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Be prepared to eat a fair amount of roadside gravel if you’re stopped for speeding.

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  1. I’m confused, is this a bad thing? Is the anime chick going to jump off the car and go on a shooting rampage? Do you object to BMW’s being getting riced out? Are you going to complain about the trigger disipline of a cartoon charcter? Or do all vinyl graphics incite rage? What is going on?

  2. I’m with irock350 — are you assuming the police are incapable of comprehending it’s a cartoon image?

    Should I be concerned when transporting my miniatures collection? Will I be pulled over and roughly treated for transporting literally hundreds of heavily armed men in my Jetta?

    • I’m suggesting there are at least a few law enforcement officials who would take a dim view of this while approaching a car they’ve stopped for doing 75 in a 60.

      • The cops would most likely take a dim view to the driver speeding in a BMW than what graphics are on the car… Or it could be that the owner responded to the cop, “Hey it’s limited to 130, your lucky I was only doing 75.” or “Speeding tickets aren’t my problem I have an accountant for that.” or more likley the cop is pissed becuase he is a 15 year vet working traffic and he is pulling over a 20 year old kid in a $50,000 car that has an extra $10,000 in rims, stero equioment, graphics and bolt-on perfomance parts to look like a ricer he saw in Fast and theFurious part 11: Douchebags and Dubs . I doubt any cop would be any more upset at that particular graphic than any other vinyl pgraphic slapped on the car.

      • And I’ll bet you think having a “bad cop, no donut” bumpersticker is a bad idea as well? 🙂

      • Still not seeing what an officer would have against it.

        If the decal were of Clint Eastwood as The Man With No Name, would that make a difference?

        Is it the presence of the two-dimensional representation of a gun? If so, well, “hoplophobic” comes to mind. That’s a seriously irrational fear. I’d expect that officer to have pulled people over to investigate a shooting because they had those fake bullet hole stickers…

  3. This could be a cool chick’s car, but any *male* driving this probably needs to be euthanized.

  4. Looks like the rich kids version of the Honda Civic with the spray painted black hood and decals the owner got from Autozone, with oversized exhaust tip of course. At least this one hasn’t gone too overboard and totally ruined a nice car.

  5. This might work! Upon seeing a male in the driver’s seat the officer would probably be laughing too hard to write the ticket.

  6. I saw a NY vanity plate with “U R NUTHIN” once. Mid-range Audi with fancy rims, aftermarket repaint and tinted windows. Wanna bet that guy got keyed at least a couple time a month?

  7. “Do you object to BMW’s being getting riced out?” Yes!

    Poor car has to have some knucklehead owner. This picture makes me feel the same way as when I drive into the parking garage at work (which is at the local university), nothing but nice cars being driven by bleach-blonde gum-snappers on their cellphones.

    Ah-ha! After some research that appears to be an advertising image and not a real car with that decal…However that research also turned up page after page of actual nice cars *shudder* defiled in this manner.

  8. Aside from police harassment, what could possibly go wrong?

    1. Smile and winks from men.
    2. Laughter from women.
    3. Sympathy and comradery from pedophiles.
    4. All of the above.

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