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I’m a gun owner. I don’t own an assault rifle. I don’t own a 20-round magazine. I don’t need either. I own guns to hunt, primarily. I am not a member of the NRA. I understand that if the government comes to get me, they are going to come with force so overwhelming that untold 20-round clips won’t help me. Or they’ll send a drone the size of a bumblebee up my nose and explode my brain.

— Bill Lepp in We should fight to save kids, not the weapons killing them

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    • +1 I don’t understand the mindset of subjects like this: “I’ll lose, so I won’t even try.” Grow a pair.

        • The President already gave them the conclusion, they just have to come up with the reasoning behind it.

        • Allowing the anti-gun mafia to split us up into little groups that they can conquer individually will destroy us. Fudd is wrong to think that his guns will not be seized is wrong. They will just come for them later and call them “sniper rifles”.
          As for criminals and bump stocks- it’s called the black market and you can buy anything you want (all you need is lots of money). Can even but fully automatic weapons, although you might have to wait for the next container of Chinese arms to arrive.

        • “They will just come for them later and call them “sniper rifles”.”

          This point was conceded early in the article. The guy expects it. He is just enjoying his toys while he can. He will not resist, period.

        • Because the VC, on average, were an order of magnitude harder than the average American today. Three’s Company would be a good analog for today’s Americans while Rocky would be about the analog for the resiliency of the VC of the 50′-70’s. They busted their asses and sacrificed immensely for victory (yeah, too bad it was for such an oppressive regime – they were damned if they did and damned if they didn’t but they sure did).

        • The People’s Army of Vietnam grew from one platoon of men in black pajamas carrying WWI rifles. NVA soldiers and main force guerilas were well trained and committed men and some women who gave as good as they got. When someone says our puny weapons are no match for the governments big guns I point them to Afghanistan where a bunch of opiium farmers have fought us to a stand still. I am an infantry veteran who means no disrespect, implied or intended, to our soldiers.

        • “When someone says our puny weapons are no match for the governments big guns I point them to Afghanistan where a bunch of opiium farmers have fought us to a stand still.”

          Because, like Vietnam, America is not committed to victory; not willing what is necessary to wen. We destroy thousands for no discernible purpose.We just like to send messages to naughty boys. The Korean war was the end of America’s commitment to principles, and the beginning of the use of military as a super police force.

        • Nighthorse,

          Excellent observation. There appears to be a general malaise of spirit and patriotism in many Americans today. So many are willing to sacrifice a little of their liberty for illusion of protection from all levels of government. They are especially willing to sacrifice others’ liberty because they are “other” people. As long as they can remain comfortable with a variety of bread and circuses they are content. They’ve gotten away from the land, and many have never had to anything that difficult or unsafe…to make hard decisions. Essentially, they have surrendered their guts and independent thinking for “enlightenment” and comfort.

      • Blake…… I am showing my age here, but this same type of idiot was around in force many years ago chanting ” Better Red than dead “. I guess we will always have these types around. Makes a person believe in birth control.

    • The guy’s a sad fool. What is most telling about his comments, something I’ve heard from people like him before, is that he doesn’t see himself as a free man. Instead, by his very words he defines himself as a subject of an all powerful government. The very idea of defending a constitutional right is strange to him because the idea of freedom and liberty our founders understood and wanted institutionalized in our laws is also strange to him. He would not have stood at Concord Bridge and he would not have stood at Bundy Ranch. Guns up.

  1. Yeah…. no. Thanks for playing. Kids are killing kids whether with guns, knives, drugs, or a whole host of other means.

    I bet this guy blames cars for people killed by drunk drivers and I guess he also blames the internet when a (cyber) bullied kid commits suicide.

    In addition, given his choice of key words I doubt very much that he is a shooting enthusiast. So, if we are going to make sh!t up to prove our credentials then I am going to claim to be a card-carrying communist who doesn’t support gun control so that should change the minds of all the other card-carrying communists.

    • Ironically, the open communists (e.g. the “redneck revolt”) don’t actually support gun control. They’re still genocidal, sub-human vermin, but they don’t support gun control… for now.

        • Yes… please tell me more about how the red bandana wearing Che fanboys are NOT open communists.

        • Redneck Revolt? The foundation of their ideas is marxist/communist. Their talking points are marxists/ communists.

