What Could Possibly Go Wrong: Handgun Sling Edition

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: removing your gun from concealment quickly, efficiently and safely is more important than marksmanship. That’s because many if not most defensive gun uses end without a shot fired. The bad guy or guys see an armed self-defender’s gun and decides not to attack. There are dozens of carry systems – gun + holster – that enable easy access to a firearm. This isn’t the carry system you’re looking for. Not just because the odds of pulling that coin thing off you gun’s grip during a full adrenalin dump are small, especially under a cover garment (not shown). while moving, but also because . . .

manipulating a loaded gun behind your back is an invitation to a Darwin award. I reckon you’d be better off going for Mexican carry: just jam the gun in between your pants and your underwear. I’m an outside-the-waistband guy who carries a Wilson Combat Commander-sized 1911 because it’s the only full-size gun thin enough to disappear between my T-shirt and polo shirt. Can’t wait for open carry. Can wait for this thing. Forever.


  1. avatar Jeff the Griz says:

    Yeah, I’m with RF on this, this is almost as scary as the bra holster. I could see this thing hitting the floor when the adrenaline hits.

    1. avatar David B says:

      But let them be a proud sponsor at the Texas Firearm Festivus and watch Tyler Kee give them 3.5 stars. All joking aside, I think RF gets bored on slow news days and just makes this stuff up to tweak Shannon Watts.

      1. avatar sagebrushracer says:

        Poking the bear on a slow news day is perfectly acceptable IMO.

    2. avatar Jeremy S says:

      This has to be the worst product idea I have ever seen. It’s worse than the cat carrier.

      1. avatar Stinkeye says:

        I’m pretty sure that’s a fake product, Jeremy. I’m surprised you missed that, because it’s so ridiculous. It’s obviously a joke, because using such a thing would very likely cause serious injury.

        The cat carrier might be a joke, also.

      2. avatar Jeff the Griz says:

        Well, the bra holster requires you to point the pistol at your chest, a shot ars is less likely to kill you just ask Private Gump.

  2. avatar Ralph says:

    That sling will come in handy as a tourniquet after you shoot your own hand off. Unfortunately, it won’t help if you shoot yourself in the ass.

    1. avatar Jeff the Griz says:

      I think having one of these would be beneficial if the bad guy was wounded, just wrap it around his neck to stop the blood flow to his brain.

    2. avatar Rad Man says:

      Have I showed you guys my new M14 inside waistband holster? I wear mine in a cross draw, you know, for convenience.

  3. avatar JR Pollock says:

    Oh. My. God.

    You’d have more luck juggling three cats with claws.

  4. avatar actionphysicalman says:

    Because holsters are too expensive or heavy?

  5. avatar GuyFromV says:

    I have one of those on all my flash drives.

  6. avatar JR_in_NC says:

    Wow. So, you are supposed to monkey around with the muzzle of your loaded firearm and actually PUT something into the barrel?

    That was a pretty slow draw AND a lot of fine motor control required to do it.

    Total Fail.

  7. avatar Troybilt says:

    Take the time to send them a message in there discussion page asking them to recall and stop selling these. When and not if someone has a ND it will look bad for all of us gun owners.

  8. avatar Taylor TX says:

    I love how he says “and now your handgun is secure”


    Seriously, I can only imagine how unsecure your pistol is when you start moving around.

    1. avatar Marcus (Aurelius) Payne says:

      Why, did he kill someones father? (kidding)

  9. avatar bob says:

    Versa carry works much better.

  10. avatar JasonM says:

    I would have said that there’s no more dangerous way to carry a gun than stuffed into pants without a trigger guard cover…but then some idiot decided it would be a good idea to stuff an 8mm tube down the barrel of a loaded gun behind his back.

  11. avatar James Acerra says:

    Death comes in many forms…all of them are faster than that draw!
    If you wish to have a cool look that really has no reason or function then this is the new gadget for you.
    I will not say “I told you so” when you drop trow and your cute rubber band shoots your firearm across the public bathroom floor. This is a last choice only carry choice and it would have to be a really serious need to need this item.
    Sorry brother you strike out on this gadget.
    Yours in service
    James Acerra

  12. avatar Nick says:

    So violate one of he four safety rules just by setting up your gear? This is terrible.

  13. avatar ANdrew Lias says:

    After the guys talking about people breaking their tail bones falling during small of back carry, I really think I’d pass on it. Muzzle insertions aside.

  14. avatar GRW says:

    I think the only way to make this safe is to slow the action down even more, so I suggest all men should instead loop it around their man-hoods.

    Women can hide it their bags, behind the purse under some tissues. Remove the slide from the weapon and just keep it loose around the barrel.

  15. avatar HotandEmpty says:


    He almost dropped his gun and his fingers would have slid into the trigger. What a moron, and he will not enjoy the first lawsuit that rightfully takes away his business capital.

