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Wilson Combat HIPS carry system (courtesy

Bill Wilson of Wilson Combat had an idea. A wonderful awful idea. Design a carry system based on the tactical conceit known as Hide In Plain Sight. And so Bill’s Boyz are doing the hippy hippy shake. “The Wilson Combat H.I.P.S. Concealment pouch allows you to carry a legally concealed compact service pistol comfortably on your belt-anywhere-without anyone ever knowing it was there! Designed by Bill Wilson to appear to be an ordinary belt storage case, the H.I.P.S. Concealment pouch easily and comfortably carries your compact service pistol and accessory items out of harms way-every day without fear of ‘printing’ or exposing your carry gun like traditional holster carry can.” Aside from extraction issues (two zips to rule them all), what could possibly go wrong? Needless to say, I’m getting one to test.

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    • Then the middle will remain zipped. THINK. Zippers aren’t magic – they have to end somewhere, and that somewhere has to be the END. Not the middle.

      A partial way out is a single zipper. But do we really want to go that route? It will be a longer unzip. Know what I mean, Vern?

  1. Yes,because the 12″ x 8″ black nylon bag suspiciously arranged on the right side of a person won’t arouse the least bit of suspicion.Honestly open carry strikes me as a better idea then this,as most sheeple assume an exposed gun = off duty Law Enforcement and pay no further mind.

      • Funny you say that. Every time I see some closet Metrosexual with a cell-phone holster on his belt, or anything ELSE on his belt for that matter, I scrutinize it at some length to figure out whether or not it’s a gun-in-a-bag, a gun-in-a-fannypack, or a gun-in-a-manpurse, or a gun-in-a-thing-designed-to-make-it-look-like-it-isn’t-concealing-a-gun. Anything that isn’t clearly a cell-phone, which is a stupid thing to stick in a holster on your belt like it’s a gun when it ISN’T a gun, I assume is a gun.


        Therefore, THIS thing is concealing a gun. And not very well, as we all KNOW that it’s concealing a gun.

        • I often think it’s one of those cell-phone-holster-outside-the-belt-that-loops-over-to-a-tinygun-holster-inside-the-belt things. I can’t find a picture to link right now.

        • I absolutely agree, but it does comes down to what kind of pouch you are using, and obviously what you are actually carrying.

          I spoke with a friend from a church I attended for a short while, and we got to talking about concealed carry. (He and I went to our CWP class together.) At one point, he mentioned knowingly, “Do you think the cellphone case the Pastor wears really carries a cellphone?” And in fact, the Pastor carries a small handgun in a cellphone case, and with the Pastor’s permission, several people in the congregation are always carrying. It’s just how things are today. In this instance, it was a legitimate cellphone case that looked like a cellphone case, and honestly, no one would ever really question if it was a cellphone case or not. And yet it affords the Pastor some protection that he might not otherwise be able to have.

      • You. As a gun owner. Which everyone, obviously, is not. Or we wouldn’t be having this conversation in the first place.

        John: a gun in a cell phone case? What, a mini-derringer? And ENOUGH with the “metrosexual” crap! Every knows you’re the stud of studs, right?

      • Years ago I carried a Newton MessagePad 2100 (an early PDA about the size of a VHS tape) in a belt case similar to this on a regular basis. I did get stopped once by a cop who thought it might be a gun.

    • In Texas the law only requires that it be concealed. It need not be in a case that no one can see. This is perfectly legal in Texas.

      My ongoing question is, do my spare magazines have to be concealed, or can I carry them openly? I don’t feel like being a test case, but it seems to me that magazines should be able to be openly carried.

    • TO: ST, et al.
      RE: Why Not….

      ….a simple fanny pack that packs a compact weapon?

      Less ostentatious. Less obvious.


      [I got a gun for my wife, best trade I ever made.]

    • No, no, no. Its a tactical wear anywhere on the belt storage/concealment system. Totally different.