          In the end, Redneck Revolt it’s just another face and tip of the spear of mass murder, tyranny, blood and death that has always come from that devil spawned ideology.

        • Oh, and Jug. Pwrserge might be a lot of things, Commiecrat is definitely not one of them.

          You seem to be very misinformed about the origins and beliefs of different people and groups. If you’re confused about the origins of Redneck Revolution, you better look more closely into them, because if they don’t admit to being marxists/ Communists, then they are lying to you.

        • That’s because he is one. His job is to make gun owners look like unstable idiots online while supporting communism in every other facet of American life.

        • So if antifa’s holding an event and Redneck Revolt is providing security, their position is the same as ours as far as protecting free speech without violence.
          From the Ministry of Truth.

        • Among both loyalist and breakaway chapters, many members resist the idea of disarming while police violence goes unchecked, while respecting the agency of high school students demanding change.
          Masters of Doublespeak.

  2. “professional storyteller” aka unemployed loser.

    Sounds like this moron may be a few cards short of a full deck.

  3. I wish all these “death is inevitable so why live?” types would just suicide and get it over with rather than work to drag us all down with them.

  4. “If there is any lesson in the history of ideas, it is that good intentions tell you nothing about the actual consequences. But intellectuals who generate ideas do not have to pay the consequences.”

    Thomas Sowell

    • Good intentions have been banned in Washington since the Wilson administration.
      – Gov. William J Le Petomane

  5. Rifles are used in about 400 murders a year, nationwide.
    If Lepp is concerned about saving lives, and lives in West Virginia, then he would focus, and focus is all about the act of saying “no,” on the opioid epidemic.

  6. Why do I need to hear this clowns sheepology thinking. Opioids are doing the real killing dummy. We have had 5-6 this winter but I don’t see any outrage over it. No national walkouts. On another note we need a 2A march on Congress or state capitals. It now or never Fudds

    • “Why do I need to hear this clowns sheepology thinking. ”

      Because his is the perfect example of why POTG are not winning. This person represents the fragmentation of message, intent, and focus. This person is why the pro-2A message is not more effective and efficient. Gun grabbers have one message, and one goal. Gun owners are, naturally, individualists, looking out for their own specific and limited interests. This person shows us directly why the anti-gun people really believe they can defeat and disarm 100million gun owners. This person does not see gun ownership as a principle, but merely a hobby. This person has matters in his life that are more important than the constitution.

        • ” Example : kiddie porn daily & twice on Sundays. I would bet my pension on it.”

          I’m only on my third six-pack of the day. Don’t want to wait to get to the fourth so my cognitive skills are up to par. Can you elaborate on the intended meaning of your comment. I know I am at fault for not being at the top of my game, but I do want to understand your comment.


    • Blaming Opioids is exactly the same as blaming a gun for the actions of the user. Opioids have a place and normal people should not needlessly suffer because a bunch of irresponsible selfish assholes don’t know how to act. It would be akin to blaming alchohol for drunk driving fatalities. If you are too stupid to NOT take painkillers unlees you are IN PAIN…you should get all the opioids you want so society can be rid of you.

      • Finally someone who has some common sense . I’m so damn tired of hearing about the opioid epidemic that I could scream. In my area people are dying almost daily from meth OD but the local gov. Is still calling it a opiate problem. I know this from talking to local first responders and paramedics .

  7. What do FUDDs understand? If those semi-automatic machine guns with 20-round clipazines are taken away, they will be left alone.

    WRONG! To the anti-gun groups, a gun is a gun is a gun, and they won’t stop until they are ALL removed and destroyed. More extreme members want to destroy the owners because they may resist during or after the confiscation.

    • Just look to England. They only said they were coming for the guns. Now that most murders are committed with knives, they are now coming for the knives.

    • I think this guy actually does understand, and he’s okay with all of that.

      He thinks it’s inevitable and he has no spine, so he has preemptively surrendered — and found just enough courage to push someone braver than he is under the oncoming tank treads.

      He’s the type of loser who is despised by both sides.

  8. To be expected from a FUDD “story teller and writer.” The biggest story he tells is that the Constitution grants rights. It protects rights dumbass, especially the God given ones.

  9. McJornalista thought bubbles,
    “Guess how many clicks I’ll get with this one!!”
    “Wow the faster I type out these articles the more people who read them!!”
    “This one needs more emotion and less thought, hmm I’ll write what my kids say.”

