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“The gun lobby sued me – twice – and they lost – twice.

“When we win, we are going to ban assault weapons in Florida.

“And if the gun lobby fights us – and they will – we’ll beat them again.” – Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum, Democrat candidate for governor via Twitter. Gillum was recently endorsed by Everytown for Gun Safety.


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  1. “We’ll Fight You for Your Guns and We Will Win”

    Bring it, motherfvcker, bring it…

    • THIS x 1000000

      Getting fuckin sick of these progressive retards… why don’t we still hang traitors is what I want to know.

        • Actually, it is not. The proof? Nobody, not even in here, publicly agrees with you.

          The truth is that America is in that awkward stage of a nation’s lifecycle, when it’s too late to save/fix things by working within the system, but still too soon to start over by lining people up against walls.

        • You say yourself that it is too late to fix the current system so it sounds like the only thing left to do ius choose that “other” option.

        • What’s that saying?

          “If you think it’s time to grab your rifle and run out into the streets screaming and your the only one there, it’s not time yet.”

        • @Jonathan-Houston: Your point is well-taken: “America is in that awkward stage of a nation’s lifecycle, when it’s too late to save/fix things by working within the system, but still too soon to start over …”

          Here is the way I see it. So long as the protestors (as I will call them here) hold faith in the ballot-box they will refrain from starting over, i.e., “to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government”. The difficulty is that faith in the integrity of the ballot-box is eroding; talk of voter fraud is building. The worst aspect of this development is that the states are resisting efforts to investigate and reform; such common-sense measures as voter-ID. Democrats insist that there is “no evidence” of widespread fraud – while at the same time insisting that there is nothing to be investigated here.

          Eventually, faith in the ballot box will be lost. It’s not necessary to reach the point where there is proof-positive that too many elections have been won by fraudulent votes. All that is necessary is for the PERCEPTION to pass the tipping-point. What if the next elections for President, Senate and House are all won by legitimate votes but far too many protesters BELIEVE they were won by fraudulent votes? In the absence of investigations and safeguards to refute such a belief, perception will be the only “fact” that matters. The perception of the electoral legitimacy of the Federal government will be lost. The government will rule withOUT the consent of the governed (in the protesters’ view.) Then what?

          Will the Federal government cease to function? By ones and twos, Red states will refuse to acquiesce to Federal laws. This has already happened with pot; the first fully-successful defiance of Federal law is sweeping the nation. Thirty states – 60% – have passed at least medical marijuana laws in defiance of the Federal ban. With just a few more, they would have enough states to pass a Constitutional amendment. Through “nullification”.

          Will this occur with other laws; likely gun laws in some states, immigration law in other states? Will Congress withhold funds from some scoff-law states while keeping others on-the-dole? What if California gets Federal funds (despite its sanctuary immigration policy) but Kansas gets cut-off for its 2A protection law?

          Hopefully, the lesson of Ft. Sumpter has been learned. But then what? What will be the process “to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government”? Will it be by peaceful means (such as pot)? Or, will it be “up in arms” such as at the Bundy ranch?

          Somehow we need to discover and exploit opportunities to express our objections. By way of illustration, by buying 100 million new 80% receivers.

        • MarkPA, The progressives argue that this country is a democracy and that rights can be voted out through majority opinion. For example, WA initiative No 1639, currently on the November ballot, “…would require increased background checks, training, age limitations, and waiting periods for sales or delivery of semiautomatic assault rifles; criminalize noncompliant storage upon unauthorized use; allow fees; and enact other provisions.” Of course, this “law” will pass in WA criminalizing constitutionally protected rights. Even the language “semiautomatic assault rifles” is propaganda to unhinge the constitution. The process to destroy the Republic is already underway with voted in ability to “enact other provisions” that not only remove rights from the law abiding, but set the constitutionalists apart as criminal.

        • Well, clearly, this is a mis-statement. The USA is a constitutional republic. It’s voting franchise is relatively democratic (since Jackson and the Reconstruction amendments.) Congress can pass any laws they like in defiance of the Constitution. The judiciary has assumed the role of ruling laws unConstitutional. If they don’t do this job then we the voters have to reel-in the Congress-critters.