      • No, it’s a hyperatomic tactical wear anywhere on the belt storage/concealment man purse. Wear it in a large city and you’ll own it (and the contents) for about 10 minutes. Pass…

    • If it ain’t on the fanny, it ain’t a fanny pack. Does it threaten your manhood? Why don’t you just carry the gun in your hand, so EVERYBODY knows you’re a real man?

      • Why stop at a fanny pack when you still have so much machismo to go around? You might as well pick out a dress to go with it, stud.

        • We have learned a valuable lesson, here. NEVER criticize another man’s murse.

          Or shoes.

  2. There’s a couple versions of them, i saw one advertised in the American rifleman magazine a couple issues ago

  3. Sneaky Pete beat Bill Wilson to the idea by a little bit. And the Sneaky Pete holsters look more like a PDA case than a “I have a strange fanny pack on”…

    • I have a sneaky pete Plan B spare mag carrier for my LCP. High quality leather, magnetic closure, great steel belt clip. Also, it just looks like a nice tool sheath.

      I think because of the materials used the Sneaky Pete may be the better choice. And you’re right, it would more-so scream “PDA” than “CCW”


      • I like black nylon gear because it looks tactical and sends a strong message….don’t tread on me!

      • I plan on getting one of these pistol holsters for my PF9. I don’t feel like replacing every pair of pants in my wardrobe just to carry inside the waistband.

      • A gigantic PDA. We see those everyday. No one carries PDAs anymore.

        And leather is SO light when wet, and carries that sexy wet horse smell that the ladies adore!

        • PDA’s — They’re called smartphones and tablets. Ever see how big the Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4 celphones are nowadays?

  4. What could go wrong? You’ll look like a dork and compromise your draw. Other than that, not much.

    • Looking like a dork is number eight million six hundred thousand two hundred forty three on my list of concerns. If it’s higher on your list, maybe you should see a therapist.

  5. Interesting concept. I’ll likely order half dozen for our neighborhood watch guys. Anyone got prices? Also looking for ASP batons for them.

  6. Yup, sneaky Pete holsters were the ones i saw. One guy i knows uses one for his Bersa .380.

  7. I have a Sneaky Pete for my Beretta Nano, I wear it while I’m riding my bicycle, never had a question about it.

    • Because we all know that statistically, the guy with the (insert one) photography vest, fanny pack, man purse, tactical pants always gets shot first. It has happened — well, it hasn’t actually happened, but if I’m a tough guy wannabe, I imagine it could happen. Or maybe I’m trying to think of a justification for not using something that makes a lot of sense except that it might make me look silly. Like not wearing a hat when it’s below zero. Because my vanity exceeds my intelligence? You guys are weird.

  8. Paint a caduceus on it and make it look like a cover for a colostomy bag and I guaranty that nobody will go near it — or you.

    Colostomy carry — the next big thing.

    • 100 bonus points, Ralph, for the first use of “caduceus” on TTAG!

      I always wanted to see an NFL quarterback or running back with a colostomy bag. “AND HE SCORES AGAIN!”

    • And if someone starts questioning you about the bag, mention the ADA (Americans With Disabilities Act), and they’ll shut up well before you mention lawyer. Great idea.

      • I did a quick search online. There is a huge market for pouches designed to carry medical devices like insulin pumps in just about any style you can phantom. I suspect if you embroidered a small medical logo on this Wilson Combat holster, very few people will assume it is anything other than a medical device.

  9. It seems a very similar idea to the Wilderness Tactical “Safepacker”, that’s been available for many years.

  10. Never, not in a million years would I give up my iwb holster for this. You could line it with barbed wire and I still wouldn’t switch. What’s next, a tacticool pocket protector?

  11. I’m paraplegic and I saw a similar system being marketed by a fellow disabled person, where you mount it on your wheelchair. Except it is not even a real pouch, it is just a slip on cover for a frame mounted holster that looks like a pouch. The idea is you throw the pouch and then draw. It just looked like the silliest thing to me.

