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“We are deeply saddened and deeply angered by the shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, members of her staff, Judge John Roll, and the constituents, including a 9-year-old child, who had assembled with her outside of a Tucson grocery store today.

We know the deep pain and horror that all the family members and loved ones who have been made victims by this man and his gun are going through. We wish we didn’t, but we know it too well. We were there almost 30 years ago, dealing with the doctors, the hospital, the surgeons, and so much uncertainty.

We were there coping with the horror of bullet wounds to the head, not knowing if Jim would live or die or what kind of life he would have. We were there hoping and praying for the best, that his life would be spared and the damage to his brilliant mind would be minimal.

We want all the families to know that we were there then, and we are with them now. Our thoughts, our hopes – we pray that they can feel them and know just a small measure of peace. We pray that they understand how committed we long have been to making our beloved country a place where gun violence doesn’t happen so easily and destroy so many.

We offer our condolences to those who have lost their loved ones. We offer our assistance, in any way that it might be helpful, to those who have survived and will struggle, as we have, to heal from the unspeakable horror of gun violence.”

With our love and prayers,

Jim and Sarah Brady

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  1. What happened to those poor people is truely sad, and nobody deserves to be murdered like that. People need to stop blaming guns, and place all the blame on the responsible party. I can already see saralooneybird blame the republicans for this tragedy, but no one really cares what see thinks.(This includes jadeloon)

    • Guns make it possible for bad people to victimize good ones more easily. Argue all you want but a knife would not have had nearly the killing power of that extended magazine pistol. People who keep talking about people killing people and not guns killing people are simply in denial; you might as well say that nuclear bombs don’t kill people, people kill people. Why the hell is it so important for you folks to own guns anyway? If protection is what people want, I would rather that they substitute guns with pepper spray, tasers, and other non-lethal measures. If it is for range shooting, guns should be kept under lock and key at range armories and allowed to be used only on ranges. Hunting rifles are a bit more of a problem but access to them should still be controlled and closely monitored.

      • Look up the China stabbing sprees, and then tell me about “ease.”

        And furthermore, why the hell do we need to justify our need to anyone?

      • You are exhibiting the same “paranoia” you supposedly accuse us of. You, apparently, cannot trust all private citizens to be good individuals, people to be lorded over and micromanaged. We understand the possibility of people going bad, we do not run around telling others what to do, however, and we take responsibility for ourselves.

        • There is NO difference between a private citizen, an LEO, or a soldier, perhaps except in terms of training. They are ALL HUMANS. All, with human strengths, and FLAWS. What makes these “Only Ones” better than you and me?

      • How do you propose removing guns from nutjobs? Marijuana and other drugs have been banned for decades, but “regular people” can get those all the time.

        As for guns, how does that work… we need more laws against guns because we can’t trust people to have guns, but since most people are law-abiding, we can trust them to obey gun laws? …what?

      • And what is your answer? Once again, we hear emotion, but no real plan. Its easy to make these broad statements about guns when a tragedy like this occurs.

        Would it have been better if the guy ran them over in an SUV? Would you be out banning SUVs because they are larger than anyone really needs? Would it have been better if the killer found some other non-gun way of hurting people? People have been killing each other for various reasons since the beginning of recorded history. They didn’t have guns, but managed to kill anyway.

        Here is another scenario. What if some alert CHL holder put this guy away after the third or fourth round fired? I guess your answer would be that it would not be necessary if nobody had guns to begin with. Criminals (and crazies) will always be armed. They will always break any law that you can create.

        I wont get into the terminology too deeply, however there is no such thing as an “extended magazine pistol”. As usual, you blame machines and not the irresponsible, crazy people who use them. As for the comment about nuclear weapons, they dont just go off. Someone has to set them off. I have never heard of a nuke (or a gun) just going off because it was mad about something.

