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In March, I reviewed Alien Gear’s Cloak Tuck 2.0 and gave it five stars. It’s one of the most comfortable holsters of this style — large, flexible backing with two clips, which is great for a heavy pistol — at what’s likely the lowest price on the market, all backed by a particularly solid warranty. Not content to rest on its laurels, Alien Gear claims to have improved on this five star design with the Cloak Tuck 3.0, so we just had to check it out. . .

As mentioned in the 2.0 review, my opinion on this style of holster is that it’s the ideal IWB solution for a heavy gun, but it’s excessive when the pistol’s weight doesn’t need to be spread out over such a large surface area and distributed between two belt clips. I’d rock a holster like this for basically anything larger/heavier than a GLOCK 19 and try to scale down for anything smaller/lighter than that.

Anyway, my “woods carry” pistol is a Gen3 GLOCK 20SF. It definitely falls into the full-size-plus category, especially when loaded with 16 rounds of 220 grain hard cast bear and cougar deterrent. Although it’s fully legal and even socially acceptable to open carry ’round these parts, especially up in the mountains, I prefer to keep things under wraps. Wouldn’t want to scare the Huckleberries away…

“German Peter,” doing the most manual labor of his life

Or the pleasant folks at the country club where we enjoyed a lovely brunch before heading to the aforementioned mountains. A GLOCK 20 is a lot of gun to fully conceal, but if it’s going to happen a holster like this will help.

After half a day in the woods carrying the G20 in the Cloak Tuck 3.0, it was pretty well molded to my body.



In fact, one of the primary benefits of Alien Gear’s synthetic backing — a “thermoelastic polymer” on the gun side and neoprene on the body side — is how flexible it is. It’s basically broken in right out of the box, unlike a leather backing that takes extensive wear to mold to your shape and soften up.

The 2.0 has what I’d call a “leatherette” or “pleather” sort of a backing on the gun side — I think it’s vinyl — and the 3.0 has what is definitely a rubber. It features the “Alien Skin” texture, of course. In the photo below, the 2.0 is on the left, 3.0 on the right:


It’s a few mils thicker, feels tougher and just a tad stiffer.

When I visited the Alien Gear offices nearly a year ago and saw the Cloak Tuck 2.0 in person for the first time, I had two product suggestions for their team. Whether or not my input actually affected anything I can’t say, but the 3.0 does incorporate both of those changes.

The need to swap out stiff spacers of varying lengths to adjust retention and clip spacing has been alleviated through the use of a squishier, more spring-like material. The 3.0 still ships with extra spacers in various thicknesses and some other spare parts, but those other spacers are really only needed for large adjustments. This new, alien green material can be compressed by tightening the screws, allowing for some adjustment without a repeated disassembly trial and error process.


My second suggestion was hiding the T-nuts. Basically, if at all possible, putting them under the neoprene layer instead of on top of it. The truth is you can’t feel those T-nuts when carrying (pro tip: inside the waistband, but outside the underwear), but the appearance of them certainly doesn’t scream “comfortable,” which is the Cloak Tuck’s rallying cry. The 3.0 mostly takes care of it, with visible nuts only required at the currently-used clip locations.


This ability was likely — conjecture on my part here — due at least in part to the thicker, stronger gun-side backing material, and also due to what is certainly the largest, most important product change between the 2.0 and 3.0.

Instead of a thin ABS plastic sheet providing structure between the gun-side and you-side layers, the Cloak Tuck 3.0 uses a thin piece of stainless spring-steel. While the warranty always covered it, the most common failure in the 2.0 was a cracked ABS layer. The 3.0 is significantly stronger, with more vertical stiffness and stability, while still offering near-identical horizontal flexibility. It provides more protection for you from the gun and for the gun from you, and should indefinitely outlast the 2.0 material.


Yep. The 3.0 manages to improve on the 2.0 in all the key places. It’s more durable, just as comfortable, and more easily adjustable. Alien Gear does want $8 more for it, but at $43.88 it’s still one of the least expensive holsters of its type on the market, I believe beat only by AG’s own Cloak Tuck 2.0.


