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Enter the best comment below by midnight Sunday and we’ll send you a nice baseball-style shootin’ cap courtesy of Henry Repeating Arms.

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  1. “Leave me in a shallow grave to die, will you Benny? Thought you washed your hands of me, did you Benny? Lady Luck’s not so kind to you now, is she? The radscorpions outside of town will make a fine meal out of your worthless hide…”

  2. Although in a bit of a pickle, Frankie was ecstatic it was Jerry shoving a gun in his throat and not Christine…everyone knows models have poor trigger finger discipline.

  3. Although embarrassed at having been thoroughly trounced in a “21 Foot Rule Challenge”, Ricky thought it was a little over the top for Sam to pull the old “gun to the throat” celebration move, even if it was to try to impress Vanessa.

  4. We observe the adult male human’s mating ritual from a distance. The checkered human attempted to assert dominance to win over the female by attacking with a knife. His opponent, a more mature and older human pulls a gun, ending the encounter and re-establishing his superiority, and insuring his able to procreate.

  5. In the traditional Festivus celebration, the Airing of Grievances is followed immediately by Feats of Strength.

  6. You have two options, you can try the knife or you can take the sure thing and answer my question. Why do kids love the taste of cinnamon toast crunch? Answer the question dammit!

  7. “Now listen see…You’re gonna award that Henry Rifle Cap to Model 31 and you’re gonna have this dame deliver it.”

  8. “What do you mean all I get if I win this stupid contest is a hat? I thought I was getting a rifle!”

  9. She was a classy dame, but she never could choose between The Truth About Knives and The Truth About Guns.

  10. ” HA, go ahead, you won’t pull the trigger!”
    ” what makes you so sure I won’t, Johnny?”
    ” that’s a .22 you got there. You probably don’t even have the bullets.”

  11. Bill and Ted were vying for the chance to date Nancylou. Instead of going with the traditional “Rock, Paper, Scissor”they went with the new “Stabby, Shooty.” Bill is dead and Ted is doing 15 to life.

    And Nancylou? She’s living in a trailer park with 6 kids from 4 men and weighs 2 fiddy….

  12. “Now look here Sweeny Todd, next time you shave my transvestite friend here, I don’t wanna see no stubble in the moonlight. It spoils the whole thing, see.

  13. ” Jim, I said I’d try anything once, but this fetish is getting a bit elaborate…”

  14. Quick Jane find a first aid kit, he is choking and I’m going to give him a tracheostomy, meanwhile Jim who was worried about the bullet tried to hand Dr Hammer a knife to perform the procedure. After the procedure Dr Hammer told the reporters that when the only tool you have is a pocket pistol, you can still try to fix anything.

  15. “Why the butter knife?” queried gun totin’ Tom.
    “Because you said to butter her face” responded Brucie.
    “You moron”, replied Tom. “I said she’s a butter face!”
    “What, pray tell, does that mean?” beamed Brucie.
    “It means, I like everything about her…BUT HER FACE!!”

  16. Bob, I told you to stop borrowing my clothes without asking. That’s my favorite smoking jacket and fuzzy tie.

  17. Oh dear, it appears I’m too late. At any rate…

    “Show me on the gun where he touched you…”


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