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SkyMan77 took last week’s prize. This week’s winner will receive a brand new OTIS Patriot Series Breach to Muzzle 9mm pistol cleaning kit. Just enter a caption for this photo in the comments by Sunday midnight to be eligible.

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  1. R.I.P. Adam West.

    You were a part of what made growing up in the early 70’s *fun*.

    Ka-Pow! Wham! Ooof!

  2. “Just as I suspected, Robin. My highly attuned sense of taste – one might even say it is of a very high caliber – notes that The Joker is using aluminum cases, not steel as before.

    Before we roll, help me with my Bat-spenders. This new stainless steel Ruger 1911 10mm is pulling down my utility belt.”

  3. Holy Bats, Batman! Is that the new Bat bullet that shows the Pow!, Owwww!, and other graphics when hitting someone?

  4. After catching the villain’s bullet with his teeth, Batman had the perfect bat tool to carefully hold and preserve the evidence for future forensic testing. Holy incisor!

  5. Are you sure lead can be more valuable than gold? I’m just not seeing it…. Hmmmm, just a minute, there seems to be something stuck in my teeth…

  6. “Lead alloy….approximately 10.76% tin…with trace elements of white quartz and red agate. A combination naturally occurring only in the Acoma Pueblo region of New Mexico. There’s no doubt about it, old chum. This is the calling card of that rapacious rustler known as ‘Shame.'”

  7. This is what happens when a crime fighter has no crime to fight. Holmes turned to cocaine. Batman hit the crack pipe.

  8. I just don’t get it Robin. Cat Woman said all I had to do was learn how to use the silver bullet and my tongue.

  9. “Only the Penguin would be so cheap as to use Blazer ammunition, Robin, but he’s also so cheap that he wouldn’t leave an unfired cartridge on the ground in the case of a jam…”

  10. Catwoman turning Batman into Batgirl- “And then she bit down on it like this…”

  11. let me prove to you just more time, you CAN smoke a joint as a gun owner without hurting anyone…. damn this weed if FIRE!

  12. “by pulling on this strategically routed bore snake i can give myself a cape wedgie!”

  13. “It’s simple, Robin! I’ll impress the micro-stamped serial number from my molar cap onto this case of bullets. Then we’ll be able to identify which batch of bullets the Joker used in his heinous crime spree!”

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