Weekend Photo Caption Contest: Win a LaserMax Genesis Green Laser


We first offered LaserMax’s Genesis rechargeable green laser as a caption contest prize a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, that was the weekend we suffered a denial of service attack, so many of you didn’t get the opportunity to vie for the prize. That being the case, we’re offering it again here. Enter the best caption for the above photo by midnight Sunday and that frickin’ laser beam will be yours.


  1. avatar nynemillameetuh says:

    Mrs. Jonathan Quayle Higgins

  2. avatar aaronw says:

    Based on what I’m seeing, I’d prefer NOT to take a peek behind the curtain.

  3. avatar JohnC says:

    He knows not to bite the hand that quenches him.

  4. avatar RockThisTown says:

    Who knew Chico Marx was a cross-dresser, dog lover AND a 2nd Amendment proponent?

  5. avatar adrskew says:

    The colors Spot, the colors!

    Im color blind you idiot.

  6. avatar Brian says:

    Okay human I got you a drink and here is your sandwich. Hurry up and eat it so we can go hunt….

  7. avatar Fug says:

    “Have a drink on me, Mrs. Watts”

  8. avatar Mecha75 says:

    Drinking Buddies

  9. avatar Steve says:

    I’m just here so I don’t get fined

  10. avatar Vince says:

    Inspired by Teddy Roosevelt’s recent safari Muriel decides to portray her vision of how the “Great White Hunter” should look.

  11. avatar Vhyrus says:

    What the hell… dammit, buster! I told you not to backwash!

  12. avatar ShawnK says:

    Oh God, she is drinking all the Laudanum. She’s going to think I’m a duck again.

    1. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

      That’s funny

  13. avatar Daniel in NC says:

    After our fruitless morning hunt, we stopped for for a bite to eat. Lunch however, took a turn for the worse when I found that my canine companion had emptied the scotch from my flask before I had a turn to drink!

  14. avatar AJ says:

    Mrs. Hickok45

    1. avatar Jeremy B. says:


  15. avatar JoeBlow says:

    “A few more sips on these and neither of us will feel like the ugliest b!tch in the room.”

  16. avatar Tommy Knocker says:

    Miss Kay, before Phil.

  17. avatar Retired LEO says:

    Shannon Watts a drunk dogs best friend.


    Jack Daniels a dogs best friend

  18. avatar Rob K says:

    Is this the “deer scent” or my MRE?

  19. avatar Tom W. says:

    A few more sips of this Duck Dynasty Elixir Mr. Godsey, and we shall obtain our limit. And please Mr. Godsey, no more Pippy Lockstocking references.

  20. avatar JWM says:

    Wow. Reminds me of Salt Lake City. Whitest dammed place I’ve ever been.

  21. avatar steve underwood says:

    Remember, you PROMISED to stop laughing at my outfit if I gave you a little snort!!!

  22. avatar Baldwin says:

    Did that damn dog piss in my flask again????

  23. avatar dh34 says:

    The guy behind the curtain promised if I drink this potion, everything will be in color…just like it was for Dorothy and stupid little mutt…

  24. avatar Gunr says:

    Growl at my leggings one more time, and you don’t get to finish the burrito!

  25. avatar Gunr says:

    I told you to wipe off the mouth of the bottle when your finished!

  26. avatar steve hanna says:

    Bertha, drunk again on her husband’s bourbon…accidently fed Rover her IPhone

  27. avatar John Doe says:

    Jolly good show Rover.

  28. avatar Samson says:

    “When I said, ‘Shot’s up!’ , I didn’t actually mean for you to aim more upward for your shot! I guess I had too much whiskey in my water bowl this morning… On the bright side, it’s not like this is the first competition you lost… now we can celebrate ‘Shot’s up!’ with a little ‘DoggyDown the Hatch!’ “

  29. avatar NoID says:

    Mags celebrates her victory in the 1st Annual Hunger Games.

  30. avatar NoID says:

    This is my rifle,
    This is my gun,
    This is my dog,
    Alcohol is fun

  31. avatar Nick Depero says:

    ….the pheasants will still be there tomorrow Max…drink up!

  32. avatar Acentur says:

    Hmm, this smells like dog-water, not whisky…

  33. avatar Thomas says:

    Don’t tell Daddy .

  34. avatar Buffalo Bob says:

    We have never gotten any fowl, and your drunk again!.. all you do is make me chase around that green laser dot all day and giggle until you barf and fall asleep..

  35. avatar JWM says:

    Mrs. Simo Hayha. The white deaths inspiration.

  36. avatar David says:

    Who let the dogs out?

  37. avatar Roscoe says:

    Got milk?

  38. avatar Sabrewolfe says:

    I’m telling you Rover, if we have to sit like this for a hour to get one of these newfangled “photographs,” we’re damn sure not doing sober. Bottoms up!

  39. avatar Scottlac says:

    Dog: “Why do they call this ‘hair of the dog?’ It doesn’t taste like dog.”

  40. avatar Mark says:

    Billy and his mistress in hunting poses.

  41. avatar Jon says:

    “After an unfortunate hunting accident due to Ms. Watts drinking something stronger than her usual box-wine, Moms Demand Action is founded to expose how dangerous guns are.”

    1. avatar Jon says:

      Alternate quote

      “Moms Demand Action is founded to expose the dangers of guns after Ms. Watts rifle fired on it’s own, killing her dog. Ms. Watts assures us that the flask, shown in this photo taken prior to the incident, only contained water. ” – Huffington Post

  42. avatar Sven79 says:

    The creators of Michael Jackson’s white lightening (definitely not white lightning).

  43. avatar Paul53 says:

    Drink enough white lightning and Sara Palin starts making sense!