  10. These guys don’t realize that their bolt actions are the next thing that will regulated and then confiscated.
    The goal of the left is complete civilian disarmament and making hunting illegal. They know that too many voters own firearms to repeal the 2nd. The strategy is to whittle away at the gun owner voting base over time. Dumb asses like this are key to left attaining their goal.

    • That’s right. They don’t realize their scoped Remchesterby will be classed as a “sniper rifle” and be the next item on the ban list.

    • Frankly I’d be a bigger threat to the military with one of my bolt actions than I would be with my AR. I’d last a lot longer sniping from the bushes than storming the line spraying bullets wildly as I’m shredded by a mini-gun.

      • You need a better ar, I have one with a 24” heavy barrel and a bausch & Lomb 24 power that shoots better than almost every bolt gun I have and it holds More than 4+1

        • The .308 has a 10 round conversion. All my rifles shoot better than I do.

          Depends on the situation. If you find a nice secluded corner in a pitched battle you can shoot at will, otherwise the second shot’s going to give away your position.

      • Whenever I see an anti use the argument that an AR would be useless against the military I always wonder if they expect us to face off with said military in an empty field and exchange gunfire like gentlemen.

        • Wars would be pretty short if we lined up like gentlemen did in the Revolution with our modern weapons.

  11. Maybe if he wasn’t an a**hole his neighbors would help balance out that overwhelming force. He seems like the type to watch his neighbors get carted off and stand by, grateful that it was not him….this time.

      • Sarcasm. If drones could do it all we’d have been out in 17 days not years. Although I’ve heard there’s hardly any opium coming out of Afghanistan anymore.

        • not for the street trade anyway. there is still just as much opium coming out of there it is just under .gov and big pharma control. cant have competition now can we

    • I guess I didn’t finish my thought: if such a scenario were to happen, I’d rather be armed than not. And, it appears this guy didn’t think his article through at all.

      • Pacer,

        There is no doubt in my mind that the U.S. government would employ drone strikes against We the People on U.S. soil if they deemed it necessary to achieve their goals. The key to remember is that those drones don’t have to drop a 500 pound bomb that destroys a home and the two rows of homes surrounding it: they could drop a nice little 10 pound load of plastique that would eliminate everyone in a modest home without harming the neighbors. Even if that 10 pound block of plastique did not kill every occupant, every occupant would at least be permanently maimed to the point of being permanently “combat ineffective”. And the home destruction would certainly be substantial enough to discourage anyone who was not seriously committed to their cause.

        • ….or enrage more people to the cause.
          Bombing civilians was so effective during the Blitz.
          I would like to add that my Dad was in the London area during the V1 and V2 attacks which did galvanize people to the war effort.

        • Who says there has to be an explosive payload. A 500lb practise bomb made of concrete will destroy a house purely from the kinetic energy of the impact.

    • So he has half a brain. The part where he thinks the solution is laying down your arms clearly shows that the other half is missing though.

    • Drone-strikes are no more likely than the US government rounding up many thousands of American citizens and shipping them off to prison camps. Oh wait…!


  12. Turn coats and cowards will be dime a dozen if it happens! 20 round clips may not hold them off but there will be a minimum of two deceased, Myself and the first man through the door, door is rigged with a motion sensor and charge in the frame, may even get the whole entry team, just flip a switch, being an old war Vet being in a fire fight is nothing new! Getting into Valhalla requires an entrance fee so you got too take at least one with you! Damn Cheap wine talking again!
    Molon Labe, Non Sibbi Sed Patraie

      • Yes it is easy but don’t publish the instructions, AntiFa et all would adopt them as their calling card.

      • I’ve been waiting for a while for people to figure out how easy it is to make certain things that cause a lot more trouble than a gun ever will.

        The kiddos in Manchester went down that road with some success but MI5 is a pretty effective domestic agency and took them down (thankfully) after their little test run at that concert.

        One day some people with their shit screwed on tight will figure this out, along with how to use that stuff properly, here in the US. At that point things will get bumpy for awhile.

    • I once knew an old guy with a PTRS (I think, it was a long time ago and I was less familiar with anti-tank rifles then) pointed down the narrow hallway at his front door. That might chill an entire ‘roid stack with one shot. That is what he said he had it for too.

