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  1. Kinda brings a whole new dimension to “shooting your mouth off,” huh?

    If he’s not careful, dimension of him will get around. And not in a good way.

  2. That particular object can get you killed in so many ways: overdosing, accidental discharge (if your buddies ‘prank’ you by stuffing a real loaded S&W 1006 in your bong bag) and getting your ass shot by police are all serious possibilities, but that’s not all. If this falls out of M.J. Toker’s pocket while he’s shopalifting munchies from Apu’s Qwikie-Mart it becomes Armed Robbery.

    Darwin Award, anyone?

  3. Oops, it looks like his buddies would prank him with a Model 92 instead of a 1006. My bad.

  4. Does the grip safety activate the carb?

    Also, if that piece is a piece, then it can’t be a bong, must be a bowl, which IMHO makes for a better headline, i.e. “What Could Possibly Wrong: Do Not Ask for Whom the Bowl Tolls Edition”

  5. Talk about your “high” capacity magazine. Rep. McCarty should demand a ten-toke limit.

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