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Let’s see you bare it all.

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  1. The lost member of “The Village People”, dubbed The Big Red Gunner, he left the group after tucking his gun down the front of his diaper and it misfired.

    Thought to be the inspiration for “Macho Man”.

  2. “If they thought the costumes in A Clockwork Orange were cool, I’m a shoo-in for an Oscar with this.”

  3. THIS IS JUST PLAIN WRONG !!!!!!!!!!!!! We want HOT girls in bikinis. You just shorted out my brain and I can’t come up with any caption.

  4. ” To screams of approval from the fashionistas, Jacques DeSnoot unveiled his provocative new ‘Butch Metrosexual’ line of mens clothing.”

  5. Police officer: “Can you describe the man who shot you?”

    Victim: *gives description*

    Police officer: Putting notepad away in frustration, “If you are not going to take this seriously, we’re not going to be able to help you.”

  6. I can just hear the runway announcer now:

    “And here we have that big brute Sean, modeling the latest in cross-your-heart bandoliers. See how they lift and separate? The posing pouch is by Speedo, and the boots, of course, are from Mr. Blackwell’s House of Pain. I don’t know about you girls, but I’D love to service HIS revolver!”

    Actually Zardoz has its moments. But some terrible quarter-hours. I don’t remember Connery looking that gay. But it’s the one film from that era that springs to to the top of my list, when someone says “Hey…we don’t have any new ideas…let’s do a remake!”

  7. The movie was crap, but Connery’s Webley-Fosbury automatic revolver is a good Obscure Object Of Desire.

  8. Behold the latest in urban fashion Diaper, Suspender Bandolier I present The Dipendolier!

  9. um. Apparantly you are unclear about the meaning of concealed/ carry….

    like the range master sez… don’t come back

  10. Suspendoliers. For when you need extra support.

    I told the costume designer that red wasn’t my favorite color.

    The director wanted to see more of me. But, this is rediculous.

  11. Groveling ain’t enough. I’m gonna cap this wardrobe twit. Give me my pants and back off or you’re next!

  12. It was another day in Tombstone. The cowboys were sleeping in the brush, the saloon bustled with noise, and the occasional horse whinnied. A lone rustler strolled through the main street. Sheriff Poof then walked over, whipped his ponytail, and pulled his sidearm from its holster. He calmly strutted toward the man and gave a bold statement.

    “We don’t take too kindly to your type round here.”

  13. Off Camera: “Is that a revolver or are you just happy to see me?”

    Mr. Connery: “Why can’t it be both?”

  14. 1. “There can be only ONE”

    2. Rules of firearm safety he’s breaking: at least two.
    Rules of fashion he’s breaking: all of them

  15. Gun Good. Penis Bad.

    Actually, this movie can be hilarious if you watch it in the proper mood.
    Mood defined as alchohol…

  16. Just proof that, even wearing a diaper, Sean Connery is more of a man than you’ll ever be.

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