Specifications: Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.0 Holster

Gun Models Available: See this page for a full list
Build: kydex shell with 3-layer base (some sort of rubber, stainless spring-steel, closed cell neoprene)
Price: $43.88

Ratings (out of five stars):

Overall: * * * * *
Alien Gear went all Kaizen on the 2.0, which was already a 5-Star holster.

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  1. Alien Gear is a great company that stands 100% behind their products. I have 2 of the Tuck 2.0 rigs and they are great as well as very affordable.

  2. One issue I have with my 3.0: the plastic needs to be beveled, or carved out so I can get a full grip without scraping my finger. This may because I’m using a Shield, IDK. Compare to a super tuck from Crossbread and you’ll see what I mean.

    • Yeah, everyone cuts their kydex differently and will do it a little different for various models of guns, too. There’s no set-in-stone way to do it right or wrong, really, as long as the trigger guard is covered. Thankfully it’s an easy thing to modify to suit one’s preferences or gun (I had to file a notch in the shell for my SP-01 because I have an extra-large, ambi thumb safety on it). Anyway, in the case of the G20 here a little extra room for my ring finger wouldn’t hurt, but I do get a full grip on the gun when drawing and the kydex isn’t high enough to get in the way of that (it touches my finger, but doesn’t block it at all).

      • For your SP-01, did you have to order the one for the Phantom? I have an SP-01 Tactical; I assume they’re the same dimensions (mine is steel, and the Phantom is alloy?)

        • I did. I assumed it would be close enough but not perfect, and that’s pretty much the gist of it. The biggest issue is that the top of the slide on the Phantom is actually narrower than the other 75 slides, so I simply let out on the spacing of the two bolts at the front of the kydex shell and it’s all good. The trigger guard is slightly different as well, but it works. Again, this isn’t ideal and I wouldn’t be comfortable recommending doing this for EDC purposes and such, although I’ll tell you that it clicks in place and is retained and seems to work fine. I got the SP-01 shell for the purpose of using it on AG’s OWB holster when I’m out just plinking in the woods and such, and I knew I was going to modify it anyway so the Liberty Mystic suppressor would fit out the bottom 😉

  3. If they would’ve been around when I bought mine, I would’ve purchased one of theirs, for the price alone. I use a White Hat Holsters Max Tuck, and Tony over there has been nothing short of fantastic in the service department. Amazing company, product, and service.

    • I have a stealth gear holster that is essentially similar. I’m happy with it, but I agree with Jon – for half the price I would have given one of these a shot.

    • Yeah, love WhiteHat also. I used one for a couple of years and it was great. I think the AG backing material has comfort advantages and the cost is significantly less. I do prefer metal clips like what WH uses, but they are available through AG also and very inexpensive to add instead of the plastic ones. Honestly no strong preference one holster to the other, aside from the big price difference and the fact that there’s no break-in with the AG. Also, it’s possible that the rubber would do less finish wear over time than leather.

  4. Have both a 2.0 and 3.0, 3.0 is by far worth the $8 extra.

    Now if they would only release the shell for a TP9SA. Would not need it if Jeremy had not done a review of the TP9SA, forced me to spend money. I have contacted AG, they said there were waiting on their blue gun to start their R&D for the TP9SA, seems like a P250/320 fullsize shell works OK for it in the mean time.

  5. I have an original cloak tuck and while the holster is okay, the 7 week wait for it to be delivered while my cc was charged 30 minutes after I placed my order was not.

    • That is annoying that it’s charged immediately, but they may not have a choice. Well, I guess they should switch CC processors if they don’t. I’ve run a couple e-commerce sites and delaying charges was not an option to me. It was automated and instant. On the plus side, it was extra secure because not even I could see the credit card numbers. No exposure outside of the processor’s servers. However, I didn’t have wait times on the products so it didn’t come up as a need and I used that processing system despite the lack of this option. Anyhoo… Might explain it.

    • I suppose I’d rather have them charge me immediately than get surprised with a $50 charge a month and a half later!

