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    • But don’t you understand, more violence isn’t the answer! This mischievious young man needs an after-school basketball league to help his self-esteem, and a staff of violence interruptors who will remind him not to load his father’s Makarov before he brings it back to school tomorrow.

      I think this angry teacher really needs some training herself before she irreparably harms this young man’s self-esteem and his future! Look at the way she intimidates him! School is for learning, not for bullying.

  1. Um, W T F? In what world do those students live, never mind the babysitter teacher? It appears to be Russia. Have they not heard of Beslan? Why wasn’t he tackled and held while being disarmed? Why weren’t students RUNNING from that room?

    Jeebus that was infuriating to watch.

  2. In the US, kids are booted from school for making his thumb and forefinger into the shape of a gun. In Russia, you get a stern talking-to from your teacher.

  3. This fool would be spending the next ten years in prison if he played that dumass joke in the U.S. When you run away you should also zig zag because most people can’t hit a moving target, and if you’re getting shot at by gangbangers you just need to stand still cuz they can’t hit sh!t at any distance. I should have said they only hit innocent bystanders and not the person their trying to shoot.

  4. Somebody should tell our buddy Ivan that ya can’t play Russian Roulette with a semiautomatic. Well, not more than once.

  5. During 30-years as Certified Firearms Instructor, the story told to MY students remains the same; as long as you can do so SAFELY (yourself, family or others you know), when confronted with a ‘potentially dangerous situation- AVOID. Someone’s in your home- you’re able to get yourself and family to safe room and call 911/police to let them deal with ‘potential threat’- AVOID. None of your belongings is worth your or a loved one’s life. Clearing a home against ‘potentially’ armed invaders requires a level of expertise most gun owners don’t have and it’s NOT your job to corral the Bad Guys- AVOID whenever possible. Someone across the street from your home is yelling threats and obscene language at you; if able to get inside your home safely to call police- AVOID the situation.

    Sadly in many states and jurisdictions in this country, you can arrive home from work and find you teenage daughter has been raped and wife bleeding on floor and likely not to survive such wounds, seeing the three home invaders who ‘obviously’ did these heinous acts running out the back door with a couple of your prized belongings, you should NOT take the Law in your hands and Legally should AVOID using your firearm. Men pounding on your vehicle in crowded street near your office and it’s possible to drive away and AVOID getting in a shootout with these deranged characters- AVOID shooting. You legally have a CCW permit and practice with your gun on regular basis, even do an IPSC match on weekends when work and family allows; regardless any sane rational person’s first and Second consideration should be to ALWAYS AVOID shooting your firearm whenever possible. The operative word is SAFELY; that crazed idiot across the street from your home who is threatening you- shaking his fist or knife in hand is NOT an immediate threat, but is he’s holding a firearm of any kind that’s a different situation where retreating NO LONGER a likely option. Unlike Hollywood and TV shows, a good person carrying a gun is NOT a magic wand guaranteeing you will win out in a shootout with the ‘Bad Guy’; nor is the gun an automatic pass where you as a good person will win the day and survive and go home to cheering family/friends/neighbors – instead of spending a long time in jail when a politically motivated DA doesn’t agree with your reasons for using or even displaying the fact you have a gun.

    AVOID and AVOID, doing so as long as you can in safety and using common sense- it’s not Hollywood and there are no retakes when it doesn’t go the way you wanted. Stay informed, practice shooting on monthly basis, and join and support the NRA regardless of which Party you belong to, the Second Amendment is about Freedom- not Crime; and remember in real life you are more than two seconds BEHIND what the Bad Guys are doing, so remain alert to your surroundings at all times- Stay Safe. Also, free advise is worth at least as much as you paid for it, it’s only – davzway.


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