  13. This has been a problem with the gun owning population for as long as I’ve owned firearms (I 64 and have been shooting sense I was 9.). When I was shooting High Power Service Rifle the state association lead told me that handguns were not meant to be part of the 2nd Amendment, only service rifles and he did not care if they outlawed all handguns. I’ve known many hunters who only care for bolt action or lever action rifles and have no “need” for handguns or semi-auto rifles. What we need to do is understand the anti-gun tactics. They went for cheap handguns, then for ‘Assault Style Weapons”, and right after the 1984 AWB, the anti-gun people celibrated their victory by stating that bolt action rifles with scopes were “TOO ACCURATE” and were “sniper rifles”. DON’T LET US BE DIVIDED!!!

    • That has been a central part of the anti-gun playbook. Have us fighting among each other after making apparent concessions to the more acceptable groups. Those who accepted the concessions don’t realize they have been played for fools and they will be among the next targets after the current concerns are dealt with.

      First self loading rifles.

      Then scoped hunting rifles as “sniper rifles”.

      Then lever-action rifles for their “rapid fire ability”.

      Then other target rifles and hunting rifles.

      They will not stop until ALL firearms are banned.

  14. “I am not a member of the NRA. I understand that if the government comes to get me, they are going to come with force so overwhelming that untold 20-round clips won’t help me. Or they’ll send a drone the size of a bumblebee up my nose and explode my brain”. When the tyrants are at your front door, it’s already too late. But at the very least it has to be an extremely painful experience for those stacked up on your door so they won’t be so eager to do it to your neighbors. Those in law enforcement who would follow unconstitutional orders deserve what they get. Those that give the orders…..well, there’s a remedy for them too. If it’s mass confiscation that the author is referring to, then there’s going to be quite a large insurgency. And it’s gonna be hard for the tyrants to defend themselves when they share the same soil as the ones they’re trying to oppress. Everything is public these days, including names and Home addresses. Those folks have to sleep, too. Usually next to their wives and down the hall from their children.

  15. Wow, so much stupid so early in the day. Good thing I’ve had my my caffeine and nicotine already or this would be downright intolerable.

    Who would waste their time and listen to a story from this “professional” storyteller/mental midget?

  16. Another (D)head (D)hole, pontificating on something he should have waited to have someone beat out of him.

    F em all

  17. “Or they’ll send a drone the size of a bumblebee up my nose and explode my brain.”

    Oh, I thought that that had already happened. My mistake.

  18. The one he left out is what I hear often at gun shows and is (IMO) even more dangerous to American Constitutional concept:

    “If the cops or the government want to come into my house and see what I have- NFBD! I’ll let them in- I have nothing to hide!”

    Those FUDDs need to have a session with Robert Mueller and see how they fare…

    • ” I’ll let them in- I have nothing to hide!”

      The belief that government is benign is deeply embedded in the American psyche. It is the same belief that looks at a criminal defendant as having to prove innocence.

      Whenever the subject of being on trial comes us, I dredge up an anecdote from one of my law professors, “Your are on a jury. The defendant is charged with a felony crime. Court opens, and the prosecutor stands up and declares the defendant is guilty as charged. The defense attorney stands up and declares you are not guilty. Both then sit down. The judge charges the jury to deliberate. Once in the jury room, how do you vote?”

      The outcome of that little test is almost 100% the same, “I can’t make a decision on something like that.”

      • The prosecutor failed to prove guilt. It should be an easy one, no? Law students really can’t figure it out?

        • Oh, the problem is that jury members can’t figure it out either. I knew I was missing something. I am a bit slow sometimes.

        • “The prosecutor failed to prove guilt. It is an easy one, no?”

          You’d be surprised how many people who claim to be “law and order” types do not understand how “innocent until PROVEN guilty” actually works. Have been called four times to jury duty, once for a federal case (drugs). Sitting in the “bull pen”, waiting to be called for voir dire, I listened to people opine that an innocent person will fight and dispute the charges. Relying on the prosecution to “prove” guilt was a sure indicate the individual was guilty, or at least guilty of something. And the other favorite, “If he wasn’t guilty, they wouldn’t put him on trial; waste of money”.

        • “Government” (including LEO’s and other Law Enforcement) consists of your ahole neighbors who needed a job.

