Seems I’ve struck a nerve. The Social Media Manager at Cat5 Commerce sent me a link to’s interview with Falia, the 28-year-old female who gave me shit for pointing out that her videos might appeal to people whose interest in holsters is . . . tangential. I duked it out in the comments section of the original post until I was beaten into submission. I mean, realized the error of my ways. As for this post, all I’ve got to say is that white text on a black background is hell on my eyes . . .

You know, it really does get extremely tiring and frustrating for me. There really are a lot of perverts out there who comment. They just “turn off the sound” while watching my videos, along with the many sexist men who don’t even believe that women should carry guns. I’ve gotten comments such as “Why don’t you just find yourself a man if you want protection,” “You should just stick to baking,” “Women can’t drive and sure as hell can’t shoot,” and “Women should be homemakers, not gun carriers.”

It makes me sick, sad, and angry, all at the same time! I don’t know how their minds got to be so warped, but we are living in an age where I believe that women have more of a reason to conceal-carry guns than men do! That is why I have started making gun-related videos: To help other women who want to conceal carry, but struggle with similar wardrobe problems, so that they feel more comfortable in their ability to carry their firearm with them.

Men should not have a reason to watch my videos more than once, and believe me, if I could make my videos available to ONLY WOMEN, I would! It sure would save me a lot of headache. That is just not feasible, and I feel that this is a topic that the Internet (and society) is lacking in regards to providing helpful female information. For the most part, women’s clothing is completely dysfunctional/impractical when it comes to concealing a gun. Our clothes are cute, yes, but our pockets are all extremely tiny! Flattering pants are fitted, leaving not much room to hide a gun, and often our pants are lacking belt-loops. Skinny jeans are back in style. Dresses and skirts pose a challenge. And what about in the summer? Many girls like shorts and tank tops and don’t want to look frumpy and out of place, especially for the sole purpose of carrying a gun that will probably never get used.

Obviously men are going to find my videos on YouTube, and many of them will gawk, stare, hit replay, or make lewd and sexist remarks. As much as I would love to whack those guys over the head with a frying pan to knock some sense into them, I will just continue to bite my tongue and hit “delete.” As hard as they can be to ignore, I know it’s not even worth it to give them my time of day because those types of men will never understand that Second Amendment applies to both men and women. They won’t ever care about the challenges that women face in the world of concealed carry.

Thankfully, I do get enough positive feedback (from both men and women) that I know my videos are helping some other people out there, and that is what makes it worthwhile for me to leave them up on YouTube. I do wish that other women would post videos showing how they conceal carry, too, since I am not that thrilled to be the only girl out there with this type of video. Maybe if more women started posting concealed-carry videos, then more men would accept the fact that women and guns DO mix. :).


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