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Last week’s winner was leopoldstotch. The author of the best caption for this week’s photo will win a box of CapArms 9mm Superior Range Ammo. Just have your entry in by Sunday at midnight to be eligible.

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  1. now when Dorothy shows up with the lion, you shoot the lion for my trophy room, what happens to the rest of them is up to you, then you will get your heart!

  2. Hey there, you shiny spaceman. How about you and me go to my place and you could show me that shiney gun?

    • wait, if both your hands are on my shoulders how are you planning to check my prostate?! I’m not even sure robots have prostates!

  3. “Silverfinger” got me, and if you think that “Goldfinger” was a “coldfinger”, lemme tell ya …..

  4. Continue to point your Golden Gun at me and you will find it Lost in a Space you don’t want filled!

  5. “Dr. Smith, where should I put my pants before my prostate exam?”

    “Why, over there next to mine, you bubble headed boobie!”

  6. “yes, yes, a wagner spray gun, indeed. but next time you must remember to replace the rear cap before applying protectant to the ships hull.”

  7. “how will we become rulers of this miserable little planet, you ask? it’s quite simple really. all you have to do is shoot that robot over there. once he’s out of the way the rest will be child’s play”

  8. “Excellent…now I can prove to that mechanical meddler that I am NOT the most FLAMBOYANT thing in space.”

  9. Just because I’m dressed as the Tin Man doesn’t mean I’m into dudes, Doctor, so please stop touching me or I will vaporize you!

  10. Silvie, baby, I’m sorry. We just didn’t have the budget to buy the new Glock 218 blasters. We’ll just have to make due with these Hi-Points.

  11. No that’s not a weapon my dear boy, I’ll show you what it does later.
    Yes Dr. Smith, my lubrication system is fully functional, why do you ask?

  12. I was trying out different types of gun oil. I had this jar of Anti-seize lying around. Next thing you know…

  13. Spaceman Spiff discovers the “wonders” of universal health care from his “doctor” and decides it’s time to exit stage left. Heavens to mergatroid!

  14. And if you can get that silly looking death ray pistol to work then we’ll get you a nice iwb holster that matches your outfit.

  15. “It’s alright, Keema — savvy? The Masked Man will be back, and he’ll bring Silver, too.
    “In the mean time, is that really the way he taught you to hold that pistol?”

  16. Gold paint, a gold suit, and a gold gun. Where is my gold ammo?…my friend, until your marksmanship improves, steel case fmj is all you get. Don’t you realize our investors are holding us accountable to our expenses? Now get down to the range!


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