          If they give you an inkling that they will use that job to do tyranny, end the MFrs and go after their family, homes, and property, and everything that was ever important to them.

          If you ever feel that they are going to chuck “Societal Agreement,”

          BEAT THEM TO IT.

  19. “Professional” story teller?!? Rank amateur loser. He appears to already have that drone up SOMETHING…

  20. From his own website, “A little about Bil.

    Growing up in a family where the truth was fluid, Bil Lepp became adept at spinning tales and exaggerating circumstances at an early age.
    A nationally renowned storyteller and five time champion of the West Virginia Liars’ Contest”

    Why would anyone believe anything he writes?

  21. Why is it that wolves think dressing as a sheep will fool the sheepdogs? Do they really think that pretending to be a Christian/conservative/gun owner/what have you while spewing their Leftist talking points will cause us to all suddenly abandon our convictions and quietly fall in line as “Suo Gan” plays in the background?

  22. My biggest pet peeve…AR rifles ARE NOT ASSAULT WEAPONS!! They are Modern Sporting Rifles (MSR)! We need to make it our mission to correct ANYBODY who refers to them as assault rifles.

    • A good thought but wasted effort.

      The left does not deal in facts so nothing you say will register with them.

      If you could engage a FUDD long enough maybe you could get through.

  23. “We should fight to save kids, not the weapons killing them”

    Another with this stupid false premise – come one people, use a little logic.

    There is absolutely no basis from which one can reach the conclusion that the existence of certain weapons causes the death of children, or anyone else. Be it Fudds or hardcore antis, it seems that none of them can understand that there is no causal effect from the existence of a class of firearms. Even if we got rid of “assault weapons”, though that would be hard since no one can define the term, there is no reason to believe that anything related to criminal actions would change. Even if, through some miracle, banning these rifles did eliminate all deaths associated with them (a completely silly assumption but I’ll run with it for a moment) then we would be talking about eliminating at most 700-1000 firearms related deaths each year since that is the approximate total for all long guns combined. Not counting suicides, that would mean that for recent years the number of firearms related deaths would be in the range of 9,000 to 12,000 – which is what it is now.

    A given American’s chance of dying from a rifle round in a given year is about 3 ten thousandths of one percent – essentially zero. So, why would I support limiting people’s freedoms based upon the unlikely premise that eliminating one vaguely defined type of firearm might have some unknown impact on a fraction of the population so small that it already rounds to zero.

    I know that school shootings are heart wrenching but, rare, terrible events are not the kind of thing one should base national policy on – especially when the proposed policy does not have a demonstrable relationship to, or impact on, the rare, terrible events.

  24. If one truly does love the children more than GUNS, why wait until ‘government’ enacts laws which make ‘hunting’ and Self Defense illegal? After all, you’re probably already a criminal under some written statute, regulation, code, ordinance or the like anyway. Why further burden those Angels having assumed physical form that occupy positions in ‘government’ as officials, authorities and ‘representatives’’, and their attendant minions, familiars and bureauweenies with all the trouble of writing and enacting more laws?
    Why not just simply turn in those evil killing devices some still call ‘pistols’ and those long barreled sporting, plinking and hunting devices which only the truly barbaic among the unenlighted still call ‘shotguns and ‘rifles’? They’re really just major causes of lead poisoning and common rifles are really ‘sniper rifles’, when their only use is to KILL CHILDREN and violate the rights of animals. While you’re at it, why not save ‘government’ the future problem of banning hammers and kitchen knives?
    Additionally, the truly progressive might as well start preparing themselves and their beloved ‘Children’ to convert, submit, be tortured, taxed into perpetual servitude, or be killed.
    “In times of crisis one need only to call The Million Marching Matriarchs Hotline. They’ll arrive in a day or two resplindent in their Vagina costumes with multitudes of snot-nosed screaming brats as cover, well armed and regulated with their “Ban the NRA” and “Univent the GUN” signs to quell any distrubance with nothing more offensive than a wave of their fashionably-correct pink pussy hats.”

  25. “I’m a gun owner. I don’t own an assault rifle. I don’t own a 20-round magazine.” Me too, cannot afford an assault rifle, but I do have 3 AR and 1 AK variants.

  26. Or they’ll send a drone the size of a bumblebee up my nose and explode my brain.”
    I think they already have.

  27. You can fit a bumblebee up your nose?

    I am sure there is story behind how you found that little fact out.

