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Kim Kardashian…I actually don’t know who she is. I hear she broke the internet once, but I’m one of the guys running the thing and I didn’t notice so much as a blip. It turns out he’s a famous person — for what, no one can really tell me — and she opened her yap the other day and let something amazingly idiotic slip out about gun control in the United States. Like so many of her fellow famous people, Kim thinks guns are evil and scary and no one should have them. Except for her armed guards, of course. Because she’s more important than you or I, and shouldn’t have to follow the same rules she’d like to see in place . . .

From the UK publication The Mirror:

I’m not the type to have them in my house – the security at the front of my house might but not in my house. I truly honestly believe we don’t have strict enough gun control laws and it would change a lot.

So guns are A-OK if they’re protecting her famous, super-rich ass. But only famous super-rich people should be allowed to avail themselves of that protection. Guns are far too dangerous and great a responsibility to be owned by the common folk. The people who pay good money (for some reason) to keep her husband and her in the style to which they’ve become accustomed.

If you’re not fabulously wealthy, you don’t need or deserve the protection a gun can provide. In the great scheme of things, your life really doesn’t matter. You therefore can’t be allowed to walk around with something as dangerous as a firearm.

Message received.

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  1. It’s amazing to me that ANYONE pays attention to her. Of course millions do. Bread and circuses folks.

    • What this dip shit has to say about anything is totally irrelevant to everyone, everywhere. Kardashian and those like her live in their own little fantasy sphere with no reference to reality to guide them. Reality is whatever they want…unless they run out of money and they’re faced with a new, hard reality.

      Based on her current status, her ONLY concern should be ‘booty’ control.

  2. Is this the girl with the oiled up butt pictures everywhere? I guess being naked and stupid qualifies her for an opinion on the big issues of the day.

  3. Same line as we get from the Politicians. The funny part is, they are so elitist that they don’t even realize how the hypocritical snobbery that they are spouting out of their silver-spoon-fed mouths sounds to the rest of us (proles).

  4. Just another elitist….

    Don’t worry Nick, there are a lot of us who have no idea who she is or what she does.

    • I don’t either… and the funny thing is I never cared to find out, and the few people I mentioned that to never seemed to be able to tell me either. I kinda like not knowing now.

    • The only thing she does well is get naked and have a reasonably nice ass on camera. My wife used to watch her television show and I cringed every time she or one of her harpy sisters/mother said something out loud.

      The most frightening thing about this woman is how many young people “relate” to her. This goat bleats and the mindless hordes listen with rapt enthusiasm.

    • I know it is outrageous but there actually are a lot of people who do think her point of view is important and to some extent it is because this is the mentality of a lot of voting age citizens in America today and believe it or not these kids are voting . We need to know what we are up against . If IQ test were required to take part in the American politic we would not be in the mess we are in and Barry would still be taking surveys door to door in Chicago land and probably still smoking the wacky weed with his college buds . The mind set of elitist is always the same . Pray people , pray .

  5. Yes, let’s all believe and be influence by someone who has exactly no knowledge about what she is talking about.

    • Oh well, she shares that capacity with PhDs and MDs who also sound off about guns that they know nothing about. I’m still remembering that guy who said “rifles for hunting–or whatever you use for that activity”.

      • As well as the hordes of self proclaimed gun righters who have no qualms about supporting those paid to protect people even higher up the elitism ladder than Kanye’s main squeeze, availing themselves of weapons not available to the general public.

        On the bright side of things, evolution has a time proven way of dealing with the kind of cultures where even a woman of her considerable fertility related assests, manage to reach dried up spinsterhood entirely barren.

  6. Shes famous for sucking a black c@ck and making a video about it. Joe Rogan explains it very well in one of his stand up acts.

    • So the woman is clearly a publicity whore…. That said, the fact that it was important enough for you to mention the color of the penis that made her famous speaks volumes.

      Some people should have been swallowed so as to avoid conception…

      • 1) it is true – she made a famous sex tape (word is at her Mother’s direction)

        2) wish it was my black c@ck in her mouth

        • Right? I’d have zero complaints about her staring down her nose at my little pasty piece.

          My point stands tho… the dude was more concerned about the color of dude’s piece than the fact that she put it in her mouth…

        • “2) wish it was my black c@ck in her mouth”

          Shannon’s *not* gonna like that, Dr. Diggler…

          Then again, make-up nookie can be very nice…


      • No, not publicity whore, just a ordanary whore. Or whore is really to nice a word since she doesn’t get paid for it. She’s really is just a slut.

      • I guess that would seem offensive to some super sensitve person. I said it like that because that how it is put in the comedy routine I referenced. Plus my best friends black so I cant be racist if thats what your geting at.

