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[h/t Dr. Vino]

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    • The photo is, no doubt, from an in-the-works remake of “A Clockwork Orange.” Now, oh my droogs, my suffering knows no limit. But, my eyes pinned open, I see the new world, and repent with utmost sincerity.

  1. Lance, a regular commenter on The Firearms Blog takes a stroll with his beloved mum while commenting on the Pro’s and Con’s of every military small arm ever. In this instance he is comparing his Ak-107 to his type 69 DPRNK prototype.

    • Ten YEARS of therapy. Sitting in that room with a doctor and 7 other troubled souls. TEN Years. I finally got it under control, and learned how to deal with the demons.

      Then you show me THIS! I’ve set up an appointment with the good doctor, tomorrow morning.


    • This one is also good..and Yet.

      Feinstein on her day off with out her makeup from the mortuary and her prudish clothing.

      Medical proof that hormone therapy and sex reassignment did not work on Feinstein, an outing in San Fran with grand baby or something.

  2. Mikes caregiver misunderstood him when he said he needed a new tranny for his wheel chair van.

  3. “And in todays news we see a liberal couple celebrating not only their 1st amendment right, but their 2nd.”

  4. In the end it was the libertarians who won the war…and everyone lived happily ever after.

  5. Filming for Michael Moore’s newest feature “Assault Wheels” was postponed today in Hollywood over concerns brought up by newly proposed gun control laws slated to be passed in the state legislature. With the light criminal history of one of the main actors and the other being a minor it is believed that even letting them hold a prop gun loaded with blanks would result in a felony. Moore is considering using special effects as a replacement, but wants the film to be as gory as possible to get the highest ratings. As such he plans on shifting filming to Venezuela where he has ties to the local military.

    Wheels is the story of an unstable and wheelchair-bound High School student in San Fransisco who is taught by his weight-lifting Tea Party member uncle how to make his own fully-automatic AK-47 Assault Rifle at a “rifle building” party run by the local militia. After San Francisco passes a ban on men wearing high heels for public health and safety, the teen constructs an armored assault wheelchair from one of Bill O’Reilly’s TrackChairs and proceeds to rampage down the streets during the local gay pride parade.

    P.S. now my brain hurts from trying to think like a Hollywood liberal O.o

  6. The Wheels on the Bus go ’round and ’round…

    SING IT!

    * waves gun in your direction *


  7. An East German prostitute in the red light district heads off with her John, a local gangster, to turn a trick.

  8. Calllllll-i-fornnnnnia’ Dreeamin’ on sucha winters day…..California Dreamin’ on sucha winters daaaayyyyy

    • ….ok…..I’m officially turning this into a California Song Caption contest…….
      All I wanna do is have some fun
      Until the sun comes up
      Over Santa Monica Boulevard

      • ‘Ceptin the gay day parade runs down Polk to Market as I recall. (So much ready tang for a straight dude in SF. Dog I miss it.)

  9. Sorry replied instead of posted: Here Goes.

    These guys are part of a highly secretive agency interrogation squad- operating under the name “Cooky Pile-driver” and “Guess Who Won’t Be A Virgin In Paradise” From 05 to 11they were turned loose in the cells of captured radical Islamists and after screams begging Allah for a merciful death they returned with the location of UBL.

    Recently, as part of operation – 6 inch Heels O Justice -they played 30 hours in the closet with Major Nadal Hassan.

    Agents Max “Lu Lu” Jacobson and his partner “Wheels” McGee said “Short Term Cellie Relationships with Al Quada guys?” “Yeah, we do that…. We do that like nobody else.”

    Salute them my friends…. Salute them.

  10. Subject:body found
    The police department in the small hill country town of Fredericksburg , TX, reported finding a man’s body last Saturday in the early evening in the Pedernales River near the state highway-87 bridge.
    The dead man’s name would not be released until his family had been notified.
    The victim apparently drowned due to excessive beer consumption while visiting “someone” in Kerrville. He was wearing black fishnet stockings, 4 inch spiked heels, a red garter belt, a pink G-string, purple lipstick, dazzle dust on his eyelids, 2 1/2 inch false eyelashes and an Obama T-shirt.
    The police removed the Obama T-shirt to spare his family any unnecessary embarrassment.

  11. “Real Men of Genius salutes YOU Mr. San Francisco Second Amendment Outreach Activist… That’s a WHOLE lot of pride reaching out for a whole lot of Rights.”

  12. They see me rollin’
    They cryin’
    They runnin’ off trying to find some eye bleach.
    Trying to find some eye bleach.
    Trying to find some eye bleach.

  13. If only they’d warned us 20 minutes sooner about the brown acid going around at Woodstock…….

  14. “What are we going to do tonight. Brain?”

    “Same thing we do every night, Pinky, try to take over the world.”

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