          Our problem is, voters aren’t doing their jobs. Who is to blame? We the People.

        • Just for the record, that “awkward stage” comment comes from Claire Wolfe’s 101 Things to Do ‘Til the Revolution (1996), and here is its original form:

          America is at that awkward stage; it’s too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards.

          Someone else may have said it earlier, but some time ago I did a search and couldn’t find any prior comment similarly worded.

        • Actually, we are in one of the nine(sometimes written as 8) stages that all past human civilizations have gone through.

          Now for the big question, where is the current US on that scale, and how can we get off this circle jerk and stop making the same mistakes over and over and over again?
          Well, one thing is certain, pretending that this isn’t the way it always works is a KNOWN FAIL!
          Perhaps it is finally time for some deep thinking about it?

        • I think we are transitioning from apathy to dependence. Nevertheless, several significant things are occurring.

          Interest on the national debt is approaching the budget for the Defense Department. Interest rates are at historically low levels. When interest rates rise, they will put such pressure on the Federal budget that discretionary spending will be squeezed out. Many populous and welfare-generous states are in grave financial difficulty. We are probably at the peak of the Laffer Curve, so raising taxes is counter-productive. Increasing dependence is coming to a grinding halt.

          Illegal immigration (primarily) and legal immigration (secondarily) are being recognized by the tax-paying middle-class. Likewise, the trade deficit and outsourcing of clerical labor via the internet. These voters are now being given a shot-in-the-arm with a sudden rise in the employment environment. Will they give-it-all-up in exchange for a promise of dependence?

          Crime control continues to be a problem which governments seem incapable of dealing with. Prisons are filled to capacity so the revolving-door is government’s answer. Prisons don’t re-habilitate; they provide Master’s degrees in criminology. The relationship is antagonistic between the police and the neighborhoods that are most need policing.

          Trust in traditional institutions of Church, State, organized-labor, celebrities, men-of-means, Masters-of-the-Universe and others is deteriorating.

          I see upheaval in our future, but not necessarily a disillusion of our republican form of government.

        • We are already in a civil war and have been for several decades. The anti gun crowd didn’t pop-up over night and almost daily we are hearing or reading about some new or different slant to their false claims. At the same time and since the beginning of this present “civil war” the NRA and others have been on the front lines of defense. Think about all the friction that exist between the anti gun crowd and the 2A supporters. Just because shots are not being fired is no indication that we are NOT in a civil war! The battle rages! Call it civil or cold, but a war none the less………

      • @Blazin

        It’s too late to work within this broken system, but I don’t subscribe to the notion that the only alternative is illegal violence. A Constitutional Convention could be another alternative, for example. As for anyone contemplating illegal actions, I’m only stating the obvious that virtually no one else is on board with that. I wouldn’t support that, either.

        • If the elections process is corrupt, what makes you think a Con con wouldn’t also be corrupt? We could wind up with the Communist manifesto as our new constitution.

        • That is the goal. The antis and Statists have been pushing for a con con since I was in High School, and I have a big gray beard now. Its their big brass ring, the way to rewrite everything he way they want it in one feel swoop. One can see why they so love the idea, once it is realized that they have zero knowledge of the real world, and so think that some words on a piece of paper have actual power in the real world.
          All my life they have been pushing the idea that this NEW Constitutional Convention idea they have can be limited to just one change, or just one subject, but OFC, upon close scrutiny that idea just falls apart, like all the other Statist lies and idiocy.

    • Wouldn’t it be hilarious if he ended up getting “assault weapon” bans ruled unconstitutional, the way that Richard “Mumbles” Daley got handgun bans thrown out?

      • The government isn’t afraid of wimpy handguns. They have clothes that will stop such weak guns. They don’t want the people to have firepower that can defeat their easily wearable body armor. You know those so called “cop killer” bullets? They don’t want you to have any “government killer” calibers, if anything, they will allow you to have .22s or air guns. They know criminals will get whatever they want, but they are not afraid of those losers, they are afraid of righteous people overthrowing them.