        • Every dirtbag racist I have EVER called on it says “My friend/cousin/niece/kid is black!” I’m sure none of them were racist either.

          If you didn’t think it was an issue you wouldn’t have tried to censor “black.” This isn’t stormfront, pumpkin…

        • Its not an issue thats why I didnt censor the fact that it was a black penis. Thats whats happened she got famous after making a sextape with a black man. The fact that shw was a white woman with a black man doesnt bother me at all. I just calls it hows I sees it.

        • The inter racial angle was most certainly played up for salaciousness at the time, as she was a high-class white girl aristocrat (or something) rutting with a thug (so to speak). The fact you seem so fixated on such a minor facet of a repugnant pop-culture phenomenon is quite telling of your own racial issues. Normal people don’t give a damn.

        • In this specific instance, race is not entirely irrelevant. Her main asset, trademark if you wish, is her booty. And the, by a mile, arbiters of quality in booty, are black dudes. That she’s a white chick beating black girls at their own game, is where 90% of her fame and fortune is coming from.

          Shame she’s such a whore. Gotta admit she looks mighty fine holding that over/under…..

  7. Kim K’s claim to fame is that she’s a big ass. Or has a big ass. Or something. And had a sex tape make the rounds about ten years ago. And then, to prove that she is reeeeeeealy stupid, she married Kanye West. And named her daughter North West. Well, maybe she’s a fan of the old Cary Grant movie.

    • I’m actually hopeful North West will be a theoretical physicist or a cancer researcher or something, thus proving that combining two negatives makes a positive.

    • She actually has a kid? Nice! Good for her. At least those famous parts of hers aren’t completely going to waste.

      Kanye is straight up bloody talented at what he does. Not my kind of music, but when done with his level of talent, its still note worthy.

      North is a fairly gender neutral name. Important in families with a bit of history of not knowing what sex they want to be when they grow up.

    • North should keep the family ne going.

      Then the birth announcements could say “Introducing: North by North West.”

  8. She’s a manufactured popular person. All one needed to do is present to her; Kim, but those “average” people can’t afford armed guards and a mansion like you to protect them, how do you tell them they can’t protect themselves and support their innate human need to survive? She’s a spoiled rotten rich person only interested in herself.

    • Here , right here above and beyond all else that does not matter concerning this “celebrity”-the manufactured nobody giving out advice to the adoring have nots who will cling to each and every word as if spoken by someone with actual knowledge, and without hypocrisy.

      -I the celebrity can have this, but not you plebes, even though YOU pay for mine……..and like it…………I have spoken. I am a star……..look at my beautiful baby, Compass.

    • A few years back she was advocating (agitating?) on behalf of Congress recognizing the Armenian Genocide (her family is Armenian). In that light the question should be asked if the Turks gun control laws worked out well for the Armenians 100 years ago, if not then why would we want them here?

  9. Miss Famous-for-nothing and her husband who beats up childrens coaches think everyone outside of their mansion walls is just as crazy as they are. If I thought everyone was as crazy and unstable as those two I’d probably be a gun control proponent myself.

    • Is there are greek word for a, perhaps rational, fear of armed childrens coaches?

  10. So another rich white straight woman thinks only people like her should have guns. She and the rich white lesbian Rosie O’Donnell think the same way.

    • But you probably let him in the door with his yucky gun, unlike Kim, who has her guards stand outside i n the weather.

  11. Didn’t they speak to the potus once upon a time. Or something, and I think he called them. And this picture of her with the shotgun kind of reminds me of the video with the BBC.

  12. This reminds me of Shannon Watts hypocrisy. She doesn’t think any of us should be allowed to carry a gun, but she is just so much more important than us little people that it’s okay for her to have multiple armed bodyguards when she attends one of her nine person ‘rallies’.
    I think people who want (and can afford) armed bodyguards should be able to hire them, just so long as they realize that they are massive hypocrites to criticize those of us who can’t afford such luxuries, but still desire to not be utterly defenseless.

  13. Unfortunately, as stupid as K.K. and her followers are, they vote. I present to you… our current president.

  14. “Kim Kardashian…I actually don’t know who she is.”

    I’m calling BS on this. 😀

  15. Kim Kardashian is now saying she was misquoted. Someone must have read that article to her.

    (h/t to the late, great Joan Rivers)

  16. KK is a pseudo-celebrity. Started out as some relation to Jim Jenner and made a reality show that made her a lot of money doing basically nothing. Not sure why anyone watches that show. I happened to see a few minutes of it one time when flipping through channels and though it was the dumbest show ever. Anyway, why anyone would care what she thinks is beyond me. I don’t think she is capable of any kind of rational thought process. For proof of that, look who her fiance is.