  6. I have the Cloak Tuck IWB 2.0. I tried it and I cannot use it. The “wings” with the belt clips extend WAY too far beyond the handgun and they extend WAY too low. When I put it on, I cannot sit down because the material below the belt clips digs into my leg joint. Even standing it tends to dig into my leg.

    I suppose it might work if I wore it in back at a 5 O’clock or 7 O’clock carry position. But since I bought it for my strong hand at the 3 O’clock position, it really won’t work at the 5 or 7 O’Clock position for my strong hand because the pistol grip will be in the wrong direction.

    The quality and workmanship is wonderful. It is just too large.

    At this point, I am considering simply cutting off the wings (including the belt clips) all together and rely on friction (and the grip of the handgun extending beyond my belt) to keep everything in place. The only problem with that: I would have to sew the pieces together along the new cut. And trying to push a needle through that material is going to be a nightmare.

    • Yeah, all that material is why I only like these dual-clip holsters for heavy pistols. AG does make three backing sizes though so you can likely order a smaller one.

    • So you wore the holster incorrectly and then complained about it? AG shows you exactly where to position it,and that position is at the 5 o’clock position.

  7. Purchased a 2.0 for bersa thunder 380. Being 5’6″, 130lbs, the width of the holster was all too much for me. That and the entry angle for the pistol was wrong for me despite adjusting the dual sided canting.

    I tried for about six months, and nearly quit CC’ing due to it.

    Give me one of those cheap $10 universal fit single clip holsters, and I’m surprisingly happy.

    Diff strokes, as they say.

  8. They aren’t for everyone. I have a set of 3.0s.that I cant use comfortably. Im a bit large in the gut area and cant wear a holster at the 4 O clock position due to shoulder surgeries. I cant reach behind my back with my right arm regardless of personal girth. I use IWBs at the 3 o’clock position.
    The holsters are comfortable, and well made though. For me its better to have a smaller holster like a SHTF. Real leather works better for me too. Soak a leather holster in rubbing alcohol. Put the gun in a plastic bag. Strap on the holster and it will self form in a matter of minutes. Dry out and they fit perfect too.
    I have the same issue with Cross Breed as with the Alien Gear. Too big across, Both now reside in the familiar milk crate most of us have.

  9. I’ve had my 1.0 since that was all they carried and after breaking it in my M&P9C disappeared. My only issues were 1 t nut fell out and my metal clips sometimes need to be bent back into place. Glad to see they’ve “fixed” the only 2 “problems” I’ve had in years of EDC, guess I’ll pick up a 3.0 for my new handgun.

  10. I’d try one if this model was available for revolvers– I think an SP-101 counts as “heavy.” Can’t find a decent IWB for it.

  11. I have the 2.0 and I was so underwhelmed by it I am nearly convinced those who are a titter about it have no experience with holsters of other make. My 2.0 I had to relieve the kydex body and backing so I could draw with a good firing grip, and the backing collapses into the body when there is no gun in there to keep it out, making holstering a very careful affair. The CompTac MtAC or Spartan is a better design and is better executed. My current fave, even ousting the CompTac is the SHTF gear ACE gen 2. I understand the price tag is attractive on the AG but if you have settled on a platform and aren’t changing, you owe it to yourself to get a quality holster. The AG is made as well as it can be, but the design needs further refinement before I would consider it seriously, the spring steel sandwiched in the backing is a welcome addition, change the templates so my middle knuckle doesn’t contact the holster on the draw and flare the mouth of the kydex, then we will talk

  12. I wanted to like Alien Gear. I wanted to like my cloak tuck 2.0. Maybe the 3.0 will fix the issues with the 2.0 but I don’t think they will get anymore of my money. The t nuts are an issue, 2 months in and the edges of the back are curling up. While the stitching is holding the edges are spread. When I emailed customer service about swapping for leather or a 3.0 back their response was spend as much on a new back as a new holster would cost. I did buy a new holster. I bought Galco for that pistol. The only problem I have is grabbing the right one out of the drawer since their are 4 models in there. The oldest is 6 years old and is still going strong. I’ll give the shell 5 stars but the 2.0 back and customer service get a big zero from me. I really wanted to like these guys but I guess I’ll just be the odd man out on this one.

