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$9.95 plus S&H from

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  1. I generally don’t want the cop that pulls me over to see a gun before he has a chance to ask me how fast I think I was going.

  2. I like it, its not for your main carry piece but a nice out of the way spot to keep an extra small piece like that Smith, as a backup “anti carjacking appliance.”

    Is CTD selling them for 99.99?

  3. Most visors on cars I’ve owned started having problems staying in place on their own after a few years. I wouldn’t trust it with that much extra weight on it.

    • I don’t think any car has a visor that has resistance in its hinges strong enough to hold the weight of a gun in its raised position. Obviously, the manufacturers designed the resistance to hold up the weight the visor itself plus maybe some registration paperwork. Not a big hunk of steel.

      I call epic fail.

      • What about the velcro? Over a very short time, the bumps,jiggles and vibration would have the cumulative effect of sticking then pulling off the holster 1000s of times. Every few weeks , you’d be ordering a new one.
        No thanks.

    • Excellent point. I think, though, that that was addressed in the “what could possibly go wrong?” part of the subject line.

  4. That’s way too visible for my comfort, and I can’t imagine the visor would stay up with that weight on it. At least mine wouldn’t.

  5. Sounds like a ND waiting to happen to me. SAAMI drop safe tests are from 4 feet on to a 1″ thick rubber mat, something makes me think that in a accident the gun might go off.

  6. in the event of a car accident your pistol instantly becomes a missle hazard, n0 thanks not for me.

  7. The only place for you EDC pistol when you’re in the car is holstered on your hip. Or wherever you normally carry.

    If you are forced to egress your vehicle for some reason (accident, carjacking, who knows) the odds of you remembering to grab that gun are approximately zero.

  8. Just tested the “too much weight” theory with a PF9 using rubber bands in a Toyota Tundra, my visor held the weight just fine and almost closes completely, you cannot see the pistol with the visor up.

    • Or have the chunk of steel miss your head, a good thing, and then go bouncing out the window and into traffice, a bad thing. Fail/fail all over this thing.

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