    If I were going to CC from my wheelchair I would choose from three options: holster mounted under the seat, cross draw on my belt or a shoulder rig.

    I don’t understand these guys making holsters with zippers over them, it negates any ability to draw quickly. I mean I guess there is a market for it and it isn’t the worst idea, but there are some pretty significant trade offs.

    • “I don’t understand these guys making holsters with zippers over them, it negates any ability to draw quickly.”
      Our CWP instructor showed us one of those fanny pack holsters that zipped shut, and the design was such that there was a small”tab” near the top in between the zippers that you just grabbed, and “tore down” and the flap opened quickly and easily for quick access to your firearm. He said that the downside of such as design is they are very obvious, especially if you know about them.

    • The problem with guns attached to wheelchairs is, the gun is attached to the wheelchair. In any fight, you have a significant probability of being on the ground. Don’t get separated from your gun – have it on your body.

  12. Is this the new “Shoot Me First” vest? Because everyone that I know has this big fucking bag hanging off of their belt. Oy vey!!

  13. Hey Bob, whatcha got there in that enormous pouch on yer belt? Oh, nuthin, just some stuff. Aw c’mon Bob, that’s one enormous pouch yer wearin’, watcha carryin’ in there? Nuthin, just my stuff. Yeah, not too conspicuous.

    • Let’s be honest. This pouch is just for people who deeply want to open carry, but live in a no-open-carry jurisdiction. It says, “fvrk you! It’s concealed.” Just put a G36 or smaller pistol in your pocket, and move on. Of course from Wilson’s POV, it’s a way for 1911 guys to carry a big heavy pistol instead of a little Ruger 9mm, “Please…..”

    • +1.

      I have never seen anyone with anything remotely that big on their belt. Even the actual man purse crowd doesn’t clip them on their belts, do they?

  14. Why stop at handguns? Why not make one for the only guns that anti’s say qualify for the 2nd amendment, the musket.

    • I already have one. It’s called a golf club bag. The 3 wood cover goes on the barrel.

    • I like that first one a lot, it looks like it has a standard zipper pocket but then it pulls away with velcro if I’m looking at it right, to reveal your piece. Now THAT is a good idea.

  15. Ralph has another great idea. I’ve seen people wearing those bags and everyone looks away and pretends to not see the bag. This is a dumb idea and it’s even uglier than any fanny pack.

  16. This is almost as inconspicuous as carrying an 8″ N frame in a belt holster with a pink bath towel draped over it. Both conceal, and both scream gun, though I think the bath towel would be quicker from the draw. Also, the towel would be much handier after a good hit.

  17. I much prefer the Wilderness Tactical SafePacker. It is more expensive but easier to open and more versatile. Just my preference. Also like the Tuff Products taclite line. Just rip down and it opens up. Do not like bags with two zippers. Although you should push them all to one side so you only have to unzip one. It is not the best method of opening a gun bag though.

    • The other possibility is if the zippers are the kind that will slide open if you pull on the flap. If they are, then zip both of them to within an inch or so of the same corner, then you could just grab that corner to rip it open. You could even attach a tab of some sort to make pulling it easier.

      You could do all that. Or you could just buy a better designed container.

  18. Hmmm, kinda says tactical and douchebag at the same time. Since 5.11 and Woolrich make covert tactical shirts, and Levi’s makes blue jeans, I’ll just stick with that. Heck, my current shirt covers my Glock 23 pretty well, and it was $17.99 at Target.

  19. Holy hell, that is awful! And so are all these emails! Why are discussing fanny packs? Dear TTAG, no more fanny pack blogs, please! Cool? Cool.

  20. I’ve got a Bagmaster that looks just like that and older than some of the posters here.


      Not bad for $30.95 and 1/3 off the price for the one pictured at the top of the page. I’ve used this one regularly in the past as it fit in well where I was working at the time. I still use it occasionally for commutes to anti-gun destinations. It is discreet for on/off and is comfortable, even if you give up a second on your draw speed. Now if only they came in different colors with accents and branding that made them look more fashionable. As a Paramedic, if I were to sew a Star of Life on it, it would blend perfectly as many EMS people have similar belt pouches and even wear EMS gear off duty. But then I would be branded an EMS geek.