  17. For the life of me I cannot fathom why anyone see’s anything of interest in any of these people. But she is no different than Mic Bloomberg and Geo Soros…they all think only their body guards should have guns.

    • And only the tiniest matter of degree different from those who find it ok for the presidential security detail to have access to more bigger better guns than anyone else.

  18. Say it with me: “if it weren’t for double standards they’d have no standards at all.”

    • A nasty, flabby, cottage-cheese-stuffed-in-a-burlap-sack butt… I guess some people like that. These “some people” are what made Jerry Springer rich…

  19. Don’t you understand the plebs are not allowed to take arms as they may rise up against the patricians.

  20. Her life is worth protecting.
    Your life is expendable.
    Why can’t you understand something as obvious and simple as that?

  21. Why should we care; another Left Coast nitwit reputed to be on the intellectual level with the K9 members of her husband’s security team. I am fairly sure she is not a Hobbit even if one of her friends is Gandalf!

  22. “It turns out he’s a famous person — for what, no one can really tell me — and she opened her yap the other day and let something amazingly idiotic slip out”

    She’s famous for exactly that; saying, doing, and being idiotic. She’s famous among people who worship stupidity. Women love her because she’s queen of the do-nothing dumb man manipulators. An idol to all who aspire to the feminazi version of relationships “all you need is the right body parts and a man to weak to control himself.”

  23. Why am I not surprised at what comes out of this twit. Do you like fish sticks Kanye?

  24. I once heard people like the Kardashians referred to as “being famous for being famous”. Although I realize it’s just burying my head in the sand, I try to ignore their existence.

  25. Since nobody here (and possibly anywhere else) is going to stick up for Ms. West, I’ll give it a shot. First, it’s not her fault she’s stupid. She was born that way. Probably.

    Second, you can theoretically support more gun control without thinking that no one should be allowed to own one. She probably thinks that anyone can buy a fully automatic assault rifle at a gun show without a background check. She probably doesn’t know the difference between a clip and a magazine and thinks a barrel shroud is a shoulder thing that goes up. She’s probably just parroting what all her brain dead bed wetting liberal friends say.

    Unfortunately we live in a world where most celebrities are talentless morons and they are encouraged to voice their opinions. But being stupid does not necessarily make you a hypocrite.

  26. this is hardly the first stupid comment this slutty mudshark has said publically…

  27. Did you know there’s such a thing as the federal “Crime Victim Assistance Formula Grant Program?”

    I guess it’s sort of like FEMA for high profile crime victims. Obama just gave $29 million this week to those SC church shooting victims’ families.

    By comparison, the 2012 Aurora, Colorado, theater shooting victims reportedly got a total of $2.9 million, split among 1,500 total victims.

    The 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting victims got $14.5 million.

    The 2013 Boston Marathon bombing victims got $8.3 million.

    I have some questions:

    Why is it taxpayers’ responsibility to pay any of these people?

    Why do these “victims” include anyone at the shooting scene (not just those actually shot), or anyone who lived at the Aurora shooter’s apartment complex (because they were inconvenienced by being evacuated for the bomb search), or even professional first responders to the scenes (uh…isn’t that what they’re already paid to do?).

    Why was this absurd program disproportionately and insanely generous with just the black shooting victims?

    Does Obama hate white people (can Ms. Kardashian speak to that on her husband’s behalf, since he has experience with speculation on presidents’ motives?)

    The truth about guns is this: if you’re a high profile spree shooting victim who wants a megamillions payout from taxpayers under this administration, make sure you’re black.

  28. She has an unknown talent and draws a lot of attention on her “reality” tv program that God knows
    I don’t understand.

    I actually believe that anybody who considers her uneducated opinion about anything
    should not have the right to vote,
    much less have the right to keep and bear arms.

    It’s one thing to be clueless OR condescending, but it is
    especially arrogant to be

  29. After reading this i did not know whether to just laugh or cry..hoe could any one say this unless they are so stupid as to think we care what this horse face creation of the media thinks, You can bet if she ever goes broke or gets old the media will dump her just like they dump ever other has been out there.

  30. Some people actually listen to what the Kardashians think. It’s a good thing they aren’t old enough to vote or hold office, but one day they will. I wonder who is trying to kill the Kardashians, that they need armed security? Must be super fans of Kim’s first duet. A real brain trust those Kardashians.

  31. I’d bet my butt that her idiot husband carries one most of the time. He’s ghetto material.

  32. Damn,,,,,,,,,,,,,, people are even willing to change sex, to get out of that family!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Thank God she’s in the collectivist/liberal/communist camp. Not surprising. If she had spoke out in favor of the 2nd amendment, I’d have to take a long hard look at all of my life choices. Thank God, she’s not on our side.

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