What Could Possibly Go Wrong: Laser Guided Glocks Edition

Our man Ira sent me a link to a Glock commercial. “A little obvious with a cute ending,” he opined. [Click here to watch the full ad.] Equally obvious: muzzle control has nothing to do with entertainment. Just sayin’ . . .


  1. avatar Bruce W. Krafft says:

    A similar scene was in a movie once: Cops are watching out for a pair of robbers (a black guy and a white guy) who are hitting bars. Their MO is that one or the other goes in to do a quick scout, then they both come in to take the place down. So naturally they pick the cops’ favorite after work watering hole, much to their chagrin. The amusing part is that a friend of mine who was a NYC LEO for 25 years or so, says that it was based on an actual occurrence. The really amusing part is that the guys at the station house refused to believe it wasn’t a prank, so the BGs wound up sitting there, in a bar full of cops, for about six hours until the next shift arrived and saw that it actually was true.

    1. avatar Ken says:

      Chuck Norris film Code of Silence – Bar Rob scene -hilarious
      Can’t embed YouTube video – search above

  2. avatar Chris Pearson says:

    As the camera pans through the scene you notice that most of the people in the back appear to be in a low ready stance. It’s not perfect. Captain Combover in the front there has a .40 pointed at his kneecap instead of his lungs.

  3. avatar JOE MATAFOME says:

    It’s a good thing that they didn’t open fire, because they would have most likely missed the perp and killed each other.

  4. avatar Joe says:

    its a commercial people, really?!

  5. avatar bob says:

    Looks like the perp was using one of those mosberg just in case shotguns

  6. avatar Jericho941 says:

    This is actually one nitpick I can get behind because it’s for GLOCK, and their safety didn’t show

    (puts on sunglasses)



    (Now in comic form!)

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