  13. The 2.0 was the first holster I ever bought for carry, and I have had literally zero things to complain about. It’s basically perfect. While I feel I was robbed of the learning experience of ending up with a drawer full of holsters before I found one I loved, obviously this has saved me money and time in the long run. If/when I get a smaller gun, I’ll have to start looking into appendix carry holsters, so maybe I’ll have that formative/expensive experience then.

  14. I have four of there holsters 2 OWB, 2 IWB. The are indeed comfortable. The only change I would make is to lengthen the metal clips just a bit. The screws make it a PITA to get them on with a good thick gun belt. I have three CrossBreed holsters that don’t have that problem because the hooks are about 1/2″ longer and the screw don’t get in the way of putting it on. Other than that, they are just about perfect.


  15. I now have 6 of these 3 v2’s and 3 v3’s
    1 is a leather base and the rest are all composite base

    Since getting my first 2 from them I have nothing but love for them
    I have a box of other IWB holsters and these just feel better to me.
    I actually forget I have my gun on me with this holster.
    I do ussually carry guns that use double stack mags and the single clip version
    just did not hold well for all day use. The Alien Gear holster with dual clips stays right where I put it.

    The smallest hand gun I carry is a SpringField XD-9 Mod 2 9mm or a M&P Shield if I need something a little thinner
    I even have one of these holsters for my glock in 45acp

  16. Can’t complain about shipping anymore. Ordered the 3.0 on 9/9/15 and delivered on 9/23/15. Love the holster so far, haven’t adjusted any cant at this point but may. It is very comfortable against body. Fits gun good Glock 23.

  17. I purchased two of the combo packs for the wife and I. I picked the Cloak Tuck 2.0 and the Cloak Slide for each of us, figuring we’d be wearing the OWB at home and the IWB when out and about. I carry my G23 in both of mine and have run into a few issues. I once accidentally bumped my rig against a cleaning cart in a hotel and two of the screws were pulled completely out of the anchors. If I had not immediately secured it, my firearm would have hit the floor. Second, the screws on the clips for the IWB would constantly loosen up. I resolved both issues with loctite and by using longer screws with the OWB. No problems since. Very comfortable and I now trust the equipment again.

  18. Thanks to this review I just ordered a 3.0 for my PT111 G2s (purchases inspired by another TTAG review).

    AG has customer service figured out as well… very helpful and responsive… The Millennium Pro model is different from the standard G2 (slide is a little thicker etc..) but they patiently went down my list of each measurement with me to ensure a proper fit.

    I’ve been trying to find a good IWB holster for a 20 year old 5 round wheelgun, they researched the model number and claim their J frame shell should fit, try it and if fits they will update their records, if it doesn’t fit just send it back.

  19. at this point in time many people are waiting (some for days on end )for their order …customer service will not answer emails , Facebook or phone calls , and their voicemail is filled .but they are certainly taking your money off your credit card very disappointed.I’m guessing they didn’t plan on a big response and are so far behind they can’t keep up.

  20. I have two of these holsters which have somehow gained the accolades of what would seem the entire concealed carry community, and I am not impressed. The .380 OWB isn’t bad after some adjustments, but its a holster. That’s it. within 2 months of carry one of the allen screws fell out. I now tighten all screws every month or so to be safe. The one for my OWB Glock 19, I wanted to send back to exchange for my .40 S&W. ON hold literally 21 min and 43 min, no answer. This was at 1500hrs their time. Pressing zero to leave a voicemail led to “mailbox is full”. So, a screw fell out of my “custom made” pre-ordered holster, and my emails and calls to 208-215-2046 have gone unanswered. Do yourself a favor, buy a different brand. Choose a company that is more established and has been around for a minute.

  21. I, like many of you, have a box of holsters that I don’t use. 37 of them in fact. Many major brands well known and respected brands. Well I ordered my cloak tuck 3 hoping it was all it advertised as. After getting it adjusted and loctight the screws I have to say this really is a great holster! It shipped promptly. My experience with customer service was excellent(unlike many companies yes I’m pointing at you Verizon). These guys got it right. I now only have to find a way to unload the box of unused holsters on someone lol


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