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Wondering what to do during those long months when deer and other quarry are out of season? Shoot em, of course. From “Currently still in the development phase, the Kill Shot would simply be a replica hunting rifle, that takes pictures instead of firing bullets. Users would sneak up on their quarry and get them in the crosshairs as per usual, but pulling the trigger would cause a digital camera – built into the scope – to grab a time- and date-stamped snapshot. That camera could also zoom, and record video.” Because standard cameras work so poorly, right? We’re sure game wardens won’t be confused at all. And just think how much fun it will be using it to take snaps of the kiddies at the beach! A few more pics of this work of genius after the jump. [h/t]


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  1. While I like guns just fine, I’m not a hunter. Killing anything I don;t have to is something I just don’t find engaging. I have no problem with other people hunting, it’s just not my thing. However, I actually like this idea. In fact I thought of this as a concept a few years ago when a friend of mine asked me to go hunting with him. What it really needs, though, is some sort of gas recoil system so that you can feel your shot, at least a little bit.

    Now that being said, yeah I can see where this could caue all sort of political correctness problems when used in the wrong place a the wrong time.

  2. Rifle stocks for long lens SLR cameras have been available almost as long as SLRs with telephoto lenses have been sold. I recall photos of the rigs being used in 1950s copies of publications like National Geographic and Sports Illustrated. Tthe rigs are enough unlike a real gun to not carry a high risk of making the user a target of folks that think you are pointing a real gun….

  3. Would it be different if it were all blaze orange instead of black? If it were I have no problem with it. Seems like a great tool to use for working on trigger squeeze, especially since you can replay the results.

  4. Because I enjoy being stealthy, I’ve been working on a deer rifle that looks exactly like a camera. I haven’t been able to shoot any deer with it because every time I try to use it, a Kardashian pops up from nowhere.

  5. I can imagine some nitwit taking one of these to a political meeting of some kind and getting his birth certificate cancelled. Then the lawsuit of the manufacturer for not telling the consumer he would get shot for taking pictures. I’m also hoping that this is a bad early April fools joke

  6. Pica tinny rail micro-cameras are available for about $60 online. I’m also amazed that that managed to make a Mosin-Nagant even more ugly. That takes skill.

  7. I thought someone put out a rifle scope with a digital camera inside somehow. The idea being you got the last picture of and animal before you shot it. I always thought it was a kind of morbid idea but I guess some people would want a natural image of the head on their wall.

  8. 65 years of eating what I kill–I’m ready to stalk deer all year long with my show the years of tracking,stalking and dead shot skills that I have to hand down to them.—What a better way to teach them than hands on with a


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