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Enter the best comment for this classic portrait by Sunday at midnight and you’ll win a CMC trigger for your AR.

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  1. No guns in the convention hall, guys. The NYT, Salon, HuffPo, WaPo, Mother Jones, MsNBC, Bloomberg, MDA, USAToday, AddictingInfo, and DailyKos all say so, so it must be true!

  2. They all assumed it wasn’t the excitement of being together at NRAAM, and that it was indeed a gun in their pockets, but then they realized it was in a holster on their hips…

    • Look how safe this place is, we just set our high dollar camera on the ground and turn our backs and it’s still there!

      Obviously not taken in Detroit!

  3. Is it just me, or does this look like a Texas Ranger catching the manager of a Chili’s in the act of molesting one of his employees?

  4. What they are thinking:

    Robert – This is for Business
    Dan – This is for Business
    Nick – Yeah right, this is for “Business”

    • More like –

      “Nick – Where’s ‘Fate of Destinee’ and ‘Kirsten Joy Weiss’, and can I get them really stinking drunk?”

        • More power to ya, geek comprende… Uber-Geek more like it. Guns, flying and telcom crossbar switchgear geek. Never knew that combo existed…

          I hope you’re getting booth-babe pics for posting later…

  5. The second amendment protects the rights of everyone, regardless of age, race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation.

  6. “Here we have a group of OFWG’s and… dangit Nick, way to ruin MDA’s sterotypes. Try to stick out your stomach or something.”

  7. One for each other and all for one
    the Three brave Amigos are we
    Brother to Brother and everyone
    A brave amigo
    Fighting for justice and liberty
    where ever you find is where we will be
    for the three brave amigos are we

  8. “Wherever there is injustice you will find us. Wherever there is suffering, we’ll be there.
    Wherever liberty is threatened, you will find… THE THREE AMIGOS!”

  9. And nobody thought of “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly”? Just pm me for my address to send the prize. LOL

  10. And so, the line to get into the Blue Oyster Bar was pretty much static. But we were determined to hang on for the ride.

  11. On a completely unrelated note: I’ve gotta say, Nick it looks like you’ve been putting your money where your mouth is and seriously trimming down. You mentioned it in another recent post and nobody commented on it, but it looks like you’re on the right track. Major props for that, sir.

  12. Is that Alton Brown, in the cowboy hat, from the cooking channel? If there were a cooking show called Guns and Grub it would be on to watch list.

  13. Always armed and ready, these three musketeers (from L-R) Athos, Porthos and Aramis, pose briefly before re-entering the fray.

  14. ” OK on the count of three yell this is where the line forms to catch a sneek peak at two wraps of the recoil spring on the new glock 44…. 1,…….2……..”

  15. The hall monitors at my high school. What did you have to do to get a Hall Pass from them? You don’t wanna know!

  16. The Red, The White and The Blue,
    Jeans and some Khaki,
    Boots and Real Boots,
    3 Pistols a Packing,
    And a Hat to Hoot.
    This is what’s True,
    and leaves Shannon lacking.

  17. Rule #1: Always keep your lens pointed in a safe direction
    Rule #2: Keep your finger off the shutter until your target is in your viewfinder
    Rule #3……

  18. You’re the red, white and blue
    Oh the funny things you do
    America, America this is you

    Ladies and gentlemen
    Bob Saget

  19. Behind the screen for Shannon Watts episode of the “Dating Game.”
    Bachelor #1 – Which caliber would you use to describe your bedroom prowess?

  20. The media that packs! One packs a stetson, one packs a belly, one packs a smirk. The guns? Those are tools, son.

  21. Top Gear USA goes in a new direction, shifting focus from cars to guns and has been recast with Clarkson, May, and Hammond’s dorky American cousins.

  22. I remember back in the day, when TTAG only shared pictures of guns and Israeli models [oiften holding guns] on their facebook page

    Sidenote: I’ve never had to scroll so far to get to the comment bar

  23. What we see here is the American gun owner(libertus defenderii) in its natural habit. Note the plumage of the alpha male to the left.

  24. Just a FYI for dan: if you’d wear your watch on your left hand you wouldn’t always dump your beer out when you check the time.

  25. “Be not afraid of any Moms;
    No matter what their lies;
    When antis threaten call on us-
    And we will journalize!”

  26. And here we have the ghastly trio. They are displaying their firearms, lubricated with the tears of Shannon Watts and Michael Bloomberg.

  27. Nick: “That’s not where the silencer goes, Dan!”
    Dan: “Oops, my bad.”
    Robert: “How do I look in my cool hat?”

  28. Ok guys, let’s pose so that super loyal TTAG reader Stephen Rivera can win a better trigger for his AR without having to explain to his lovely wife why there’s another gun in the safe….

  29. Opon seeing these three in the path Dorothy uttered her now famous line, “We’re not in Kansas anymore, Toto.”


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