  21. “Designed by Bill Wilson to appear to be an ordinary belt storage case”. mhhh…sorry…mmhhaaha….can’t stop..hhhahahh….the tears, I can’t even read what I’m typing.hahhhahahahahaahaaaa…..sorry…can’t stop…..laughing….BHAAAAHAHAHAAAAAAAHAAAAA…..

  22. Works for me. After all, anyone with any sort of fanny pack, “photographer’s” vest maxpedition gear, especially a fatboy, or a cordura shoulder bag or briefcase is already “made’ right? The more of this sort of stuff, the better.

  23. I’m not against this idea, but I think you should do something to make people think that the case is being used to hold something other than a gun. I concealed a Glock 20 while camping a couple months ago by adding slits to the bottom of a first aid bag and attaching a holster inside it. I’m sure you could find bags for medical devices that would fit a full size pistol if you wanted to make one yourself.

  24. Anyone looking to rob you is going to be fixated on that thing. It’s not a good solution.

  25. if only people carried around squarish shaped ‘data slate’ like objects everywhere they went that could majically connect to some sort of interplanetary communications network, a ‘web’ if you will… then maybe someone could design a holster that looked a lot like a case for carrying one of these fictional devices.

  26. I understand the logic of calling things “shoot me first” items – a sleeveless vest, fanny pack, NRA hat…but is there any evidence that a mugger or spree killer has successfully identified and neutralized a lawful gun carrier based on such a thing? Do cops get shot first (like the security guy at a bank) during a crime?

    It sounds like one of those things that makes sense, but does not really happen.

  27. If I kept it sans magazine and put a combo lock through the zippers, could I wear this here in CA?

    “Officer, it is clearly an unloaded pistol in a locked case….”

    • Legally speaking, yes. I’m sure the cops (who don’t care about the law) would be perfectly happy to let you make that case at your trial after they arrest you and lock you in a cage–assuming that you’re even rich enough to afford a real lawyer to get a real trial…

  28. I have worked in various engineering depts over the past 40 years (think Geeks) and have never seen anyone wear anything like this belt pouch. Is it because I work in a rural or semi-rural area? What could this pouch be reasonably carrying besides a firearm? A 1982 vintage cell phone? A VHS camcorder? Portable DVD player? A stack of 6 tablet computers? I can’t imagine what this is supposed to look like, other than a way to carry a pistol. It’s way too big in all dimensions to be for any actual personal electronic devices. Oh, I know, it’s my hip mounted sandwich carrier, yeah, that might work for me since I am a crippled old fat white guy.

  29. you know, i think i got one of these when i bought this Colt Officer’s Model some years back (or some version of it)… and i would have NEVER suspected you were supposed to use it to subtly carry the gun. ridiculous!

  30. J-frame in the front pocket of the khakis. Drop it in the pocket in the morning, forget about it all day. Not for everyone, of course, but I can’t imagine wearing something like that bag all day. But if it works for someone, fine for them. Thank you, free market, for options.

  31. This is not a new idea in any sense of the word, I had one of these since about 2001 made by DASTA (czech company) and they were already making it for several years. It has two zippers with a small loop in one corner, the zippers close to that loop. You wear it on the weak side of the body, left thumb (or any finger) goes into the loop (or you grasp it) and opens the holster, right hand draws the weapon. Same with the over-the-shoulder model. If you want to make it less easy, you tuck the loop inside and then use the zippers to open it.
    There is one for Kevin/Ruger LCP/LC9/Glock 26 made here that does not look anything like weapons holster that has a flap and two studs, you can either open it with your strong hand and then draw or open it with weak hand and draw with your strong (can be carried on either side). So many more ideas to copy…

    PDF here

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