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We first offered LaserMax’s Genesis rechargeable green laser as a caption contest prize a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, that was the weekend we suffered a denial of service attack, so many of you didn’t get the opportunity to vie for the prize. That being the case, we’re offering it again here. Enter the best caption for the above photo by midnight Sunday and that frickin’ laser beam will be yours.

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  1. Inspired by Teddy Roosevelt’s recent safari Muriel decides to portray her vision of how the “Great White Hunter” should look.

  2. After our fruitless morning hunt, we stopped for for a bite to eat. Lunch however, took a turn for the worse when I found that my canine companion had emptied the scotch from my flask before I had a turn to drink!

  3. A few more sips of this Duck Dynasty Elixir Mr. Godsey, and we shall obtain our limit. And please Mr. Godsey, no more Pippy Lockstocking references.

  4. The guy behind the curtain promised if I drink this potion, everything will be in color…just like it was for Dorothy and stupid little mutt…

  5. “When I said, ‘Shot’s up!’ , I didn’t actually mean for you to aim more upward for your shot! I guess I had too much whiskey in my water bowl this morning… On the bright side, it’s not like this is the first competition you lost… now we can celebrate ‘Shot’s up!’ with a little ‘DoggyDown the Hatch!’ “

  6. We have never gotten any fowl, and your drunk again!.. all you do is make me chase around that green laser dot all day and giggle until you barf and fall asleep..

  7. I’m telling you Rover, if we have to sit like this for a hour to get one of these newfangled “photographs,” we’re damn sure not doing sober. Bottoms up!

  8. “After an unfortunate hunting accident due to Ms. Watts drinking something stronger than her usual box-wine, Moms Demand Action is founded to expose how dangerous guns are.”

    • Alternate quote

      “Moms Demand Action is founded to expose the dangers of guns after Ms. Watts rifle fired on it’s own, killing her dog. Ms. Watts assures us that the flask, shown in this photo taken prior to the incident, only contained water. ” – Huffington Post

  9. Yeah well your mom is so ugly she has to get dogs drunk just to hang out with her and threaten to shoot ’em if’n they leave.

  10. The life of single Meryl
    with her favorite single barrels
    single scotch when life’s a cinch
    single-shot when in a pinch
    And dog with whom they’re’re no quarrels

  11. A young Miss Watts, having second thoughts before drinking an elixir of immortality. Sadly she did not read the fine print of side effects.

  12. Mrs. Smith has seen some shite that would scare you white. And she drug the poor mutt into the adventure as well.

  13. Man’s best friends… a dog and a gun-totin gal who brings her own liquor and chow to the party!

  14. After a long time of hit and miss relationships, Abby felt the only person she could trust is Ol’ Kenneth Noisewater…….

  15. Duke’s great, great, great, great, great grandfather out on his last “walk” into the woods after, again, trying to sell the family’s baked bean recipe…for he last time.

  16. I’ll take a drunk dog with a rifle instead of sharks with fricken laser beams on their heads any day.

  17. I told you, you only get a nip if I get a fox. I am not referring to Lord Grantham’s retriever either, we have enough “catty bitches” around here already.

  18. The governments first version of the ATF (Alcohol, Treats, and Firearm) failed due to the unusual uniform the agents were required to wear.

  19. “This box-wine sure is refreshing! Don’t let my husband know about this, and you’ll get another bone when we get home.”

  20. Woman- “Once we chug, we’ll both be Ready For Hillary! Right, Fido?” Dog- “I’m going to need a bigger flask.”

  21. A rare photo of L.L. Beans failed “Wedding Attire” line.
    (how did you guys get my grandma’s wedding pictures anyways?)

  22. “Billy boy, you enjoy your biscuit, but the hunt will be short today because I must have brought the laundry bleach instead of my morning spirits.”

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