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Come on, get creative. Unless you’re just too cool for school.

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    • ha i was thinking the same thing, “I told you Don’t f*** with me!, you F*** with the best!

      now he just needs a shoulder harness to complete the outfit.

  1. Pictured: average child in Ralph’s conception of an ideal society

    Just kidding Ralph… I know in your world he’d have better trigger discipline 🙂

  2. Even at a very early age, Carlos’ parents knew it was a bad idea to nickname their son “The Jackal,” no matter how awesome it sounded.

  3. “This photo of the perpetrator was snapped shortly before the gunfight erupted. Upwards of 130 rounds were required from the SWAT team before the deviant was finally taken down. After repeatedly waving the assault pistol in the air, screaming “No” and “Mine” and stomping his feet when the police asked him for it, the scoundrel was deemed to be too great a threat. Due to his masterful disguise, police have yet to identify the criminal.”

  4. 1. Webster ran away from his adoptive parents in the late 1980s, turning white with fear even as he pulled the trigger on his .38 Police Special.

    2. “Wearing a drawn-on beard, flannel shirt and suspenders while awkwardly shooting a .38 is no way to go through life, son.”

  5. Is this what became of “Baby Face” Finster?

    Cameras always make me short. But , this is ridiculous.

  6. This is a new technology in firearms. This revolver can shoot around corners. Here’s how it works…

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