  44. avatar Omer Baker says:

    The daughter of The Waco Kid: “Food will just make me sick.”

  45. avatar Alex says:

    Ah screw it. I’m drinking my breakfast this morning Fido.

  46. avatar aaronw says:

    CSGV ten years from now: defunded, drained of color, their membership ranks reduced to an albino mutt and an alcoholic woman.

  47. avatar Lucas D. says:

    “Rover, I wanna trade back. This stuff doesn’t taste like Lemoncello at all!

  48. avatar jake says:

    At least its not the Budweiser horse!

  49. avatar jake says:

    Next thing you know he’ll be shooting my rifle too

  50. avatar Rick K says:

    Yeah well your mom is so ugly she has to get dogs drunk just to hang out with her and threaten to shoot ’em if’n they leave.

  51. avatar SteveInCO says:

    What’s this “Black Gun” thing I keep hearing about?

  52. avatar Paul53 says:

    The inspiration for The Lincoln Memorial.

  53. avatar Keith Cordova says:

    That dang fox is just too quick…

  54. avatar JWM says:

    In the old days we didn’t get plastered. Oh wait, we did……..

  55. avatar mountocean says:

    The life of single Meryl
    with her favorite single barrels
    single scotch when life’s a cinch
    single-shot when in a pinch
    And dog with whom they’re’re no quarrels

  56. avatar Loaded Diaper says:

    Dogs and Guns are READY FOR HILLARY!

  57. avatar Paul53 says:

    Will never be shot by Ferguson police. Aw, come on. Too soon? Grow up!

  58. avatar Paul53 says:

    Sorry, I can’t shoot for 30 minutes after eating.

  59. avatar Almost Esq. says:

    A drunk dog, exclaimed Sir Thomas Boothby? That dog don’t hunt!

  60. avatar damarius ilion says:

    Imma drink you under the table…….

  61. avatar Javier says:

    Pet accessories gone a muck, Now matching outfits for the gun for the dog and the owner.

  62. avatar JD says:

    A young Miss Watts, having second thoughts before drinking an elixir of immortality. Sadly she did not read the fine print of side effects.

  63. avatar Paul53 says:

    If I had a green laser I could be hunting instead of posing for Animal Crackers.

  64. avatar DaveinLA says:

    The original ad copy for “Leggo my Eggo”, regretfully it was shot down by the panty twisters.

  65. avatar JWM says:

    Mrs. Smith has seen some shite that would scare you white. And she drug the poor mutt into the adventure as well.

  66. avatar Jean MacCallum says:

    Man’s best friends… a dog and a gun-totin gal who brings her own liquor and chow to the party!

  67. avatar Out_Fang_Thief says:

    I ‘eally ‘ish sshhee ‘ould let go of ny ‘ongue.

  68. avatar Derrick Pruitt says:

    NRA calendar shoot circa 1915.

  69. avatar damarius ilion says:

    After a long time of hit and miss relationships, Abby felt the only person she could trust is Ol’ Kenneth Noisewater…….

  70. avatar M.Del says:

    “Gun Dogs!”

  71. avatar Michael R. Zupcak says:

    Dog: “Do you have any Grey Poupon?”

  72. avatar JWM says:

    Hunting in blizzards was a little tougher. But it kept the fair weather hunters out of the way.

  73. avatar EJ says:

    After a long day afield, the gun is unloaded, and the hunters get loaded.

  74. avatar Bryan Snyder says:

    Duke’s great, great, great, great, great grandfather out on his last “walk” into the woods after, again, trying to sell the family’s baked bean recipe…for he last time.

  75. avatar Hippi says:

    I’ll take a drunk dog with a rifle instead of sharks with fricken laser beams on their heads any day.

  76. avatar NxSW says:

    Guess we shouldn’t have been quite so close to the chalk factory when we blew it up, hey Rover?

  77. avatar Joe R. says:

    Well, the negative clearly shows that the 2nd Amendment was only meant for hunting.

  78. avatar Former Water Walker says:

    That ain’t no gal…that’s OSCAR WILDE!

  79. avatar Steve says:

    I told you, you only get a nip if I get a fox. I am not referring to Lord Grantham’s retriever either, we have enough “catty bitches” around here already.

  80. avatar Paul53 says:

    how do we find out who wins?

  81. avatar higgs says:

    The governments first version of the ATF (Alcohol, Treats, and Firearm) failed due to the unusual uniform the agents were required to wear.

  82. avatar MikeQ says:

    You take the bread, I’m keeping the wine!

  83. avatar Jon says:

    “Listen Roscoe: I’m only giving you this bone; one of us needs to be able to drive.”

  84. avatar Jon says:

    “This box-wine sure is refreshing! Don’t let my husband know about this, and you’ll get another bone when we get home.”

  85. avatar navillus says:

    Woman- “Once we chug, we’ll both be Ready For Hillary! Right, Fido?” Dog- “I’m going to need a bigger flask.”

  86. avatar Forrestt C. says:

    A rare photo of L.L. Beans failed “Wedding Attire” line.
    (how did you guys get my grandma’s wedding pictures anyways?)

  87. avatar chuck c. says:

    Here’s that Bloomburger I promised you, baby body.

  88. avatar chuck c. says:

    Here’s That Bloomburger I promised you, baby boy.

  89. avatar Daniel in NC says:

    The owner and mascot of Martha’s Vineyard Gun Club.

  90. avatar JWM says:

    Gator say’s he’ll slap the black off you, Gator ain’t joking.

  91. avatar Mark Lee says:

    “Billy boy, you enjoy your biscuit, but the hunt will be short today because I must have brought the laundry bleach instead of my morning spirits.”

  92. avatar Jon says:

    OK, so the contest has been over for about a week now. Is there going to be an announcement about who won the laser?

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