  16. avatar Bud Harton says:

    Couple of comments based on experience.
    I have mentioned before that I have retired three times and one of them was with the US Army. I was actually medically retired from the Army after I suffered severe injuries in a training exercise. At the time, I was an infantry company 1st Sgt and i was acting as one of the platoon leaders as the actual was away at school. we were doing a night retrograde which is one the harder movements to orchestrate. I was moving an element to the rear and was wearing “nods’ or night vision goggles. They severely restricted distance perception and i missed a step and went over backwards into a ravine. Unfortunately, I had a smoke grenade sitting in a Vietnam era butt pack on my LBE which means directly over my spinal cord. The impact fractured my L4,L5 and S1 vertebrae and I ended up with a double vertebrae fusion and it took nine months to heal and then learn to walk again. After multiple surgeries on my back and my shoulder (also fractured) the Army medically retired me.

    Anybody that carries any hard object in the small of his back is being foolish to the extreme.

    A second point from my experience as a multi-decade police firearms instructor and a civilian concealed carry instructor, carrying a handgun without a holster that provides protection over the trigger is just plain stupid.

    1. avatar actionphysicalman says:

      15 to 20 years ago I carried in an in the small of the back holster. I think I was ignorant more than foolish. Information wasn’t as easy to get as it is today. Since I rarely, if ever, fell backwards it didn’t occur to me that I might or that the P7 was a decent impact force concentrator.

  17. avatar OneOfTheGoodGuys says:

    He’s got a case of the “old man ass.”

  18. avatar Gunr says:

    I don’t believe I actually saw that video! Did you see how long it took that guy to clear leather, oops!, I mean T shirt, no I mean blue jeans!
    Has he even sold any of those things? Whats the price?
    Robert! Is this a rib??
    If there not more than $1.00, I might get one for the cat to wind himself up in.

  19. avatar CJ Minnesota says:

    Just WOW! There isn’t an amount of trigger pull that would make me feel that I might not one day catch the trigger on my pants on the way in and give myself another crack!

    I hope that was the prototype, and getting it posted here was a way to test the acceptability of the product.

    1. avatar Gunr says:

      The poor guy is probably a newbee to the gun world, and thinks he’s made the biggest discover since the flintlock!
      Wouldn’t be surprised he’s warehoused 1/4 million of them and tried to get on Shark Tank!

  20. avatar joe_thousandaire says:

    I always say the best way to carry is the way that’s most comfortable for you and get really annoyed when people insist the way they carry is the only way. That being said this is actually stupid as hell.

  21. avatar David in NC says:

    100% barrel obstruction and 0% trigger protection. Next?

  22. avatar Rand says:

    For those who desperately a second hole in their butt, here ya go!

  23. avatar Southern Cross says:

    A pistol sling? Isn’t that also called a lanyard?

    Hint: wear the lanyard around your waist and not around your neck.

  24. avatar Thomas says:

    The only real problem is lack of something covering the trigger guard and the obvious, well documented, dangers of small of back carry. Doesn’t seem much harder to operate under pressure than a level three retention holster.

    1. avatar Jeff the Griz says:

      Or the barrel obstruction. Pull this in a hurry, shoot from the hip, go to hospital with shrapnel in your side from the massive Kaboom.

      1. avatar GRW says:

        That may be the plan, your average thief just want’s some cash, not to have to **** with crazy. The element of surprise and art of confusion, like taking yourself hostage to interrupt a simple robbery.

        1. avatar Brian says:

          Taking oneself hostage worked for the new sheriff in Blazing Saddles. 😀

  25. avatar Chris Erickson says:

    Was this designed by the Blomberg group to sabotage safe carry?

  26. avatar Model66 says:

    Was the name Pistol Suppository already taken?

  27. avatar Aerindel says:

    I guess its a good thing I OC then, I can focus marksmanship and ignore all the secret agent gadgets.

  28. avatar foodog says:

    eh. Looks like its only for DEA qualified professionals. Any string near a trigger seems to be Murphys Law for an ND, like the guys catching drawstrings on bottom of jackets- the chief cop in the gun store, remember?

    Not too different than the clip draw, that I understand was popular awhile back, but the clip wouldnt get caught in the trigger.

  29. avatar TwinReverb says:

    What could go wrong? Everything. This is not a good product at all. Boycotting.

    As for the testimonials, apparently you can get anyone to say anything on camera.

  30. The big problems I see are 1. sticking something in the barrel besides a bullet and 2. no guard that covers the trigger.

    No thank you.

  31. avatar Peter says:

    It looks like he took the old OSS string holster concept and made it even worse.
    The whole concept was that you could ditch the gun and not have to remove your belt to dump the “holster”.
    Maybe it would work someplace where having a holster is a crime?

  32. avatar Uncle Finster says:

    Long barrel down your crack, looks like you’re packing a chud.

  33. avatar Paul53 says:

    Mexican carry? Get a rope!

  34. avatar Sammy^ says:


  35. avatar Number 6 says:

    Gun thong?

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