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The liberal left and their media minions have been quick to seize on Gabrielle Giffords’s shooting as a manifestation of inflammatory right wing rhetoric. Ironically or prophetically (depending on your perspective), Giffords perpetuated this supposed connection between “hate speech” and violence [above]. Yet there is no evidence specific to Jared Lee Loughner indicating that he was motivated by Gifford’s stance on health care or any other issue. Not yet, anyway. But there is a clear indication that the spree killer’s brutal attack may have been motivated by anti-semitism. In his YouTube channel’s profile, Loughner listed Nazi leader Adolph Hitler’s anti-semitic screed Mein Kampf as one of his favorite books. Gabrielle Giffords is Jewish.

As the Israeli media outlet reports—and America’s mainstream media (MSM) has not—Giffords made her Jewish ancestry an integral part of her campaign for Congress: “If you want something done, your best bet is to ask a Jewish woman to do it.” (This despite the fact that Giffords’ mother was a Christian Scientist.)

So, if Loughner’s heinous crime was motivated by what Hitler called “the Jewish peril,” what does that do to the MSM’s meme about hateful Republican and Tea Party rhetoric, and their supposed right-wing extremism?

It pretty much kills it, of course. Or does it? Hitler was a right wing fascist, right? It’s a compelling link between mass murderer Hitler, right wing republicans and Tea Partiers, and Jared Lee Lougher—provided you ignore the fact that NAZI means National Socialist Party.

Expect to see the debate over Hitler’s political resonance flare-up again, as the MSM and left wingers fight a rear-guard action against their ridiculous rush to judgement.

Meanwhile, the left wing can’t resort to suggesting that Loughner was motivated by gun-grabbing gun control—championed by most of America’s Jewish politicians—to shoot Giffords. As you’d expect from a Democrat in Arizona, Giffords’ was staunchly pro-gun rights. Just so we’re clear, here are her remarks [via] after the Supreme Court’s Heller decision, striking down Washington, D.C.’s handgun ban.

As a gun owner, I am a strong supporter of the Second Amendment.  In February, I was proud to sign the Amicus Brief in District of Columbia v. Heller asking the Supreme Court to uphold the lower court ruling that overturned the long standing DC gun ban.

This is a common sense decision that reaffirms the Constitutional right – and Arizona tradition – of owning firearms.  I commend the Court for ruling in favor of restoring our right to bear arms.

Right. So. The plain fact of the matter—as seen on Loughner’s YouTube videos—is that Giffords’ assailant was another gun-toting nut job. Sorry, mentally-challenged, troubled youth. So more gun control? Or . . . thought control?

Anyway, I accept the principal that society CAN keep mentally ill people away from guns. In the main, we have. But we can’t identify ALL mentally challenged citizens, or keep ALL mentally ill people away from guns, knives, clubs, bombs, poison, cars and/or all potentially dangerous weapons.

Relying on laws to minimize the risk risks evoking the laws of diminishing returns. Who’s to say that a left wing jihad against guns wouldn’t tip potential spree killers into action? Whose fault would that be?

The gunman’s fault. Because no matter what you say or what laws you enact, we must all take responsibility for our actions. Even when we can’t. And there will always be mentally ill or sociopathic people amongst us. Sometimes, these crazies do bad things. Why blame the weapon, or even the words that inspired them? What good does that do? For whom?

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  1. In order to help our “troubled youth” I guess we should ban all civilian guns. This way only the police, military any yes CRIMINALS will have guns. Then “OUR COUNTRY WOULD BE A SAFER PLACE” That may be true in some fantasy dream world, but we live in the real world and bad things happen. That’s how life works and no one will ever change that.

  2. I never understood why people buy handguns but a lot of them don’t get a permit to carry. This whole “Home Defense” meme needs to be stopped. There’s really not much incentive to train and get out to find a support group, which this guy clearly did not have. Change “Home Defense” to “Every Day Carry.”

    (I have commented on background checks in another article on here)

    Mental issues are going to be a big challenge because no one really knows how far down the rabbit hole a mental condition really goes.

    We already have one in place – if you’ve been declared mentally incompetent, you can’t buy a gun. This creep did not seek help – but then again, where did you draw the line?

