grocery store. It doesn’t have a current hydro or vis but what the heck, carry your own air and forgo the N95.

    no, probably shouldn’t as some are quite on edge now, but it’s a thought..lol.

  23. avatar possum/ ironicatbest says:

    I suppose you already had the gunm, I’m jealous you’ve got a mask 3m in top of that. I’m just putting a pair of panty hose over my snout while shopping. Hey ain’t it to cool We can wear a mask and carry a gunm when going shopping. Fck u criminals now the good guys get to play Lone Ranger too

    1. avatar M says:

      Pantyhose, lol. I am using a trash bag, the problem is I run out of air and it makes me hot. As I ran out of hand sanitizer I am currently using draino, it works, it just makes the skin a bit irritated.

      1. avatar possum says:

        Trash bags are for them girlfriend you don’t want to look at or spread rumors

    2. avatar Geoff "Guns. LOTS of guns..." PR says:

      “possum/ ironicatbest”

      I kinda thought you two were the same…

      Stay healthy, will yas? 😉

  24. avatar Bob says:

    That mask pictured has an valve on it to make it easier to exhale.. It is therefore worthless to prevent you from infecting others as the air you exhale is unfiltered.

    1. avatar possum/ ironicatbest says:

      Human nature is fck them it’s about Me,,,,,,

      1. avatar possum/ ironicatbest says:

        and that’s kinda sad considering the power the Creator gave us. Isn’t it strange that almist every animal on Earth that once losses it fear of humans craves our touch. Even a turtle likes to have its neck scratched. “And you shall have dominion over the animals” We talk to our cats. Dogs. Horses pigs, cattle even the creatures of the wild. I’ve actually had a nest of yellow jackets that would let me put my hand on their nest. We are a blessed sources. To bad We got civilised

        1. avatar Geoff "Guns. LOTS of guns..." PR says:

          The more I know about people, the more I like animals.

          Even the ones with long tails that live in nasty wet burrows… 🙂

  25. avatar spd455 says:

    I picked up a CZ P-01 Omegaa not long ago and have installed a good bit of CGW parts. Absolutely love this firearm even after 23 years of Glocks on the job and teaching with them. So much so I currently have a new SP-01 currently stripped down on my workbench and $250 worth of CGW parts ready to install. None the less I’ve been bitten by the CZ bug and it’s easily overshadowed my Sigs, Smith’s and many other handguns in the collection.
    Shoot straight and stay safe…

    1. avatar SoCalJack says:

      Curious if the P-01’s rear grip palm swell causes one to shoot higher than a CZ 75 B.
      Grip angle appears to be identical. I’m always eyeing the CZ 75 variants as we can still buy them in CA.

      1. avatar tsbhoa.p.jr says:

        if they’re available then there is no roster.

        1. avatar SoCalJack says:

          Between the 10 day gun BGC, the ammo BGC, 10 rd mag limit, featureless Semi-auto rifles, etc, the CA handgun roster is the one I hate most.
          As for CZs in CA, Turners (there’s 28 of these stores in CA) stocks these ones:

  26. avatar Don Nelson says:

    My second comment. Kinda funny how everyone gets into the details of masks, but no one has noticed that your knife is among the best available. Sorta like if your handgun were a Korth or Manurhin, but all the comments were about the bandanna.

    1. avatar tsbhoa.p.jr says:

      the only glut greater than hand forged knives right now is artisinal beer. sheesh. the brew aisle is sensory overload with all the styles and labels.
      i just grab some noon whistle because the cans whole top pops off, like a snack pack pudding.
      and just like those wondrful old pre- threaded big mouth bottle pull tops, someone will get cut and the lawsuit will end them.

      1. avatar Geoff "Beer. LOTS of beers..." PR says:

        Is there anything better than lazing on a sunny, cool afternoon and getting tanked? 😉

  27. avatar 007 says:

    Face mask and a loaded gun? What could possibly go wrong?

    1. avatar possum says:

      Yesterday, went in grocery store( playing the part) bandanna, gloves and a silhouette RSBG. In a really cocky black holstered outfit. And said to the cashier, “Wow, shoed a thunk, , , , mask,, gloves,, gunm, and your just lla tee dah handing my cash back.” She’s says ” haha haha never thought about that ‘

  28. avatar BusyBeef says:

    Lovely pistol.

  29. avatar Ruben Jackson says:

    That mask has a valve. If you’re infected, that valve is going to let the virus out when you exhale, and ever so slightly it will also let in contamination when you inhale. Better to get the valveless masks or tape the valves shut…

  30. avatar Quizkid says:

    Time to add a little balance/sanity to this forum.


    1. avatar Geoff "Guns. LOTS of guns..." PR says:

      More of your bullshit?

  31. avatar Dunc says:

    CZ75 and Bark River, excellent taste in quality tools!
    I grabbed a Shadow2, then missed out on a killer BR deal.

  32. avatar Paladin says:

    Boycott China! Boycott China! Boycott China!
    They are totally responsible for this! They continually lie about the facts regarding it!
    Boycott China! Do not ever buy anything from there again! Read labels!
    We need reparations from them!
    Buy American 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  33. avatar ray says:

    Where did you get the grips on the CZ? I would like to buy some.

    1. avatar Jacob V. says:

      They are Cool Hand Grips golf ball dimple texture.

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