        Even if you shoot someone in the head with a .22 they could survive:

        • You make a good point distinguishing between handguns and rifles (and shotguns to a lesser extent).

          Gun suicides aren’t going to drop until they round-up the single-shots. Long time to achieve that goal. Homicides aren’t going to drop until they figure out a way to stop home-manufacture of Glock-a-likes and smuggling of parts.

          Congress needs to think about rifles (and shotguns). How do they put the genie back in the bottle? If they really try hard enough to make progress they will bring out all the gun-owners who heretofore were not voting or settling for the entrenched Democrat or RINO. They can NOT risk doing this.

          So, what is the game in Congress? I think Congress-critters will continue to play with gun control as the cat plays with the mouse. Will the mouse rise up and “roar”? Not until the cat pushes its luck one new gun-control too many. Then, finally, the 80-million complacent gun-owners finally show up at the polls.

          The “cat” can’t stop playing with the “mouse”. There is too much Progressive money pushing for one more gun-control law; and then another and another. Year after year one more law will pass. But, they won’t go after the rifles – except the black rifles of course. But, eventually, they will get to the deer rifles, the shotguns. Will that bring the voters out?

        • Please read Mike Vanderboegh’s “What good is a handgun against an army?”

          Good read. It’s at Sipsey Street Irregulars, His blog. I think someone has it archived.

          I sure hope so. I need to send a donation to make sure it stays online.

      • “Wouldn’t it be hilarious if he ended up getting “assault weapon” bans ruled unconstitutional,…”

        *If* we get Kavanaugh seated, that’s a *very* real possibility.

        Our gun rights pretty much hinge on who gets seated…

    • The cops should send Andrew Gillum to go collect the guns – go round them up Andy!

      Regardless, Andrew Gillum should keep saying stuff like this. It worked great for Hillary Clinton.

      Anyone that uses the word “ban” should not be elected.

    • I wonder why that isn’t the response from black people to a black man that is using the white man’s government to take away his people’s rights. If I was black I would be very upset unless I was a gangster then I would be very happy he is making my business better and easier.

    • They know how to screw us inch by inch. It’s not going to be on a battlefield, it’s through laws and restrictions.
      Libtards have been invading FL for years. The state is pretty much blue despite the fact Trump got the electoral college 2 years ago, part of that being explained by the fact Hillary was just too bad to win and some minorities couldn’t care less unlike when Obama was in the show.
      They are always complaining about rednecks, guns, the humidity, mosquitoes…yet here they are! They are working hard to make FL a failed liberal experiment like their home state up north.
      For one good patriot from up north, we probably get at least 5 azzholes. And screwing us with the 2A is not the only concern.

    • They’re too busy looking for women who can’t be sure it was Kavanaugh that exposed himself at a party 35 years ago.

      • I predict that magically, we’ll get one THOT per week dropping her “story” right over the weekend. This is what happens when you humor feminazis.

        • The Republicans control all three branches; President, Senate and House of Reps. It is long past time they start acting like it. If they (the Republican Senate Judiciary Committee members) are looking for the media and Democrats to play fair at anything they are all way too naive to be sitting senators. They should just all go back to the farm or whatever.

          This is an epic battle and most thinking folks can see it for what it is. A plan to de-rail any judicial nominee put forth by this President, plain and simple. The Trump hatred is so intense and their base is so unhinged that these Democrats are liable to do anything, nothing is off the table. Those engaged in politics on the Republican side should be aware and be ready to fight fire with fire if necessary. If you don’t have the stomach for the fight then retire already and give someone who actually gives a damn a chance.

      • In this latest case she can’t even be sure it was a real dick – it might have been a dildo. She was too drunk to tell the difference. But after conferring with her lawyer she’s decided it was definitely Bret Kavahaugh’s dick. Maybe.

        • Some people’s Racism Detector is so finely tuned and sensitive, that it can actually detect a minimum of five out of four instances of racism. The best among the national racebaiters can pick up ten, twenty, thirty or more instances of racism out of four!

        • @serge, lol, no, just because you prefer prostitutes and you are unlikely to be able to form meaningful relationships with women doesn’t make you gay, but the odds that you’re a raging pedophile are pretty solid.