    I’m not interested in the story, but I am sure there is one.

  28. . A civil war would have to be a guerilla war, to win a guerilla war you must have the support of the populace. This spoiled America would not have the resolve for a continued war. The deciding factor would be, did the Soldiers oath to protect America mean anything or will he blindly follow orders. I think the riots of the 70’s and the National Guard is a pretty good example of what will happen. And the dudes right, We The People do not have the arms to take on the U.S. military and the police. If it does go down it will probably go like this, ” Yee gads, I can’t buy fuel to get to work to maintain my lifestyle, and I can’t log on to Facebook, I give up”.

    • “to win a guerilla war you must have the support of the populace.”


      To win a guerilla war you must give everyone who’s not a target, something else to worry about. It’s the same thing as an attack on a fortified enemy. Create a diversion(s) and attack elsewhere.

      A civil war doesn’t have to be ‘between the states’. I think it would follow the latest red/blue voting map, and the blue areas look like a bunch of soft targets.

    • What portion of the population ACTIVELY supported the American Revolution?

      What portion of the Irish population ACTIVELY supported the IRA before Irish independence?

      You only need enough to sustain operations.

      • “What portion of the population ACTIVELY supported the American Revolution?”

        I know these numbers. About 3% were fighters. About 1/3 where supportive of the 3%. About 1/3 were Tories and about 1/3 were fence straddlers just waiting to see who won.

        • I was off. Checked my facts.

          “During the American Revolution, the active forces in the field against the King’s tyranny never amounted to more than 3% of the colonists. They were in turn actively supported by perhaps 10% of the population. In addition to these revolutionaries were perhaps another 20% who favored their cause but did little or nothing to support it. Another one-third of the population sided with the King (by the end of the war there were actually more Americans fighting FOR the King than there were in the field against him) and the final third took no side, blew with the wind and took what came.”

  29. Dude, watch “Michael Collins” and “Defiance”. Read about the Revolutionary War in the Carolinas.

    We know YOU aren’t going to take ANYTHING because you’re a sniveling COWARD.

    The REAL question is what dummies are you going to send in your place, and what are you doing to do when they don’t come back?

    If you want to start a civil war, you’d better be ready for “Burning Kansas” with IEDs.

  30. I understand that if the government comes to get me, they are going to come with force so overwhelming that untold 20-round clips won’t help me.

    Giant vagina. Way to concede without even a protest. Get licking those boots, byatch.

  31. Not actually a gun owner, or he’d understand the very real threat of accurate “hunting” bolt actions in practice

  32. Mr. Fudd

    “I’m a gun owner. I don’t own an assault rifle. I don’t own a 20-round magazine. I don’t need either.”

    That is your Constitutional right however you don’t have the right to make that choice for anyone other than yourself,so Eff Off.

  33. The leading cause of death for youth age 12-19 is vehicle accident. As driving is not a protected civil right and completely unnecessary (note there was NO motorized transportation when the constitution was written), we need to take steps NOW to protect our youth- our very future. Anyone who doesn’t agree is a CHILD MURDERER with blood on their hands. I propose an immediate ban on public transportation as a first step. No buses, subways, high speed rail or trains funded in any way by the public or using public land or easement. THINK OF THE LIVES SAVED!!! As a child doesn’t need to be IN a vehicle to be struck by one, we need to eliminate assault vehicles from the streets of every large city, especially assault trucks which are designed to take out many pedestrians (as evidenced by terrorist attacks across multiple countries). We can start these new changes in New York and California. The cities can use horse and buggies as well as bicycles and walking for all transportation and delivery activity. Shoes will have to be highly regulated so that they don’t unnecessarily increase the rate or distance that can be walked by an individual. This is obviously contemplated by the founding fathers by the lack of mentioning advanced vehicles in the constitution or including shoe protections in the bill of rights. In fact “left” and “right” shoes were only invented in the 1850’s. The only permissible form of transportation should be what was available to the Native Americans (note the total lack of deaths among Native Americans by vehicles in 1776). Anyone who disagrees is a RACIST.

    • Actually “freedom of movement” has been recognized as a Constitutional right stemming from the Privileges and Immunities clause since at least 1823.

