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    • I was thinking of something just as sinister, it had to do with Hitler because the photo looks to be about that time when the devil was once a child.

  1. Shortly after Billy’s return from Young Republicans camp, he overheard his parents speculating that his sister was a Democrat and possibly a Communist.

  2. “Okay, great. So when we’re grown up, in the Sixties, we can go to Vietnam and pose for an even better photo like this one!”

  3. First was registration, then confiscation. Now comes extermination.

    The penalty for wearing that hideous hat is death!

    Please, Spanky, don’t shoot Porky! It was all Darla’s fault!

    Dick Cheney on his first hunting trip.

  4. I point it and take all your candy…that’s how the IRS works. Tomorrow we’ll build a shed and I’ll bring my Red Ryder to explain how FEMA works.

  5. For the life of me, with everything going on in Southern California, I can’t see the humor in this. I know I’m probably in the minority, but this is not responsible or safe gun handling at any age. Not funny.

      • But that’s the point. Perspective is an editorial tool, and this was apparently made and presented to look like it mimics the age of Vietnam and Pol Pot. To what useful end?

    • Click through on the picture. Twice for a large size. It was taken in 1943, probably with a Speed Graphic that has a bellows allowing the lens to shift to bring them both in focus (as if the guns is pointed at the other boy’s head), even though they’re nearly standing next to each other.

      It’s also a cap gun.

  6. “Psha. Yea, right, you’re going to disarm all of America someday. How ya gonna do that Bloomie?”

    “Like this.”

  7. Nobody understood just how serious Billy was when he told his parents he wasn’t going to school anymore. After serving his 32 year suspension from Michael Bloomberg Elementary School he returned just in time for recess…

  8. “At a young age, Diane Feinstein learns the gun safety techniques that she will adhere to for the rest of her life.”

  9. The Harvard/Yale Day Care Facility:
    “Training Today’s Young Progressives for Leadership Positions In Tommorow’s World”

  10. A young Eddie Adams practices his photo style for future infamy.

    If you don’t know who Eddie Adams is, please look it up.

  11. Don’t get me wrong, I truly like this web site a lot, however, I think poor judgment was used in selecting this particular picture for a game contest and is in bad taste right now.

    The world and media are watching things very closely, and the last thing we need is to look insensitive or foolish with this type of inflammatory display.

    Please consider selecting a different image and removing this ASAP. My 2-cents.

    • Your a shotgun owner arn’t you?

      You actually think that the media will be swayed by your ‘sensitivity’ to their Top Down supression of ‘1st A’ rights?
      Man, You have alot of Learning to catch-up on!
      A war is being waged against America by Progressives in persuit of the total destruction of America.
      Look around you, how many allies do you see comming to the aid of the American PPL?
      Why? Because they have already been enslaved by Progressive Opressors and they are scared witless that Big Brother will ‘disappear’ them.
      America is in a fight for survival!

      • “Man, You have alot of Learning to catch-up on!”

        Says the guy with the most atrocious spelling and grammar on this post.

  12. When Billy saw Timmy floating 4 inches above the ground, he knew it was time to take him out before this little Anti-Christ could destroy everything Billy loved.

  13. When they banned cowboys and Indians from the play ground, kids had to find a new game … Nazis and Jews seemed like a logical choice.


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