        • My only dispute is the method. Commies seem pretty well extinguished by good old 5.56 and Napalm. Though, as great as the US was at it, when the numbers are all rallied up globally, it seems the greatest commie killer of all is in fact, other communists.

        • *ugh* what was the last useful comment pg2 has made that wasn’t a cheap shot at pwrserge?…. the assumption being that taking cheap shots at serge is useful. (Hint* taking cheap shots at serge is petty and a sign of a weak argument). You should come out California pg2, you’d fit right in.

      • Just to be clear, it’s your home I want to visit at night FoH. We are organizing. The fellow travelers, the poputchik, need to be the first to go. Keep posting about how things are -Racist!- please.

    • Red tide here seems to be keeping a lot of them up north. But how are we going to survive that? How are we going to put food on the table without them spending their $ at Publix, Walmart, Target, Bestbuy, Starbucks, and Denny’s! Scary stuff.

  2. All of those conservative hardasses in Florida who hate Scott and DeSantis had better vote for them or they will be turning in their guns next year. SCOTUS may well be evenly split for quite a while so confiscation of dangerous weapons without remuneration may stand as law.

    • I don’t why any true conservative would hate De Santis. He’s a real conservative and far more true then weak Putnam ever would’ve been, and DeSantis beat Putnam by a LONG shot. The GOP primary generated more votes then the DNC one, so that’s good news.

      • However, as far as Scott goes, he is the reason why, for the first time I can remember, there are gun parts on Brownells that now say “cannot ship to Florida.”

        • Benedict Scott is responsible for the same of Vermont,Oct. 1 st. is the date to turn in your bump stocks,or else.

    • Gillum is leading every poll by 2 to 6 points. Could be because of disgruntled GOP voters, who had better hold their nose and vote FOR DeSantis.

      • My guess is that’s disgruntled establishment GOP types. Putnam was an establishment darling who supported gun control. De Santis openly supports open carry and was endorsed by Trump.

      • Polls have not done a decent job of accounting for revolutionary changes in communications technology. Don’t forget that people with telephones were more likely to vote republican than the general population in 1948.

        Also, pollsters haven’t done a great job predicting the people who refuse to talk to them. And conservatives are more likely to not want to talk to a pollster.

        • I never talk to a pollster, ever because I don’t trust them to put down what I said, instead what they were told to put down.

        • I always answer pollsters. I go as liberal as I can. That way the republicans see the polls and come out to vote while the dems stay at home thinking they have a lead. I believe it is colloquially referred to as “fucking with the system”.

  3. You can have all my fully-automatic weapons…since I have none…too damn expensive…not very practical, either.
    If I had the money and my own range…I WOULD have some, though.

  4. Yeah…rather than try and enforce the laws out there…and reign in the criminals and gang members…try and get rid of the guns. Good luck with that.
    Bans don’t work.
    Did not work for alcohol. Did not work for illegal drugs. Won’t work for guns, either.

    • People thought they could run to ‘free’ states….there is no running. The gun grab is a globalist agenda, and will come to your state regardless how gun friendly at the moment it may seem.

  5. I encourage Floridians to come out and vote for both DeSantis and Scott. DeSantis is the real deal. Scott is not. Scott flat out sucks. I get it. But this is bigger then just one man. This midterm is huge and sending back a democart to the senate to could tip the senate back to the DNC and Fuck the whole nation. Don’t let your hatred of Scott do that. When it comes to the governors race the answer is obvious. Gollum is already being hailed as “the next obama”. You know what that means for us, and the future. After he’s done Fucking up the state he’ll be headed for the White House. We have to defeat him here, in Floridagrad.

    • I’m not rewarding Scott for shoving a knife in all our backs by handing him a cushy Senate seat for however many years he can hang on for. The only thing more dangerous to our rights than a controlling Democrat party is a Republican party that thinks we’ll just pull the lever again as long as they say the words.

        • I’ll suffer one or two more terms from Nelson to not reward Scott for betraying us all. Maybe by then the party will have taken enough of an electoral beating to see that they can’t piss on their base and tell them it’s raining.

