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Put your imagination to work, tickle your keyboard and you could win a UM Tactical sight mount for your railed pistol. Just enter a caption in the comments by midnight Sunday and we’ll announce the winner on Monday.

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  1. “you think this is impressive? It’s just what we use to keep people out of the barn. You wanna see some shit?
    i got some shit in here if you wanna see some shit…”

  2. Did you hear? They’re trying to teach our kids that dinosaurs only lived millions of years ago. Some new-fangled BS called “eeevo-lotion” or somesuch nonsense.

  3. Wild Bill Hickok ain’t got nuttin’ on these boys.


    After this photo was posted on Facebook, reaction was swift. Sixty three death threats, one hundred twelve comments decrying the lack of gun control in the wild west, and six morons formed PETP…that’s People for the Ethical Treament of Pterodactyls.

  4. BREAKING NEWS: Dianne Feinstein revealed her true form early this morning but made the mistake of trying to disarm Texas and was quickly dispatched.

  5. “Cousin Jedediah says that wuz the ugliest and biggest chicken hawk he’d ever seen. Luckily he had his ol Henry Rifle, and he went down like a stuck pig.”

    “How in tarnation is we supposed to cook this thing?”

  6. Cowboys near Tombstone, AZ pose with legendary female Thunderbird that they hunted after it killed several of the calves from their herd. The giant lizard bird was tracked to its nest where four lizard chicks were discovered. After domesticating the chicks, the cowboys have now saddle broken them and are using them to fly aerial roundups.

    • This is why we can’t have nice things. Just think of the falconry possibilities if they hadn’t killed that thing and domesticated it instead.

      Train one to hunt Prius’s with coexist stickers on them and move it near Berkely.

  7. You guys obviously did not see the “Red Wedding” on Game of Thrones or you never would have messed with Daenerys Targaryen’s Dragon….Look up, Look Down and just wait for death.

  8. The American Silencer Association’s latest political victory… Suppressors are now legal for hunting on Isla Nublar.

  9. Before his work as a subject of children’s books, Clifford the Big Red Dog worked as a hunting dog. Shown here are his former owners with one of the birds he retrieved.

  10. Roots of the “Rebel Yell” : Imitations of the banshee-like wail of this fearsome beast, when performed for the crowds, engendered such terror and fear that it was soon adopted by Texas troops as their battle cry, and spread like wildfire throughout the ranks.

  11. Few historians remember that after the success of the “Wright Flyer,” the Wright Brothers turned their attention to making the first drone.

  12. Picture taken circa 1907 of what was thought to be the last of the Dinus Finastinasaurus. That was proven wrong in modern day California when one was discovered and given a federal Senate seat.

  13. Little did these hunters know that the Pterodactyl had already laid eggs, one of whom would go on to become a California Senator.

  14. Ahahahaha. For a second there I thought this was a viral picture for the sequel to Cowboys vs. Aliens. Cowboys vs. Dinosaurs. Remember the Pace Picante commercials. “Get the Rope”

  15. They ignored it when it took their cattle. They turned their back when it laid it’s eggs in the town square. They looked the other way when it took over the fishing hole. But when it crapped on Zeb from 1,000 feet up, it went to far.

  16. And “It was this big”
    While out hunting with my uncles and their two dogs, my uncle Joe shot this big bird.
    No Really….

  17. “Cousin Gertrude, I mean my wife, wanted a big turkey to feed the family for Thanksgiving. Them turkeys were too smart for me so I got one these big birds. We are going to need a lot of stuffing and cranberry sauce.”

  18. Man holding head – “Hurry, my scouts report rain on the horizon”

    Photographer – “Dammit, hold still. We have 4 hours to go!”

    Man on Wing – “Why did we let the school kids make this from paper mache again?”

  19. And here is a picture of me posing with the natives. A strange bunch of flightless folks. Shortly thereafter, they made for some good eating when the rest of the family flew in. Only problem now is the kids insisted on keeping the four legged variety as pets.

  20. “They say I killed six or seven pterodactyls for flying. That ain’t true; I only killed one pterodactyl for flying.” — John Wesley Hardin.

  21. If you can’t kill anything in North America the way your great-grandpapy did it with a 30-30 or a 10 gauge you have no business hunting in the fist place.

  22. After limiting out on unicorns and about to call it a day, Joe spotted this large pterodactyl. Luckily, he had picked up a pterodactyl tag the day before and harvested this record-setting animal after a lengthy stalk.

  23. “But dammit John, what if a game warden sees this here picture?”
    “Hell, don’t worry Jed. We’re in the picture and I still don’t believe it.”

  24. “Bat sh*t crazy” they said, granny’s black painter is next!

    If I were PC I should state the obvious but let’s have some fun.

  25. Another terrible gun control poster… “Scientists agree, the extinction of dinosaurs was caused by the proliferation of Assault Weapons.”


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