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h/t Rob W.

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  1. “The source of Harrison Ford’s ad-libbed line was unknown until recent revelations about Reagan come to light…”

    Harrison Ford to terrorist, “Get off my plane!”

    • Why are unions anti-gun rights? The folks opposing the Colorado recalls got money from AFSCME, the AFL-CIO, and American Federation of Teachers, according to the Sunlight Foundation. I would think they’d be for the little people on this, but they’re just gun grabbers.

  2. (In deep announcer voice) This summer, when the world is awash with nuclear weapons and needs a hero, one man, a rifle and his plane are on a mission, to stop Communism. With Ronald Reagan starring as Ronald Reagen, it’s STAR WARS (In Reagen’s voice) Reagen Shoot. Coming to a theater near you this October.

  3. Hood rats do drive by’s. Presidents do fly by’s. Both are pussies. The kennedy’s beat them to death with golf clups or drown them. That’s hard core.

  4. Well Nancy, we’ll just have to see for ourselves if Air Force One is indeed bullet proof. Now where did I put my jelly beans?

  5. Give me that thing … I’ll show you how Lee Harvey Oswald put five shots on target in three seconds shooting left handed with a right handed bolt action rifle.

    • I have no idea if there was a second shooter or not and frankly, I don’t care. However, I did see an interesting video some years ago where some guys replicated the shooting (weapon, ammo, distance, trajectory, etc) and came to the conclusion that it was possible that several of the separate wounds could have been caused by one or two rounds tumbling and breaking apart. They calculated that that is was possible that all of the wounds on JFK could have been caused by just 2 rounds. Also, with practice, a lefty can shoot a right handed bolt action just fine. That being said, there could have been a second or third shooter, who knows. We will never know.

  6. Balance is good, Scope is clear and sharp. Does it come in a left hand model? HEY!!! I can see my house. This is one fine weapon. I want 10,000 ordered for our Special Forces. Any finish is OK as long as it’s black.

  7. On his recent trip to the Middle-East, Reagan points out Iran and shows everyone what
    he’d like to do to the Ayatollah Khomeini. 65 grains of diplomacy….here, have some.

  8. When he was briefly CEO of United, Reagan took a very “proactive”, but ultimately unpopular approach to customer service complaints.

  9. “Ugh, why do I have to do everything? I authorize these guys to be paid to end the Cold War…. alright drop the winder I’m gonna end this whole communism thing.”
    oh for all yall goin on bout trigger discipline look closely at the picture his finger is wrapped round the trigger guard not resting on the trigger…

  10. “I’m sorry sir, you appear to have exceeded you carry on limit…”
    I really wish AA staff could do this after being forced to unpack my carry on between Houston and Newark this year because some smug frequent flyer gets to put two bags in the overhead, just saying.

  11. “Reagan! How could you?! Coming out as a leftie after all that rightie rhetoric!”

    “Yup! Snuck this right through security! TSA didn’t even bat an eye!”


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