          Then again, you exist, so maybe they can. Better than D, pull lever. Better than D, pull lever. Better than D, pull lever…

        • No, having the Republicans know that we will vote for them even when they take our rights away lets them feel like they can screw us, and we will continue to allow it.

  6. It’s a mid term. If you know someone in Florida who doesn’t vote Democrat, give them a call next month and remind them they really need to get to the polls and vote.

  7. De Santis got an “A” from the NRA. Putnam got an “A+”. Just saying. In addition, Putnam autographed my FL CCW permit. That’s all.

  8. Any electorate that votes in someone they know is statistically most likely to have an IQ of 85 has obviously been duped. This system is in crisis and can not continue much longer. Identify the fellow traveler, the poputchik. Social Marxism has the upper hand right now. Prepare to fight.

  9. First off even if Gillum gets elected Republicans will still hold a majority in the state house & senate and he really won’t be able to ban much of anything unless a bunch of Republicans flip and vote on gun control which I highly doubt as I know as soon as this asshat proposses ANY new gun control legislation or any Dems do the phone lines and emails at the capitol will start blowing up like they did last time after Parkland but I suspect even more so as we got stuck with several new BS gun control laws. Additionally I suspect if Gillum does get elected and goes full on with his gun control agenda all he will accomplish is to REALLY energize the Republicans and gun owning independents in the state who may have become complacent over the past decade thinking nothing could happen here has FL has been so gun friendly (well many consider that it is) and that nothing can change that.

    • Nah the Republicrats like Negron, Galvano, Aaron Bean, Rene Garcia, Anita Flores, etc will be happy to work with the Democrat Governor, and still be able to ban gun accessories they don’t like such as bump stocks, match triggers, maybe they will go after arm braces next… Body armor? Who needs that to hunt deer? Do not forget that Negron put a 2 year ban on AR sales up for a voice vote and claimed it passed, until a couple of senators demanded a roll call count. And he got the bump stock ban including possession in by voice vote as well.

      I will definitely vote for Desantis.

      • The unspoken has hit the nail on the head.
        I live in South Florida and I have been a single issue voter for gun rights for 18 years.
        Jose Negron was the Rebublican President of the Florida senate. Renee Garcia was ordered by him to block open carry and campus carry. And he did. He was replaced on the committee by Anitere Flores, who followed Negrons orders and blocked these bills in committee again. Now Negron has a new hand picked senate president who will also be a RINO on gun rights.
        Voting for Desantis will be easy, Rick Scott needs to be punished for signing the bump stock ban.

    • … [Gillum] really won’t be able to ban much of anything unless a bunch of Republicans flip and vote on gun control which I highly doubt …

      You mean like several Florida Republicans did just after Parkland? And you think they would not flip again because, why exactly?

  10. Gillum is very generous with taxpayer monies. Perhaps he would be willing to use his own funds in another defense. Nah. 🤪

  11. “When we win, we are going to ban assault weapons in Florida.” – Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum, Democrat candidate for governor

    So ALL of Florida can be an extension of communist Cuba — that wonderful paradise with a flourishing economy and the longest life expectancy in the world — NOT!

  12. Well we will see if Florida can fight for civil rights or will Florida be like California. The voters too busy engaging in other activities deep sea fishing, sexual liberation, marijuana intoxication, shooting up crystal meth to improve their sexual experience. All things more important than voting for civil rights.

    Or will self-hating white people feel the need to vote for a gun grabbing black man. Just like they voted for Obama. I believe the founder of TTAG openly admitted that he also voted for Obama.

    • Chris. All those things are civil rights. We are supposed to be free to do as we please with our own bodies.

      The US is not a christian theocracy any more than we are an islamist theocracy.

      Freedom is messy and scary.

      • JWM
        I don’t care what people do in the privacy of their own home or the privacy of their orgy ballroom. Most of these people want societies blessing. That they can’t have. But in California they demand the blessing of total strangers.

        High Bridge Arms, the last gun store in San Francisco, was forced to close by these same people, who claim they want their civil rights protected, because gun civil rights are not as valuable as sexual liberation. Or pot smoking in public.