        I really didn’t mean to turn this into a gun rights statement. I can see that your message was one of emotion, and not logic. You really have to try to understand that a gun does not control a person. Having a gun does not transform a rational person into a wacko. We may never know what was wrong in this guys life. As for him being able to get a gun, even if he couldn’t, he would have found another way to do damage. Maybe a more destructive way. Remember Ok City? No gun involved there.

        Banning anything in this country historically makes it worse. Ban liquor, you get speak-easies and the illegal booze trade. Ban drugs, and you get what is the current situation on the Mexico / Texas border.

        The fact is that this guy broke so many existing laws that he would not have worried too much about breaking a few dozen more. He was nuts. Not right wing or left wing nuts, just plain nuts.

        As AntiCitizen has stated, we really don’t need to explain our needs or wants to anybody. Read the Second Amendment. When you get done with that, read the Dick Act of 1902. Another interesting document that technically makes all gun control laws illegal. If I read it right, it also allows anyone between 18 and 45 to carry a gun. I hate to break it to you, but the law is on the side of gun owners. There was a reason these laws were passed.


        All the above are stabbing sprees. They seem to slip the minds of antigun folk. Note all these places have stringent gun laws. Canada, an example used by many antigun folk is the last and is of great interest and example. The man was not allowed to own a firearm. He was not allowed to use it in anyway in which he used it. But did that stop him? No. 50 people who foolishly unarmed (both by law and thier own ‘morals’) stood as helpless victims and potenial victims until ‘help’ came. Some guys shot him… those guys were cops. But that’s okay 😉 God says to leave your life in the hands of others doesn’t he? Or was it the other way around… hemmm…interesting.

  2. Ben’s statement that “Guns make it possible for bad people to victimize good ones more easily. ” is pure fantasy(but it’s his right to express his opinion and just as I have the right to express mine.) These people can victimize others so many different ways that it’s scarey. If a person is intent on breaking the law, they will do so no matter what bans or laws or regulations that anyone comes up with. I know a lot of people won’t agree with my opinion and that’s fine because I probably won’t agree with theirs. Freedom of speech and of one’s opinion is one of the best things about living in the UNITED STATES.

  3. Since the Brady Campaign is almost broke, I can see how they would choose to exploit this act of a crazy man. Follow the money and you’ll find the Bradys with their hands out.

  4. He PASSED the BRADY Background check according to the Washington post.

    What other gun control measures would have worked? Apparently none. The Brady’s offer nothing to the stopping of violence.

    If anything the people advocating for more free mental health care access do more to reduce violence than the Brady’s do.

  5. A person who sets his or her mind to create suffering onto others will do so with any means at their disposal. Poison, knife, rope, pickup truck, four door car, planes, trains, etc……………………… the list goes on until the words fail. The machine does nothing without the operator. In this we find the truth. Humans being human. I hope for the survivors to be well and to the ones that have lost someone in this absolutely horrific tragedy my heart felt condolences.

  6. Ben…Are you aware of the fact that one of the worst mass murders that has ever taken place in the United States was done with a gallon of gasoline?

    As a matter of fact, the worst mass murder was the 09/11 World Trade Center attack, done with commercial airliners. The second was the Oklahoma City bombing, done with diesel fuel and fertilizer. The Happy Land fire was a distant third, “only” resulting in 87 deaths with gasoline and matches.

    There are far more deadly and efficient means of committing mayhem than with firearms. Virtually anything can become a deadly weapon in the hands of a determined and committed individual.

  7. guns are strange and scary machines. all anti gun arguments are emotional and therefore irrational. banning the private operation of motor vehicles on public roads is a saner and more effective public safety policy but no one seriously argues for it because cars are not scary even though they are far more dangerous. I’ve never seen any one get hurt by a firearm except on tv. I have seen people injured and killed by cars, i tread through their blood to check for a pulse I knew wouldn’t be there. I fear not guns because I am rational, I fear not cars because i am an idiot. strange isn’t it?

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