    “If you have been seen by a mental health professional you shouldn’t own a gun” – I’m sorry, depression is NOT a life-time illness for all of its sufferers and neither is PTSD.

    “If you have been diagnosed with a mental illness” – well, true, that’s the mentally incompetent thing above. But then again, with all this absurd political rhetoric aside some doctors can end up making the wrong diagnosis on you even if you may NOT fit the definition of clinical disease.

    There needs to be an honest discussion about mental illness and how best to open up about it to others and to take the stigma away. Don’t let the gun-grabbers control the message.

    “Psych test for owning a gun” – I don’t know if any LEOs and the military does this and from all the reports I’ve seen it’s never been done. And then if you do this, all the antigunners are going to jump ON it and try to make it as hard as possible – the near equivalent of a poll tax.

    I propose legislation that allows you to extend your license for a period of time (aribtrary: 1 year extension) every time you take a recognized training class? The expiration date is not shown on the physical license but the license does have an access code printed on it that can you can use to access an online database to see when you permit would expire. This same code can be used by LEO when they are verifying your permit. This allows you to fully integrate into your fellow gun-owners community and have a safe haven to talk about anything you want – your world, your sanctuary, free of prejudice, because you are all training and fighting together.

  3. Loughner’s obsession with the gold standard says he was pretty rightwing.

    Also, Germany’s “National Socialism” was fascism, as anyone who studies history knows. You do remember that Germany was allied with fascist Italy, and that the first thing the Nazis did when they rose to power was to put communists in concentration camps?

  4. Your deep ignorance of the values of the Nazi party says it all about the value of your opinion. In other words, you don’t know what you’re talking about.

    • I’m not an expert, but I am a student with a personal interest (my grandparents and father’s community were slaughtered by the Nazis). May I recommend a quick read of the book Liberal Fascism? Not the work on the subject of the Nazi party’s roots, but a bit of an eye opener for anyone who believes fascism is an exclusively right wing franchise.

      Out of curiosity, how DO you explain away the word “Socialist” in the Nazi name?

  5. I fail to see the “anti-semite” connection.

    Just because somebody read Mein Kampf and liked it doesn’t make them anti-semitic.

  6. You are seeking to understand the actions of a lunatic. His motivation may be of academic interest, but does the inquiry make sense? Maybe Loughner hated Rep. Gifford because she’s Jewish, or a woman, or voted for Obamacare, or he didn’t like her hairdo. Maybe his dog told him to do it. Maybe he was recently kidnapped by aliens. Maybe he’s possessed by satan or hears voices. Most political assassins have an agenda that cannot be understood by the sane. What was Sirhan Sirhan’s logic, or John Hinckley’s, or Arthur Bremer’s? It doesn’t matter. Just put Loughner down like the mad dog he is.

  7. As well as the news media, EVERYBODY is speculating. As for the shooter’s motivations, NOBODY knows jack thus far. However, this doesn’t stop ANYBODY from fitting the scenario to their own opinions.

    Given the track record of the news media, we probably won’t find out much except opinions until some point in the distant future when someone eventually writes an exhaustive account of this incident.

  8. Palin, Giffords are all the same breed. They are pro-gun just to get elected and re-elected. Because its a matter of career. And they get alot of money from gun lobbiests…so they can keep the party going!

  9. The national-socialist german workers party was called that for the same reason that commie germany was called the german democratic republic. It sounds cool. kinda like TEA party sounds cool. The NAZIS are considered right wing probably because of the racism and fascism in the ideology. In America the definition of left, right, liberal and conservative have been confused and swapped so much that they have no meaning. Both parties here are right wing and both promote fascist economics. What i want to know is why does the Republican party not change it’s name? the red chinese are and the commie russians were republicans too. what’s that about? oh wait, I remember, it sounds cool.

  10. Eichlaub, You should do some research before expressing your opinion next time. Anytime you less intelligent individuals dont like something or want to make a statement you call people on the right side racists. Seriously? Go back and read a book about racism in politics. Educate yourself about the truth. Liberals are insanely racist, and have all of you mindless idiots who are unable to process your own thoughts brainwashed. Asking someone to stand up and take responsibility for themselves is racist? You are a racist for saying it. [edited for flames, believe it or not]

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