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Don your protective gear and let fly.

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    • I think it’s more a “share with the group” thing than an official trophy and prize. We’re still running a little gun-shy (no pun or irony intended) around TTAG HQ, when we read about the woman that sued a radio station after winning a contest. She thought she had won a TOYOTA.

      Turns out she won a Toy Yoda.

      So you can see why we’re a little reluctant to play for “keepsies.”

    • Nice one Van! I have no doubt that the late, great Edward Gorey would approve.

      Seriously though, is she totally hot, or what?

  1. “They said Miss Johanson was heavy handed when it came to enforcing ‘quiet time’ at the elementary school library”

  2. Anti-Riot Kit #3C
    Contents: 1 Compact UZI, 1 Set body armor (Small), 1 Spiked Louisville Slugger (Large)

  3. 1. OK… enough screwing around… you WILL sit down and listen to my presentation about network marketing products.

    2. Always wear your body armor label side OUT

    3. If looks could kill… hers would slay an army.

  4. My husband Barney used to work at Black Mesa Research Facility, before that little accident.

    (Okay, not everyone will get that one.)

  5. “In my right hand, I have the available option for self defense in the good ole U.S of A. In my left, England…”

  6. Do these make my ass look fat?

    Ironically, Mary’s idea of safe sex prevented her from getting laid.

  7. I have PMS and a gun, you will remember to put the toilet seat down or you will feel what giving birth to a porcupine backwards feels like.

  8. And here is an ensemble from Zom-Tec’s Spring 1983 defense catalog.
    *Blouse also available in turquoise and hot pink*

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