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Last week’s winner was Srirachapocalypse. This week’s grand prize is a package of Swab-Its .22/5.56 Bore-Whips to keep your long gun spic and span clean. Just enter your best caption for this photo in the comments by Sunday at midnight. Good luck.



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  1. 2a does not specify an age limit to gun ownership. He had to hire the marine to drive the vehicle as the constitution says nothing about driving.

  2. “i’m not sure why they call it a ‘giggle switch.’ when i pull the trigger, start tickling…”

  3. “that’s the principal’s new yacht. i promise it won’t sink. i’ll let you drive the go- kart for half an hour.”

  4. “I know why it’s called that, Dad, ’cause I drop ma deuce every time I shoot this thing.”

  5. …and that day, Little Billy smiled a smile normally reserved for when the amply endowed Janet Johnson was his Friday night babysitter.

  6. Mr. Zimmerman,

    I won the photo caption contest a few weeks back with my Formosa Five-O comment and you never sent Swab its to me … even though I did respond to your e-mail request for my address. Did I fall off of your radar?

  7. “Children make ideal operators of crew-served weapons on a pivot, their nimble fingers make short work of reloading and clearing jams…”

      • I shamelessly stole it from a cartoon I saw somewhere on the internet.

        But it sure applies!


    • Finally my vindication: As I’ve been saying, children make terrible individual riflemen. Their short stature, low upper body strength, limited mobility and load bearing really just make them unusable as light irregular infantry. However, children excel as crewmembers on light weapons. A screw adjust or T&E mechanism negates the strength issue, and thoughtful emplacement ensures most of the rest. Besides, adaptive measures such as constructing a ramp to allow smaller children to charge mortar tubes, or a tarp to drag ammo belts on are much more workable on crew served weapons than on small arms.

      So remember: Small ‘arms’ equals an assignment to a light weapon…

  8. “See dad, I told you that you had the headspace all jacked up! How many times have I told you, headspace and timing first!”

  9. It’s ok kid. She ain’t president or even a future candidate. Using her image is good to go as far as the secret service is concerned. Hell, they gave us a stack of signed 8 by 10 glossies to use as targets.

  10. OK, we will get you suited up in a national guard uniform, you get a holiday with them while I get to go to Vegas for Bob’s bachelor party. Just remember that there is no Jr. after your name and if you want that bike, no mention of this to mom.

  11. “This is going to be a bitch to clean when we’re done. I wonder if they make Swab-Its for this….”

  12. This is a Ma Deuce .50 BMG, the finest heavy machine gun in the world, invented by John Moses (By God) Browning. Now, I can’t remember if if racked the bolt twice when I loaded it, but you have to ask yourself: do you feel lucky, punk?


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