      As such, one could derive a number of arguments about modern licensing and other government transportation regs and how they are applied to modern technology like cars and mass transport.

  34. Some FUUD or commie on here (can’t tell these days) is squealing about HPA passing, turning into a blood bath. Waste of a brain…..

  35. Is there a rifle that has a “20 round clip” that is removable (as opposed to a 20 or 30 rd magazine)? Just wondering….

    • Well. . . The closest thing that I can find to a ‘rifle with 20-round removable clips’ is the Japanese Type 11 machine gun; It had a 30-round hopper on the left side, into which was placed a stack of 6 regular 5-round stripper clips for the Type 38 infantry rifle. The individual clips were, of course, removable–they were ejected as they were used up.
      Close enough?

  36. He actually spells his name with one L. Bil Lepp. I’m not going to put him down. Coming from West Virginia, spelling his name with one L, calling a magazine a clip…He might be well, “Special”.

  37. I understand that if the government comes to get me, they are going to come with force so overwhelming that untold 20-round clips won’t help me.

    Funny how will all that force, they could not get rid of gangs.

    • ” Funny how will all that force, they could not get rid of gangs.”

      Government does not see gangs and criminals as either a political or military threat. Only the pro-constitution citizenry poses a threat.

      • hence why the laws have become so numerous that even 10 lawyers in the same field of law have trouble knowing every aspect of that field of law by combining all their knowledge. keep the laws simple and the populace will respect the law. make it so complicated that no person can know all the law and you breed disrespect which turns to contempt for the law and creates a massive criminal class who figure that if the laws are so numerous that they on a daily basis are breaking at least one law they may as well just go all the way and break them all. it then become a challenge to see who can get to the bottom faster.

        BTW it has become like this in most countries around the world now with in many parliaments etc (depending what it is called in each country) passing thousands of pieces of legislation every year. prior to 1973 when gough whitlam came to power here there had never been more than 20 pieces of legislation put before parliament in any given year, and every single piece was thoroughly read and debated before it was voted on. since he made our govt a corporation in 73 it has become at minimum 600 -1000 pieces of legislation per year. there is no way any senator or representative can read and understand the full implications of any of those laws and have decent debate about it. so what do you call a representative of the people who vote on things he does not understand fully and gets no real debate on?

        • “so what do you call a representative of the people who vote on things he does not understand fully and gets no real debate on?”

          Carpetbaggers and Scalawags?

          The founders feared what we have today. I am convinced that was one reason that originally “the masses” weren’t allowed the vote.

        • yes originally to be able to vote and it was the same here in australia in the very early days you had to be a business owner or landholder to vote. imagine the outcry if we put it back to that now…… i can guarantee that many would riot. there is only one way we could take it back to that and that is after a major cleansing of all the ones with their head in the trough of the public purse

  38. HEY… I KNOW who that guy is!!

    He’s “Leroy”, from the “Redneck Rampage” game – Check it out!,189126/

    If you remember, in that game the characters can get “Possessed” by space aliens and turned into mindless zombies – So there you have it! “Leroy” has gotten Possessed by, I dunno – A David Hogg alien or something? and now he’s leaving a trail of slime in the media – ??

  39. He’s entitled to his opinion, no matter how incompetent he is on the subject matter. He’s the kind of person that will not protect your back in a gun battle and generally the first to die in one. CS throughout and should be wearing an ISIS uniform to go with his sheep girlfriend.

  40. This guy’s comment is ate up with the DUMB ASS. What is so hard to understand? The 2nd amendment, The right to keep & bears arms shall not be infringed. If you don’t want to own a gun, don’t buy or own 1. If want to own guns, by all means buy & own all that you want. It is OUR RIGHT as an AMERICAN to own all the guns we want. It is the sick mined people that are doing all the killing. The gun is just a tool. The gun cannot fire by itself. It takes a person to pull the trigger. You could kill with a machete, knife, fence post, crow bar, 2×4, car, pit bull dog, hammer, shovel, hoe, chain saw, ax, rope, etc. Need I say more. Just another libby wanting to take OUR RIGHTS away so we all can live life like him. A piece chicken shit. Oh please mr. isis man don’t behead me, I will be a good little boy recruit for ya’ll, LOL. Is this what America is coming to. Well I am keeping my guns to protect me & mine from nut jobs like isis, home intruders, crooks in general.


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