What Could Possibly Go Wrong: Lasterlyte Mini Pistol Bayonet



  1. avatar NCGlockin says:


  2. avatar Travis M says:

    Being double-edged, I believe, makes it a dagger, which is illegal to carry in most states, unless I’m mistaken. It would seem that a single-edged full-sized knife would be more useful than a mini-bayonet, but this might be for the user who refuses to drop the very slow-loading revolver.

  3. avatar Jay says:

    So thats what the worlds most dangerous paper weight looks like! Good to know!

  4. avatar Dave_toyota says:

    I can see someone getting a good junk stabbin’ while trying to pocket carry that little beast.

  5. avatar Sam Wright says:

    Makes for great conversation at BBQs. Is there a holster that will fit it, or do I have to carry it in my pocket and hope the sheath stays on?

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