        Because of the Mulford Act I view the Second Amendment differently than the sexually liberated or pot heads.

  13. I live in Florida and keep up with this guy’s nonsense. Gun’s are just the tip of the iceberg.
    He wants to be a sanctuary state, abolish ice, implement a 40% corporate tax and 15% state income tax and add a billion in state entitlements.

    If you want use the doom a gloom senario to stimulate desantis voters, so be it. Regardless, Gillum will lose by 15-20 points on the sheer economics of his campaign.

    Btw. Desantis had more votes than all of the major democrat candidates combined .

    Democrats have a track record of inflating their polls and most of their demographic doesn’t even pay attention to politics let alone vote…

  14. Actually, he’s right.

    All we had to do to end the scourge of drug trafficking and addiction was outlaw drugs.

    Same thing will happen with guns.

  15. I just love it when a posturing grifter like Gillum says he’s coming for my guns, when we all know he would send the white cops he despises to do the dirty work.

  16. More proof that we need to continue to hold our noses and vote for Republicans. SCOTUS is far too important to lose and we need to absolutely crush progressives when it comes to judges. We need a 6-3 or even 7-2 conservative Supreme court and we absolutely need to stuff the lower courts with conservatives so we can live out the rest of our days knowing that all progressive laws will be declared unconstitutional even if they take back the presidency and senate within the coming decade.

  17. The Governor isn’t a king waving a royal wand to change laws. The Florida State congress is held by Republicans. If Gillum win ( which he won’t) the gop held state legislators will fight him on every issue.

    It’s easy to get caught up in political Fear Mongering but in reality you have to step back, relax and look a things logically.

  18. Bottom line,,, We The People have allowed all that is corrupt and bad in this country to happen. Here’s a quote.
    You have a republic,, If you can keep it.

  19. “Outside Independence Hall when the Constitutional Convention of 1787 ended, Mrs. Powell of Philadelphia asked Benjamin Franklin, ‘Well, Doctor, what have we got, a republic or a monarchy?” With no hesitation whatsoever, Franklin responded “A republic, if you can keep it.” From a diary entry of James McHenry.

    • The pen is mightier than the sword.

      They have been kicking gun owners’ asses for decades. They are still winning. Don’t get it twisted, they will continue to win, it’s only a matter of time. Even Vermont and Arizona are close to falling.

  20. They’re not going to win today or tomorrow or even next week.

    They’re going to win once the 30 million or so illegals who have entered the US primarily from Communist or near-Communist nations have natural born US children and raise them to be good government supporting Communists. If they have 4 each, in 18 years they’ll add 120 million new Commie voters. If they wait another 18 years with another 2 each there will be 240 million and the battle is over.

    They know this which is why they fight the Wall so hard. Demographics are like The Terminator. They can’t be bargained with or reasoned with. They Will Not Stop. Ever. Until you are dead.

  21. Florida’s RINOs have proven that they cannot be trusted–and that they will quickly sell out our gun rights for a mere favorable article, editorial, or op-ed !!
    DMD (a life-long Florida resident, Republican, and gun owner)

  22. Which one of you have a ballot to take down this Socialist tyrant wannabe?
    I do.
    If you don’t. Get one.
    If you can’t vote in FL, let someone else who can know.

  23. He went o off-script…. The line is supposed to be either “no one wants to take your guns” or “I support the second amendment but…”

  24. Gillums “victory’ over the nra was that the city could continue to publish a law that was not being enforced. Enforcement would have run afoul of firearm preemption laws and exposed this commie to a fine.this is academic as I lost my ar15s.


  26. What the left has failed to take into account is that the Military has sworn to defend the Constitution from all enemies…foreign and domestic. The left is the domestic enemy and they will be one of the targets of the Military.

