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“I thought they’d jump right up from the table and shoot me.” That’s how Nikki Goeser describes her childhood fear of guns. But she’s not afraid of them any more, even after seeing her husband shot to death. In fact, it was that trauma that turned her into the Carrie Nation-like gun rights and concealed carry advocate she is today. It’s also why she’s telling stores, bars and restaurants that prohibit her from packing heat why they won’t be seeing any of her samolians . . .

According to, Nikki now packs a .38 along with a stack of cards she hands out in Tennessee establishments asking owners not to post ‘no guns allowed’ signs. She apparently also carries the drive and conviction enjoyed almost exclusively by converts.

“You don’t ever imagine it’ll happen to you,” Goeser said recently. “Crimes often happen in gun-free zones because criminals know there will be no defense. Guns are the great equalizer, putting us on equal footing with criminals.”

Preach it, girl.

“Permit holders are not the people you need to fear,” she said, leaning in closer to underscore her conviction. “Do guns make it easier for bad guys to do things? Sure. But do they make it easier for law-abiding people to defend themselves? Yes, they do.”

We’re guessing Nikki gets a better reception when she walks into the typical restaurant or bar to forward the cause than your average sweaty, vest-wearing OFWG toter would. To the extent that she does, all’s fair in love and Second Amendment advocacy. It’s just a shame she had to arrive at her newfound respect for gun rights the way she did.

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  1. Damn right I bet she does get a lot of attention!!!
    Way to go Ma’am!! It is sad that she had to lose her hubby to move over to our side but glad she is here.
    Hey RF maybe you could find out what is printed on her cards and let us know for something we could do in our own areas!!!

  2. from link:
    “If she had to, Goeser’s specially made purse lets her fire her gun from the bag’s pocket”

    Friday night I took a CC class. The instructor was a police officer for decades who had been involved in three fatal shootings. He lived so you know the BGs lost. The instructor made a point of saying to the women Not to carry the gun in their purse. The reason was purse snatchers. He went on to say how one thug acts as lookout while a fast runner runs up from behind grabbing the purse. Any women that resists or holds her purse securely runs the risk of being thrown face down onto the street and having her shoulder dislocated. Then the thief has runs off with her purse, wallet with ID address, keys, and gun. Later, the thugs might be waiting to greet the victim later that night at her home.

    • I respectfully submit that your instructor is not familiar with the most modern CC purses. My wife, on the other hand, is something of an expert.

      Her gun purses are small, have steel cable in the strap which is worn across her body, and cannot be grabbed from behind. They are also designed for either fast draw or for the first shot to be aimed from the purse itself.

      None of them are perfect but all of them are better than no CC at all.

  3. It is a tragedy she lost her husband. My prayers are with her. No one should loose the one they love.
    That being said she seems to have done something many don’t do. She has taken responsibility. Not for her husbands death, that isn’t her fault, but she has recognized her ability to be the first line of defense for herself and her loved ones.
    It is important to remember that the police, fire and medical personal are trying their best inpatient cases. Even that isn’t enough.
    She has decided to exercise her right to armed defense under the law and has recognized that responsibility.
    I agree with speed racer, handing out cards to businesses is a great way to show support for those that allow concealed carry in their establishments. It also points out to those that do not why they should. Imagine what the visual would be for a bussiness owner to see a stack of cards on their desk from people who either will or will not frequent their business based upon their choice of concealed carry or not. No protests or Lloyd arguments just a simple stack of cards!
    That is a wonderful idea..

    • +1

      Losing a loved one is never easy, especially to the tragedy that she suffered. She should be commended for standing up and trying to do something about it.

  4. I used my 1911 to stop a kidnap/rape. The perp had chosen my Apt house because there was concealment from the road and all but 3 of the Apts. he was trieing to pull my 19YO friend into his caddy when he noticed me,,,,
    My point is that given the “6 Degrees Of Seperation” the majority of Americans know someone that has been the victim of violent crime and they are becoming advocates of this woman’s point of view. Now I needs me some of those cards!

    • Good deal brother!!! Matters not if you put him in the dirt nap of eternity tho he does deserve it but that you stopped a very serious crime and saved a young woman a lot of grief and pain and sorrow!!
      Having been in 2 DGU’s (1 lived and 1 didn’t) I can tell you it is a hectic stressful thing and hard to make a “proper” split second decision in the defense of your family, friends and/or neighbors .. Kudos to you for a job well done!!
      Yes RF and DZ we all need some of those cards!!! Not only for business’s but for politicos and others too!!!
      I personally think that business’s that are self proclaimed gun free zones( not because of law but by choice) should be somehow responsible for any injuries or deaths by gunfire in their establishment!

      • SpeedRacer5050 said:
        “I personally think that business’s that are self proclaimed gun free zones( not because of law but by choice) should be somehow responsible for any injuries or deaths by gunfire in their establishment!”

        I completely agree!

