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Enter the best comment by Sunday at midnight and you’ll win a HI VIZ camo-trimmed baseball hat.

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    • I was thinking the same haha. I mean, aside from the fact that, with her elbows all in like that and her wrists bent, she would definitely get smacked right in the face when the gun recoiled and that she appears to be staring up at the ceiling, it does look sort of interesting or at least fun to try and shoot a pistol like that haha. Then afterwards I’ll have to try the ol’ golf grip with interlocking pinky and index fingers 😉

      • Unless I am very wrong, the grip and strange stare are because she’s dead. Pretty sure this is one of those creepy old death photos…

        • The photo was taken with 20th or 21st century technology. Prior to that, exposure times were so long you would never get a sharp image of a conscious dog.

  1. Holy guacamole! That’s ME and my siblings! Where did you get the pic? We thought all that stuff was lost when the injuns burned our farmhouse while we were in town for Sunday go to meeting and a hanging thanks to Judge Roy Bean!

  2. Mary “What are we doing here??”
    Amber “Just shut up and look cool”*muttered from the side of her mouth*
    Betty “Pew Pew Pew! Isn’t this how you hold this thing?”
    Read from left to right.

  3. No, no, no, ya got it wrong…..gun control is a FIRM two-handed grip. Keep holdin’ it like that, and you’ll shoot yer eye out, kid.

  4. In this rare photo you can see a young Sarah Palin on the left, standing next to her is GLOCK’s own Michelle Viscusi and on the right you can get a glimpse of former US Navy SEAL –Jesse Ventura– showing his gun handling expertise.

    Please note: Jesse Ventura is now suing the photographer for this photo.

  5. Ok, do NOT read the article that the picture links to. Give the stupid hi visibility hat to the woman who wrote that article. She seems to be caught up in one hell of a relationship- and psychological- mindf*ck. I clicked on the pic to see if I could find out what revolver that was, and ended up walking into a literary booby trap about crossfit, homeschooling and crappy marriage. Nothing about guns. NOTHING. What a fun surprise that was! I don’t even care what kind of revolver it is any more, all I know is that I’m never doing crossfit!

  6. A rare photo showing andy cuomo, bill de blasio and mike bloomberg’s grandmothers preparing for a squirrel hunt in NYC’s Central Park. Thus proving not only can the apple fall far from the tree, it can also rot on the way to the ground.

  7. The Picture accompanies an article written by a woman in an abusive relationship. I would steal a title from a Nickleback tune “Never Again “.

  8. Guess momma didnt hear, dont let your baby’s grow up to be cowgirls.

    I hope to visit the west.
    Heard its is full of gun toting feral youth ripe for wanting to target shoot, would like seeing how well they do.
    Why couldn’t I ever find girls like these in my youth?
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