  27. Isn’t it interesting how the most vociferous gun control advocates tend to have serious ethical and legal issues of their own? Pervy Weinstein said he’s making it his mission to destroy the NRA. GEE I WONDER WHY? The rampant sex abuse and child molestation in the sleazy world of show biz has been a poorly kept dirty little secret for 100 yrs. Now that it’s out, it’s abundantly clear why so many overpaid mannequins from Hollywood throw their star power behind the gun Grabbers. Looking pretty in front of the step and repeat backdrops spewing meaningless rhetoric about the “epidemic” of gun violence

  28. And it’s the same as it ever was. One of the first pieces of gun control legislation, the Sullivan laws of NY from 1911. What the gun grabers don’t tell you ids WHO those laws are named for. Big Tim Sullivan, a Tammany Hall kingpin even more corrupt than the Clintons. He wanted to make the streets of NYC safer, for him and his croonies as well as the muggers and gangsters in his back pocket. After all, victims who can shoot back are bad for business.

  29. A few more examples, Charles Rangel, never mind his tax evasion issues, that POS should’ve been arrested in 1972 for obstructing justice, if not aiding and abetting in the murder of NYPD Officer Phillip Cardillo. Here’s a doozy, fmr Cong Leeland Yee, a friend of Shannon Watts, aka Gun Control Barbie, who introduced legislation that would’ve effectively nullified the 2A. He was forced to resign from the House because he’s currently serving time in Fed prison for….wait for eeet…GUN RUNNING! Remember Bernie Ward, the anti gun liberal talk show host sensation who was gonna put Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity in their place. He’s spending the rest of his miserable life as a registered sex offender after dong time for kiddie porn. And speaking of pervs, fmr Seattle mayor and member of Everytown for Gun Sense Ed Murray declined to seek re election. Could it be because he’s under investigation for molesting a bunch of boys including his 9-yr old cousin? Then there’s the Gun Violence Death Clock put up near Times Sq back in 1990. It was funded by Robert Brennan, a junk bond dealing scam artist who makes Bernie Madoff look like Mother Theresa. He had just gotten out of the joint for securities fraud and other such niceties. I’m sure he had a pragmatic reason for performing this public service. Hey, if I scammed all those old folks out of their life savings I too would be scared out my wits if they, their kids or grandkids had easy access to firearms. Just sayin’

  30. And the hits just keep on coming! Kenneth Glasgow, a gun control activist, and Al Sharpton’s half brother, is currently in the Dothan, AL lockup facing capital murder charges. Seems a few months ago, just hours after speaking at a March For our Lives Rally he hooked up with a bunch of thugs intent on robbing someone, when one o his accomplices shot a woman with an ILLEGALLY obtained handgun. These examples are just the tip of the iceberg. Most gun control advocates have personal vested interests not in “sensible” gun laws, but an outright repeal of the 2A, for obvious reasons.

  31. Bring it, little boy. Patriots are patiently waiting for you and your sissy little antifa girls. You want another Civil War? You’ll have it…we’ll kick your worthless butts again…remember 1865? Oh, that’s right…you “progressive” commies only read about history to see how to rewrite it. Anyway, shooting fish in a barrel is fun.

  32. I believe you have let your mouth overload you ass. You want to fight me for my guns????? You will loose. You have no horse sense at all. Like the flag say’s, Come & Take It. If you are really that FUCKING STUPID. You IGNORANT ASS libbie’s need to understand that they are a whole lot more of us than they are of you. You will not control our lives no matter what your little pea brain is thinking. All I have to say is you are a DUMB ASS if you think you are going to take mine.

  33. It is interesting. Perhaps if he took that same passion to fight and placed it in the right place he would make a true difference. Rifles are not by far the largest cause of firearm murder death, no where close.

    And most murder falls into the gang related category. So young men typically under 30 shooting and killing other similarly aged young men and far too many innocent folks with their misses. Almost everyone of these men is a felon and/or minor and cannot legally possess a gun. So they are committing a crime. Also murder is a crime. So none of this matters to them meaning more gun control and taking of guns will not matter to them. We have a GANG problem in this country with over 30000 gangs per law enforcement stats.

    He should spend his time and efforts is figuring out why these young men are behaving in such a manner. And he should take work with the police to take real actions to address and hopefully solve the issues and and provide real harsh consequences to those who act in such a manner. Then maybe he will make a real difference and we will see murders go down significantly.


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