        I can’t believe some ‘lawyer’ hasn’t contacted the families of the 71 victims in the Aurora theater shooting, and filed a GIGANTIC lawsuit against the Cinemark franchise behind the movie theater. He could make millions! And one big lawsuit would change the reason for many of the gun-free-zone signs. Insurance companies are telling their clients that their insurance costs will be much lower if they will become gun-free. What if the insurance companies realized that they are responsible for covering a huge lawsuit everytime there is a shooting in one of their gun-free zones? Most of the gun-free zone signs would disappear overnight.

  5. Ill like to get some cards like that. To bad it wasn’t a clearer picture. I would go to my local staples or office depot and have some made up if there not copyrighted.

  6. The Tennessean did not report on the fact that I had been a handgun carry permit holder for a year prior to my husband’s murder. Because of TN State law at the time, I had to leave my legal gun locked in my car that night because I was not allowed to carry in a restaurant that serves alcohol. The man that killed my husband Ben was stalking me. The Tennessean could have done better on the facts of our story. You can click on the following link to see an accurate version of the story.

    • first, sorry for what you suffered. still another victem of gun free zones. when the good people are disarmed the bad will take advantage.

    • Me deepest condolances. I want you to know that even though we have not met, I am beaming with pride that you are doing something about it.

    • Thank you so much for sharing. The details of your story make the tragedies such law inflict upon up crystal clear – I wish the news article had been better at that.
      You have both my condolences and gratitude.

    • @Nikki we are very saddened by your loss. We aprieciate very much that you are sharing your story with others to learn.
      Also welcome to TTAGG, I hope you will be a regular here to contribute on discussions.

  7. Ever since the tragic loss of her husband, Nikki has been a strong advocate for gun rights here in Tennessee. She was instrumental in pushing for legislation whereby someone with a permit can carry their firearm into an establishment that serves alcohol. Had that been the law when she and her husband encountered her stalker, he might still be alive today.

    Thank you, Nikki, for all you have done to help loosen the restrictions on law-abiding gun owners in our state.

  8. One thing I could never do was not to carry a firearm because an establishment posted or a state law forbid it I carried anyway because my family is worth it and its are right to do so.

  9. My sympathies to Nikki. Her story highlights the fallacy of “gun free zones”. Everyone who appreciates our right of self-defense should work tirelessly to repeal legislated “gun free zones”.

    We also have to consider our culture which relentlessly pounds into our heads — starting at a very young age — that we must always follow the rules. Many rules certainly make all the sense in the world and make our lives better. That said, any rule that prohibits self defense is sadistic and makes no sense whatsoever. Anyone who institutes a rule that prohibits self defense is an accessory to any crime or injury that happens where that rule applies. What I don’t understand is why anyone would comply with such a rule.

    • Because I want to continue carrying my firearm.

      If I am arrested for carrying in a gun-free zone, then I will have a firearm-related charge on my record, and they will take away my right to keep and bear EVERYWHERE, even in my home. I’ll grudgingly give up my right in a few places in order to keep it everywhere else.

      • Most businesses that post “no guns” will generally (at least here in metro Phoenix) simply ask you to leave and if the cops are called more often than not you’re GTG admitting your mistake and leaving on your own. I’ve encountered many businesses that have the signs but they are either so small or placed so out of the way that it took me a visit or two before I actually noticed them despite the fact that I always do a quick scan before I enter the establishment.

      • Sadly Bob your response reflects the reality of our government in recent years: criminalizing us for exercising our rights when we have not harmed anyone and have no intention of harming anyone. That is tyranny pure and simple.

        We need to educate fellow citizens about this fact, that it is destructive, and to vote for representatives that will not criminalize basic rights. We need to educate law enforcement officers similarly. If they were aware of this and refused to enforce laws that criminalize basic rights, we would have relief until legislatures repeal such laws.

  10. Hey: It should be noted that Nikki had a permit to carry, but at the time it was illegal to carry a gun into a bar in Tennessee. Her gun was in her car, when the man who was stalking her, shot her husband as Nikki and her husband ran the Kareoke at that bar.

    It was because of Nikki Goeser’s testimony before the Tennessee legislature, that it is now legal to carry in a bar as long as your not consuming. But, if the bar posts a NO GUNS sign, your screwed because those signs carry the weight of law in Tennessee.

    Keep up the fight Nikki!

  11. The rules about carry in posted areas vary between states, which is why you need to be informed about the rules and consequences. In Minnesota, for instance, if you are carrying in a posted area AND are asked to leave AND refuse, it’s a $25 petty misdemeanor trespass ticket. The exception would be areas that are NOT permitted for carry such as on school property (other than in your car) or day care.

    Keep pushing for reform, we shouldn’t have to disarm just because we’re in a place with alcohol. In MN you can carry, but can’t be 0.04% BAC or above while carrying.

  12. @Nikki!!! Proud and glad to see you here!!!! Thank you for your fight against the Tenn laws!!! Not only have you made it safer for yourself and others but you have also given us all another leg up so to speak in our fight to improve CCW laws within our own cities and states!!!
    Being from Arkansas myself I know that a lot of the laws in our neighboring states cause a lot of confusion going from here to West Memphis and then into Memphis!!!
    Our deepest condolences and our prayers for you and our thanks for standing up and fighting the good fight!!!!

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